The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1578 - : He Won This Great Gamble

Chapter 1578: He Won This Great Gamble

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Black Eagle raised his head, and Mr. Big looked at him. “You’re still too inexperienced to be playing here. Next time, remember whose turf this belongs to.”

In the end, the group gave Black Eagle a harsh beating, spat on his face, and then left.

Everyone only came over to help Black Eagle up after looking at him for a while.

Black Eagle narrowed his eyes as he looked in the direction the group left in. This was the first time he felt that if he were to continue like this, he wouldn’t be able to exact his revenge.

Mr. Big was terrible, but he taught him a lesson. It wouldn’t work just to know how to fight.

A person’s fists weren’t their most significant lethality.

It was their brain.

After Black Eagle’s wounds recovered, he sent people to ask about everything related to Mr. Big.

Mr. Big was involved in dishonest businesses here.

His influence was massive.

They considered him a vicious character in A Nation, and yet, little was known about him.

He lived in a villa worth over ten million dollars, and he drove an expensive car. He had over a hundred subordinates under him that helped him run his empire.

However, he had a lot of enemies as well. He had offended many people.

After a trip to the sauna, he waited for his car at the door along with his men. But then, over ten enemies chased after them suddenly.

Mr. Big wasn’t able to dodge, and several people were beaten down.

He wanted to run, but those people continued to give chase relentlessly.

He watched as a long knife appeared in front of him and thought that his life would end right there and then.

However, just then…

A person suddenly appeared in front of him to block the attack.

The person stopped the long knife but continued to stand there, kicking away the person who had attacked. After that, he took away the long blade and hacked out toward the attacker.

Mr. Big’s men caught up after a while, and the other party’s men also arrived.

Mr. Big shouted to the other side, “If you guys dare to lay a hand on me, but I don’t die, then all of you will be goners tomorrow!”

The few of them knew that they had lost their chance and fled.

Mr. Big lowered his head to look at the young man lying in a pool of blood. He was stunned.

“Hey, isn’t this the guy who beat us up at the restaurant the other day?”

“I remember that they called him Brother Black.”

The guy who had fallen was Black Eagle.

They brought Black Eagle to the hospital.

He had only suffered a stab in his stomach. The doctor stitched up his wound while saying, “Look at what you’ve gotten yourself into.”

Black Eagle coughed, looking down as he thought to himself. He had survived today. So in the future, he also had to put in a lot of effort to survive.

At this moment, Mr. Big came.

He quickly got up.

Mr. Big asked, “Why did you save me?”

Black Eagle propped himself up and looked at him. “Mr. Big’s words from the other day cleared up my mind, and it made me understand that there are people like Mr. Big in this world. I admire Mr. Big a lot, and when I saw that Mr. Big almost got hurt, I… couldn’t help but go over.”

Mr. Big pressed down on his shoulder. “Alright. You’ve saved me this time around. I won’t mistreat you.”

Black Eagle looked at him, and his eyes gleamed, smiling.

However, only he knew.

He was the one who had informed those people of Mr. Big’s position.

He followed them and had only dashed out since he knew Mr. Big could not make it.

This method that put his life on the line was a great gamble.

However, it was apparent that he had won.

The moment Mu Feiran’s show was aired, it gave everyone a different feeling.

Everyone’s impression of Mu Feiran was too absolute. They had always felt that Mu Feiran was a heavenly queen celebrity with top-notch acting skills. They thought that she was very self-opinionated and threw her weight around as a senior.

However, they hadn’t expected that Mu Feiran acted in a manner that they could very much relate to themselves.

She was very strong and independent, able to find the solution to all problems faced. She took care of Rui Xue and even set up the tent together with her. She even went out to borrow money, items, plow the field, and sell vegetables. She presented a brand new side to herself.

“I didn’t expect that Mu Feiran has such a warm side to her.”

“I can’t see Mu Feiran as someone who would make a cuckold of someone.”

“I feel that Mu Feiran should be quite independent in real life. It’s quite good. She gives off the feeling that ladies in modern cities should all have.”

“It’s clear that Mu Feiran is a mother. She took good care of the children, and they listen to her as well. Therefore, I feel that she shouldn’t be the one to shoulder the blame. It’s tough enough for her to bring up her child alone. No matter whose child it is, she is a good mother.”

Rui Xue saw that everyone had brought her into the conversation and felt that it was the right decision for her to stick with Mu Feiran. Look at how quiet things were for Zhang Tianming. There weren’t any discussions about her at all.

She was a lot luckier when she kept close to Mu Feiran.

It was no wonder that Zhang Tianming wanted to create trouble for them.

At this moment, some people took this opportunity to send Mu Feiran scripts.

However, her manager was stunned when she looked through the scripts.

“How dare they send us scripts for supporting roles? What is the meaning of this? When have our Feiran taken on supporting roles before?”

“That can’t be. What do they mean by this?”

“That’s right. The character is so vicious as well.”

Mu Feiran heard what they said and spoke up, “Alright, you guys started discussing without even looking at the scripts. Bring me the scripts. I’ll look.”

The few of them looked at Mu Feiran. “Sister Feiran. It’s just a script for a supporting role. Forget it.”

Mu Feiran said, “This is showing respect to them as well. They sent the script to me even though it’s for a supporting role. This means that the director really feels that the role suits me very well. I might as well take a look at it.”

Mu Feiran took the script and had a look.

It was a script for a supporting role. Moreover, it was the role of a villain.

This woman was very vicious and cared only for her gains. She would make use of everything that would benefit her and toss away things useless to her.

At the end of the story, she would naturally die a horrible death. She was like the final boss who received a hard beating.

In the beginning, it was hard to tell if this was a good or bad character. However, she secretly plotted things, and everyone only found out at a later time that she was the biggest boss.

From God’s perspective, the audience could see that she put on a good appearance in front of the main character while doing bad things in secret. Therefore, it was straightforward for her to garner hatred from the audience.

The manager said, “This character is too bad. It’ll ruin your image.”

Mu Feiran said, “I feel that this role is quite good. Since I haven’t been having success in leading roles, I might as well take on a supporting role and have a change of pace. Things might turn out better. Who sent this character over? Why don’t we talk with the director first?”

“Ahh… Sister Feiran. You can’t be serious.”

“Do I look like I’m joking?”

“Alright… alright. Since Sister Feiran said that, then I’d contact them right away.”

The other party was a company that had just started up, but the director was considered to be quite a good one. He had produced plays in the past and had also directed a few well-known movies and dramas. However, it had been very long since he last worked.

Mu Feiran was very interested and got someone to contact the director.

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