The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1579 - You Mustn’t Go, It’s Too Dangerous!

Chapter 1579: You Mustn’t Go, It’s Too Dangerous!

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When the director heard that Mu Feiran had contacted them, he immediately said they could meet to talk.

Most of the time, discussions for movies and dramas were made over meals.

A few agreed to meet up over a meal to get to know each other before discussing.

Mu Feiran went in casual clothes that night.

Seeing that the director was around, she smiled and gave her greeting. “Hello everyone. You guys came early. I’m a little late.”

“No, no, we arrived early. Take a seat, take a seat.” A few of them got up to welcome Mu Feiran.

The one sitting opposite Mu Feiran was the director, Qin Ran. He looked at her and said, “I didn’t expect that Sister Feiran would be interested after seeing the script.”

Mu Feiran said, “That’s right. I haven’t played the role of such a bad character before, so I thought of giving it a try.”

“This character has distinguishing features as well. We thought it should be someone beautiful, firm and independent, and with her own set of thinking. After seeing the show that you’ve recently attended, we feel that you fit all those characteristics. However, we’re also worried. We have gotten significant investments, but the money paid out to the actors and actresses might not be much. It’s because of all the costumes, props, and the large number of actors and actresses that we might not be able to pay you a high price.”

Mu Feiran smiled and looked at him, “Director Qin, everyone talks about the remuneration at the end, but you’re sincere to be bringing up the question of the investments right from the beginning.”

Qin Ran laughed. “We know that your status is there. If we don’t talk about this in advance, it’d be useless even if I were to boast about the other aspects.”

Mu Feiran looked at them. “I’ll think about it, look at the script, and then look at the other actors and actresses involved.”

Alright. All the participating actors and actresses are capable ones. You’ll like them.

Mu Feiran didn’t want to make things too sure, but looking at them, she felt that they were very dependable.

When they left, Qin Ran shook hands with Mu Feiran. “I’m already thrilled that you’re able to come. After all, given your worth, it’s quite acceptable that this project won’t interest you. However, I’m still stunned that you came for a meal.”

Mu Feiran smiled. “I now know that with my status, it’s a must for me to change my stance. No one can be an idol forever, and the most important thing is to find a path that’s suitable for you. Alright, I hope that we’ll have the chance to work together.”


After going on their separate paths, Mu Feiran’s manager looked at her, her heart aching for her as she walked behind Mu Feiran.

Their Feiran was a heavenly queen, but yet she had to keep on lowering her stance.

It wasn’t that they were pretentious, but many heavenly kings and queens in this circle couldn’t even lower their stance.

After seeing so many of such cases, they felt that their Feiran worked hard and strived to improve herself.

But why did she become poison to box office ratings?

Black Eagle was exercising at home.

His men stood upright at the side, watching him.

They watched as Black Eagle did a handstand, leaning his entire body against the wall.

“Boss, look at this…”

Black Eagle frowned and turned over, coming off from the wall. He then tugged over the thing his subordinate was holding.

Black Eagle’s countenance turned grim. “How long has it been since this happened?”

“It’s been going on for a while. A Nation has been hiding things, but they suddenly let out news now. We don’t know if it’s because they’re prepared and are purposely luring boss over. We’re worried that you’ll be in danger if you were to go, so we were a little hesitant when we received the notice.”

At this moment.

Mu Feiran came in.

She saw the people in the room.

Although she was used to having people around, this was the first time that she saw them wearing such grim countenances.

She was stunned as she looked at them. “Did something happen?”

They quickly said, “Sis-in-law, quickly persuade the boss to not go to A Nation.”

“A Nation?”

Mu Feiran looked at Black Eagle, feeling surprised. “Why are you going to A Nation?”

“That’s enough. You guys can shut up. Leave.”

They wanted to say more, but seeing that Black Eagle didn’t let them do so, they could only cast an aggrieved look at Mu Feiran, then went out without saying anything. As they did so, they secretly tried to signal to Mu Feiran with their gazes.

After they closed the door behind them, Mu Fei ran turned to ask Black Eagle, “What’s going on? What happened?”

Black Eagle turned and took off his top that was drenched in sweat.

“It’s nothing.”

“Then why do you have to go to A Nation?”

“A boss I used to work for passed away. I need to go to attend the funeral.”

“Then… why did they have such expressions?”

Mu Feiran grabbed Black Eagle and asked, feeling concerned.

Black Eagle took a glass of water and drank some, saying, “It’s nothing…”

“If you don’t say it, I won’t let you go.”

He turned his head and looked at Mu Feiran speechlessly.

Mu Feiran seemed displeased.

Black Eagle sighed. “It’s nothing. Although there aren’t any feuds, there are many people there who hate me. They are just worried that there’d be people who would take this opportunity to deal with me.”


It scared Mu Feiran. “It’ll be dangerous, right?”

“It’s not that dangerous. They were just letting their imaginations run wild.”

“That’s impossible. I… I’m not allowing you to go. No way.” Mu Feiran grabbed onto him, not letting him leave.

Black Eagle felt very helpless.

She only felt better after he coaxed her.

She said, “Is that the boss you worked for over there?”

“Not really.”

“Then why are you going?”

“It’s just that they’ve informed me, and we knew each other in the past. If I don’t go, they would see me as disrespectful. We value this in our trade, to be respectful toward seniors and our bosses.”

Mu Feiran was still unhappy.

“Then the two of you knew each other well?”

“I guess you can say so.”

“He’s someone who had helped you in the past?”

“Mmmm… He’s someone who had harmed me in the past. If I really had to say it, I’m fortunate that he had done so very early, otherwise…”

He should have been the one to end his life.

Black Eagle said, “Back then when I was over there…”

He had gone to work for Mr. Big when he was in A Nation.

What kind of person was Mr. Big?

He was a very complicated person.

Toward Black Eagle… they might consider him as good. He gave Black Eagle everything and would bring him along in everything he did.

It was just that when he was brutal and angry, he wouldn’t care who the other party was.

Black Eagle had gone to places with him. He brought Black Eagle along not because Black Eagle saved him before, but he knew that Black Eagle was good at fighting.

He brought Black Eagle along to use him as a shield.

However, it didn’t matter to Black Eagle. Black Eagle learned a lot from him.

When he used an ashtray to smash Black Eagle’s head, he said, “Brother, our work is very dangerous. Why do you think that I don’t treat you guys well? Is there any use for me to treat you well? If I treat you guys too well, and you end up being negligent, we might just lose our lives.

“Little Black, look at these people. They might appear respectful toward me, but there aren’t any of them who don’t want my life. So, I can’t reveal all my secrets. I must keep some things hidden, so they’d be fearful of me. Isn’t that right?”

Black Eagle knew that the reason Mr. Big could survive for so many years was that he had his way of doing things.

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