The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1554 Mr. President Wants to Express His Feelings to His Bride

Chapter 1554 Mr. President Wants to Express His Feelings to His Bride

The reporters were getting excited outside.

Ever since Gu Jingming stepped down from being the President, they had dismissed some personal guards. In the past, the reporters could only watch from afar. Now, they could get a closer look at this charming President. How could they not be excited?

The reporters saw Gu Jingming pacing back and forth inside and could only marvel. The flashes did not stop, and they were in Gu Jingming's direction.

Lin Che looked on as Yu Minmin finished her make-up. Gu Shinian and Gu Shiyuan had arrived.

Yu Minmin smiled and said, "You precious things. Come, Aunty has some excellent food here. Go have fun."

Gu Shiyuan looked at Yu Minmin. "Aunty, you're stunning. This clothing makes you look like a fairy."

Yu Minmin laughed. "Shiyuan really knows how to talk. Niannian, when are you going to learn from Shiyuan? Look at your sister, so well behaved and has such a sweet mouth."

Gu Shinian just did not enjoy talking.

Gu Shinian looked at Gu Shiyuan. "It's enough if we only have one who knows how to talk. I'm in charge of complimenting. Complimenting."


If they had complimented someone else, Gu Shinian would not show that much disdain. But it was his sister who was getting complimented. He would say nothing and would feel incredibly proud.

Yu Minmin was speechless as she looked at this little big shot.

Just then, Lin Che walked over and said, "Alright, alright, you guys have fun first. It'll be time soon. In a moment, Aunty would need to go for the wedding ceremony."

Gu Shiyuan looked at Yu Minmin enviously. "When can I wear this? This is so nice."

Yu Minmin smiled and tapped on her head. "Oh dear, you wish to marry at such a young age? Your dad would be very sad if he knew about this."

"Huh? Why?"

"Because when you marry someone, you become someone's bride, and you have to stay at that person's home."

"Ah, why… Can I be someone's bride but still stay at my home?"

"Ha, that. When you get married, you both need to live together. If you live in your home, where's your husband going to live?"

"He can live at his place. We can be together every day in the day and return home at night, just like in kindergarten."

"…." Yu Minmin said, "Your daddy and mommy live together every night. You will be like this, too."

"That's different. My mommy is naughty. My daddy needs to teach mommy, so they need to stay together. I'm very obedient."

"How does your daddy teach your mommy?"

"He spanks mommy at night."


This did not sound right.

Yu Minmin looked up at Lin Che.

Lin Che went red in the face immediately before going pale. She pulled aside Gu Shiyuan and said, "What nonsense are you talking about? There's nothing at all."

Yu Minmin covered her mouth while smiling. "I didn't expect that after so many years of marriage, you still have many weird interests. Spanking, eh?"

"It's not like that!" Lin Che was really speechless and did not know how to explain.

Because in fact…

Gu Shiyuan said, "It's true. My daddy would spank Mommy and say, 'you better behave the next time. If not, I'll hit you harder.' So, Mommy definitely did something wrong."

Lin Che cried without tears…

It was all Gu Jingze's fault. For no reason, he would get playful with her without a care. Now, look what happened. The kids have seen it all.

That's right…

This was how Gu Jingze was. Until now, he still treated her like a child, and for nothing, he would carry her and spank her.

She was clearly a mother already, alright?

Lin Che speechlessly pulled Gu Shinian aside, "You didn't see things right!"

Yu Minmin paused, and soon, she burst out laughing.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I misunderstood. I thought that you guys really were… but now I know… Hahahaha. It's even funnier, Lin Che. Your status in the family…"

Lin Che's face darkened.

This was all Gu Shiyuan's fault!

Just then, the person in front came to give notice.

"Madam, the wedding is about to start. You can start walking."

The wedding ceremony was going to start immediately.

Lin Che arrived outside and saw that someone had already come to receive the bride.

Yu Minmin stood up, and the few make-up artists lowered their heads to help sort her out.

Yu Minmin looked ahead and sighed, "Lin Che."


"Thank you for representing my maiden family."

"Don't mention it… I am part of your maiden family in the first place."

Yu Minmin smiled slightly.

Were her parents watching her from above?

She suddenly felt disheartened.

Everyone would probably think of their parents, especially at a moment like this.

This time, she walked ahead and saw that Yu Chengcheng was walking over.

"Wow, Sis, you're gorgeous today."

Yu Minmin replied, "So I wasn't beautiful in the past?"

"No, you're the most beautiful today."

He smiled and stretched his hand out to hold on to Yu Minmin. When they walked ahead, they saw a big group of people welcoming them outside.

From a distance, Mu Feiran and a few others blocked the way, disallowing anyone to enter.

Lin Che quickly went over to help. She said to those outside the door, "Do you want to see our beautiful and fairy-like bride?"

Everyone outside replied, "Of course, we do."

"Quickly bring her out for us to see."

"That won't do. Bring the red packets first!"

Everyone was really…

"Alright, the red packets have been prepared long ago."

When the red packets were handed over, Lin Che saw that the amount of money inside was not too shabby. She asked Mu Feiran, "Do they pass this round?"

"They passed, but…"

Lin Che said, "Big Brother, it's difficult to get married. We want to see your true heart. Only then we'll let you in to see our Minmin."

The few of them looked at one another.

They knew the women wanted to make things difficult.

"What do you girls want?"

Mu Feiran said, "Let Mr. President express his true heart."

Black Eagle looked from the back. "Hey, are you for real? Quickly bring her out. You're holding up the time. We don't have time for expressing true hearts. If you don't let her out, we'll go in and snatch her."

Lin Che immediately pushed ahead of Mu Feiran. "Hey, Black Eagle, all weddings are like this. Why don't you want to get married? Do you dare to snatch her? Let me tell you. We've seen enough of your performance. Since you misbehaved, in the future, you have no say in anything wedding-related."


Mu Feiran blushed.

She looked at Black Eagle, and he looked back at her.

After some thinking, Black Eagle admitted defeat and scratched his head. "Well, it's just a casual remark."

A roar of laughter burst behind. Even the videographer got a fright.

When did the mighty Black Eagle ever admit defeat?

"Fine, then. Tell us, how can he express his true heart to Madam?"

Mu Feiran smiled. "Sing a song, Mr. President."

"What… what song…"

"There are three songs. They're all here. Mr. President can choose one."

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