The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1581 - I Am Black Eagle

Chapter 1581: I Am Black Eagle

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It wasn’t as if Mu Feiran didn’t face any pressure at all.

It was just that she understood that if she didn’t walk out of this, it’d be futile to say anything else.

During the filming, she felt exhausted and would lose her temper very quickly.

It was mostly when she was at the filming site…

For many reasons, she was too engrossed in the act, and her mood still didn’t improve after going home.

The house was a mess. Thankfully, Black Eagle helped take care of the child, and she didn’t have to worry.

It was just that while she was resting; she saw Black Eagle playing with the child and not needing her. She sighed and said to him, “Am I very detestable now?”

Black Eagle smiled. “If you’re considered detestable, then there won’t be any kind people in this world.”

Mu Feiran couldn’t help but laugh.

She knew that Black Eagle gave in to her a lot and was also very accepting toward her.

He wasn’t an ordinary person, but he did better than any other person in this aspect.

Back then, Black Eagle hadn’t expected that he would become the Black Eagle that everyone feared because of his assassin group.

In the beginning, he was merely an underling working for Mr. Big.

Everyone knew how terrifying Black Eagle’s group was.

However, no one knew who Black Eagle was.

It continued until one day.

Black Eagle received a new request.

His men immediately handed this request letter to him.

“Boss, a person who wants us to kill Mr. Big.”

Black Eagle looked and said, “Mr. Big isn’t an easy target.”

“That’s right. The most important thing isn’t that he is hard to kill, but that the influence behind him won’t let us off after killing him. It’d be troublesome then.”

Over these years, he had been growing. So was Mr. Big’s influence.

By then, there weren’t many people across the entire A Nation who would dare to go up against Mr. Big. His businesses kept on expanding and the number of people he offended increased as well. However, no one really dared to do anything to him.

It was because if he were to die, his men would definitely not let the killer off.

It was because Mr. Big had written a will saying that the one who gets rid of the person who killed him could get all of his inheritance.

It would make the people who wanted to kill him feel a little worried.

Black Eagle looked at it. “Alright, I’ll consider it.”

“Then this request…”

“Keep it. Just say that there’s nothing that I, Black Eagle, cannot do. It’s just that I need to consider if it’s worth doing.”

Black Eagle continued to work for Mr. Big at night.

Mr. Big laughed and said, “Did you see that? Someone actually said that they had approached an assassin group to kill me. Hahaha. How dare this rubbish group do something like this?”

Black Eagle looked at him. “Mr. Big doesn’t have to worry about anyone now.”

“That’s right. Who would dare to kill me? They must see if they will get out of A Nation alive.”

Black Eagle smiled.

Mr. Big had been treating him increasingly well and was trusting him more.

He looked at Black Eagle. “Little Black, tell me, do you want to earn big bucks?”

“I want to.”

“That’s right. No one doesn’t want to earn big bucks. I know that you’ve always wanted to do so too, but I didn’t dare to let you do this job. It’s because one won’t be able to get away after coming into contact with it.”

Black Eagle smiled. “Mr. Big is referring to… that business.”

“That’s right. You’re very smart. You never ask me nor try to find out things from me. You know your place well, and I like that about you. I know that you don’t harbor such thoughts, so you are someone I can use. Come along with me tonight.”

The reason Mr. Big had been going on strong was that he had always been cautious.

For things like this, which would warrant a death sentence if one was caught, he’d usually not rely on other people.

He would do these things himself.

However, that day, to think that he would…

It seemed that he really trusted Black Eagle a lot.

Black Eagle understood that, and the people below understood as well.

They immediately treated Black Eagle very differently.

“Little Black, Mr. Big probably wants you to be his successor since he selected you for this job. You’ll strike it big from now on. Remember to take care of us then.”

Black Eagle smiled and said nothing.

That night, he followed Mr. Big inside.

This was the first time he had come to this place.

They had to make many turns. It was really very concealed.

Most importantly, they would change the location every few days.

It made it hard to grasp where the location would be next time.

The laboratory wasn’t small, and the amount manufactured was definitely the greatest in the world. The exports were also quite significant.

There was a reason Mr. Big was so wary.

It was because if they caught him, what awaited him would be death.

After entering, Mr. Big looked at him. “How is it? This place is a treasure.”

Black Eagle continued to smile.

It wasn’t long after they went in that Black Eagle looked around. He felt that this place was vast, and there were quite several people everywhere. The area produced an astonishing amount of goods that brought Mr. Big great wealth.

Some people looked at Black Eagle strangely.

“Mr. Big, you brought a newcomer?”

“That’s right. Take care of him in the future. He’ll first help in the delivery.”

“Alright.” Those people stared at Black Eagle.

Just as they were finding it strange…

“Mr. Big, this is strange. There’s something suspicious going on outside. It’s like someone is here.”

All of them immediately became very wary.

The moment Mr. Big heard this, it was clear what his decision would be.

“Transfer everything. I’ll be making a move first and you guys will cover up for me. Everything will be as usual.”

After saying that, he jumped out of the window and ran off.

Simultaneously, police broke through the doors to this drug laboratory.

Mr. Big ran off. Black Eagle followed behind him, helping him to escape.

They did not know how long they had run for. Mr. Big leaned at the side, panting vigorously.

“Damn these cops. To think that they found this place…”

Black Eagle watched. “It looks like they caught some men.”

Mr. Big’s countenance was grim, but he saw Black Eagle looking at him expressionlessly.

He said, “You’re unlucky.”

“No, I’m fortunate,” Black Eagle replied.

When Mr. Big heard that, he felt that something was amiss.

Gradually… A hint of horror broke out on Mr. Big’s face.

He kept on backing off.

“You… you… you are a cop.”

Black Eagle smiled.

“No, I’m not.”

“Then, then you’re…”

Black Eagle said, “You’ll find out after you go down. I’m someone who has plans to take your life.”


Mr. Big felt that something was amiss. In the beginning, he thought that Black Eagle was an undercover cop.

If it was true, then there was nothing he could say.

How did Black Eagle bear with it for so many years, staying by his side and willingly get beaten up?

“Little Black, I never mistreated you. What are you doing?”

At this moment, Black Eagle threw out something in front of Mr. Big.

It was the unique logo of Black Eagle’s assassin group.

He said, “Yes, but I’m sorry. Someone wants your life.”


Mr. Big suddenly understood. “You’re an assassin?”

“In fact, I am Black Eagle.” Black Eagle smiled.

Black Eagle… Little Black…

Mr. Big finally understood the situation.

“It was you. You were the one who founded that group. To think that it was you…”

“That’s right.”

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