The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1553 The Wedding Ceremony Had People’s Attention

Chapter 1553 The Wedding Ceremony Had People’s Attention

Lin Che said, "See who else you want to invite."

"I've gone around, and in any case, Jingming will take care of the Gu family's side. Let's just have a look at our side."

"Then there shouldn't be anyone else. We've already invited some from the industry, though I suspect there would be some uninvited guests as well. If they come on the big day, we have to welcome them as well."

"Yeah, anyone who comes is a guest. I welcome anyone as long as they don't create trouble."

Yu Minmin took in a deep breath and held Lin Che's hands. "What should I do? I think I'm feeling quite nervous."

Lin Che laughed. "It's not like you haven't had a wedding before."

"I was nervous the last time too, but even more so this time. The last time, my worries were about doing something wrong, and my life would be gone. After all, the entire country and the entire world were watching. But this time… There are not that many people watching, and yet I still feel nervous."

"Relax. We'll all be around. Moreover, Big Brother wouldn't let anything happen."

"I'm worried that I'll be the problem. What if I did something wrong? Wouldn't all the preparations be wasted?"

"Silly. It doesn't matter, and it's still your wedding ceremony. It'll be memories for the future. What's there to worry about?"

Yu Minmin scoffed. "You're not me. Of course, you're not worried. I don't believe that you didn't have any worries at all when you got married."


That made sense.

Lin Che pouted. "So annoying. I can't comfort you, and you still have to be sarcastic to me. Fine, fine, worrying is part of the wedding process. Enjoy it all you can, my bride."

"Sheesh. I'm Jingming's bride, not yours."


Lin Che was speechless.

Both chuckled as they finished their work.

Though they had fully prepared everything, everyone still felt nervous on the wedding day.

A few days before the wedding, the Internet had already published the news of Gu Jingming's resignation.

The new presidential candidates also met with the people.

Among them was under Gu Jingming's referral. The cheers for him immediately got deafening. He was a candidate that both Gu Jingming and Gu Jingze selected.

Everything was going according to plan. Gu Jingming had also announced that he would re-organize his wedding ceremony.

The last time was the wedding of a century. This time, it was a wedding between him as an ordinary person and his beloved woman.

With this, many of his fans wanted to cry.

Everyone said that Gu Jingming had gone through a political wedding to win favors and for his career. Now, what else was there to say?

He did not want to be the President anymore, and he loved his wife as such.

Soon, the Internet was flooded with all of Gu Jingming's past deeds once again.

Gu Jingming's romance and past were all brought up in an instant.

There was also a period when quite a several people had invited him to appear in programs.

Numerous people started fighting for their participation in the wedding. Many people asked Lin Che if there was an invitation and if they could attend.

Based on the current situation, though Gu Jingming was no longer the President, his wedding would never escape people's attention. In fact, there would be more citizens and fans watching on.

Whoever could attend the wedding could brag about it.

And it could be a good exposure to the media.

The news went on and on.

Just as they had been anticipating, the day of the wedding finally came.

Early in the morning, Yu Minmin woke up.

She had been very nervous the night before and did not sleep for long. She was worried about her dark circles and puffiness.

The good thing was that the make-up artist had a way to deal with this. They had prepared an ice pack and a beverage beforehand to bring down the puffiness for Yu Minmin to use.

Make-up started at four in the morning. Lin Che set off at that time, too. Her two children were still sleeping, and she got Dong Zi to get them up at six in the morning to go to the wedding location. She would go over to help first.

Gu Jingming waited outside and wanted to have a look at Yu Minmin dolled up, but Linche had hindered him out.

"Big Brother, you can't go in. Minmin is considered to be at her parents' place now. You have to follow the rules."

Gu Jingming was very anxious. He stood outside and said, "I just want to see if the outfit fits."

"Relax, don't we know this better than you guys? With me around, there's nothing to fear."


"Quick, get out."

Lin Che simply closed the door in his face.

Gu Jingming held his forehead outside.

Gu Jingze walked over and said, "Yeah, this is how it is as a groom."

He had never experienced this the last time because he only had to receive her and go through the customs.

Who would dare to disturb the President's chamber?

But this time…

It was the first time that Gu Jingming was experiencing what being a groom was like. In that instant, he had also got nervous.

Lin Che saw the guys outside walk away. She covered her smile and said to Yu Minmin, "He wants to come in. Not a chance."

Yu Minmin said, "Why is he so anxious? It's not like he won't see me."

"He wants to look first. Curiosity perhaps."

"He has seen how the gown is like. Just that… I think he hasn't seen me in it."

"Of course. We can't let him see it. He has to see you in it for the first time today."

Lin Che looked at Yu Minmin, getting the final touch.

The make-up artist said, "Take a look, Mrs. Gu. Are you satisfied?"

Lin Che looked carefully. These make-up artists had been working at the company, and they were reliable.

"Very good. Just be careful when she puts on the gown. Don't get it smudged."

"Don't worry. We'll definitely take extra care with the First Lady's wedding."

Yu Minmin looked up and said, "I'm no longer the First Lady."

"If you are for a day, you'll be one for life. Mr. President will always be Mr. President."

The make-up artists packed their things and said, "If it was in the past, we would never have the chance to do the make-up for both of your weddings. This time, it's because both Madams gave us a chance."

"Nonsense. You've always been doing the make-up for years in the company. We've worked together for so many years."

"This is not the same as working together in the company. Ah, look, there are so many reporters and people."

Their reminder made Lin Che look outside.

Sure enough, the place was filled with reporters.

Lin Che said, "Seriously, they really love to join in the fun."

The make-up artist said, "Everyone's saying that they're more excited about this than the previous wedding of the century."

"Oh yes, because it's a wedding filled with love. It's a gift from the President to Mrs. President."

"We are all very envious."

Yu Minmin lowered her head and could not help smiling, feeling slightly shy as well.

They have been together for so many years, and to hear such words… she really felt quite embarrassed.

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