The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1552 Focused On Preparing Every Detail For The Wedding

Chapter 1552 Focused On Preparing Every Detail For The Wedding

Gu Jingming smiled. "It's too late for regrets now. You've agreed. When the time comes, remember to wrap up that property well for me!"

Lin Che thought to herself. Big Brother was no longer the serious Mr. President anymore.

Everyone was in approval of Gu Jingming's idea to hold a wedding for Yu Minmin again.

Gu Jingze got someone to help right away, and he was thrilled to fund it.

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze. "You look like you hope to see them have this wedding."

Gu Jingze said, "Yes, Big Brother just resigned, and there's still a lot of unfinished business. Yet the outside world thinks that the reason Big Brother resigned is very impressive. Hence, we must make this wedding a good show for everyone to see."

An impressive reason?

Made sense. There were quite a lot of speculations.

But only they, as his immediate family, knew that Big Brother filed his resignation for himself.

Gu Jingming could have a more prominent authority, but he did not like it.

Not long after, a rumor spread.

Gu Jingming had already resigned, and the choosing of the new President would start immediately.

Soon, the fans of the President were in tears.

Many people surrounded the exterior of the Glazed Tile Palace. They did not want Gu Jingming to resign.

They protested that if he resigned, they would sit there every day to protest, and they were determined not to have anyone else. Still, they wanted Gu Jingming to enter the Glazed Tile Palace.

This was embarrassing.

At first, many protested and felt that Gu Jingming did not handle matters well and was too good to his wife. There were so many complaints about that.

After Gu Jingming had resigned, everyone protested again.

However, Gu Jingming remained unbothered.

He did not return to the Glazed Tile Palace but was at home with Yu Minmin, preparing for their wedding ceremony.

Step by step, they prepared their ceremony from the location to the decorations, from the flowers imported from France to the decorations imported from Greece. Gu Jingming did these.

Gu Jingming held onto the plans and helped Yu Minmin to pick her gown.

He asked her, "What style do you like? Have a look first. The customization department is prepared. We just need to see what style you like, and the designer will get on to it."

Yu Minmin looked at the gowns. "They're all stunning… But I don't think my figure is that good. I won't look good in them."

"Nonsense. Your figure…" He looked down at where the area that looked bloated. "It is better than before."

Because she had just given birth, so she had indeed…

Gotten quite big.

Yu Minmin sensed what he meant and rolled her eyes at him. She quickly defended herself, "I'm not talking about here!"

"How can it be? Anything you wear will look good on you."

Yu Minmin did not think so at all.

Gu Jingming said, "Anyway, it's all for me to see. If I say it's nice, it means it's nice."

He tussled her hair.

Yu Minmin blushed and looked down. It was impossible to say that she was unhappy.

She put down the child and chose attentively.

But she really did not have the confidence. She was not very good in this aspect.

So she called upon Lin Che and Mu Feiran to help. The three of them sat down and chose some items at the cafe. Yu Minmin said, "I think they're all the same."

"Of course, they're different. This one has more frills around the chest. Your chest is so great. It must be this." Lin Che pointed at a gown.


Mu Feiran said, "Are you choosing a style now, and the designer would base it off from that?"

Lin Che said, "Yeah. Just tell the designer which style you like, and the designer would go about designing something that would bring out the best in the bride."

"Wow, that's troublesome," Mu Feiran said. "When I got married… the wedding was all sponsored. The gown was also a sponsored item."

Yu Minmin said, "Is that called a marriage? Forget it. Get Mo Jinyan to hold a better one."


Mu Feiran said, "We've not gotten to that stage."

Yu Minmin said, "Sure, everyone in the industry knows your relationship with Black Eagle now."

"What? How could it be…" Were they so high profile?

Mu Feiran did not know that Black Eagle was a very high-profile person.

He had threatened people to let Mu Feiran do some filming and did not allow anyone to call her the poison of the box office.

He had scared many people.

Yu Minmin said, "Don't think about others. Just be good and accept Black Eagle."


Lin Che said, "Yes, be my sister-in-law."

Mu Feiran pinched both of their cheeks. "Ha, the both of you are leaning towards him."

Lin Che helped Yu Minmin to pick a gown and go through the invite list.

"Some artists from the company have to go, right?"

Yu Minmin thought so as well. "I'll invite those that we know. Anyway, it's a wedding, and it needs to be lively."

The previous wedding ceremony had to consider some political factors, so they could not invite as many people as possible.

Lin Che said, "They would definitely be happy beyond words."

They also invited some relatives. Yu Minmin also hand wrote every invitation card.

She did not find it difficult, and instead, she felt quite content. She thought that this is how her wedding should be.

Putting in the effort to prepare everything and to let others enjoy the marriage together.

Rather than handing everything to others. A wedding planner or the subordinates would just treat it as a task. As outsiders, they would just want to get things done.

She said to Lin Che, "I think many people these days have this attitude towards a wedding. To avoid inconvenience, they hand it to a wedding planner to do it. They do nothing at all and just attend the wedding."

"Yeah, and these wedding planners do it very unrealistically."

"Then what's the point? I think it's better I do it myself."

Lin Che supported her head. "But I can also understand why. Most people are too busy."

"But a wedding is sacred. You can be busy your entire life, but you're still running around for others. If you're always busy for others, then when would you be busy for yourself? A wedding is just this one chance."

"Yeah…" Lin Che thought so, too.

Yu Minmin said, "Anyway, it doesn't matter if I'm busy for a bit. I hope to look back on my wedding and think that it was out of my sweat even though it was tiring. I prepared it myself, and it's not someone else's wedding. I know every detail and everything. It's everything I want to show my friends and loved ones. I want to tell them and everyone that we're married. I prepared everything in seriousness because I treat my wedding seriously. If you don't even take a wedding seriously, then how are you going to be serious about your marriage?"

Lin Che held her head and thought that You Minmin was now a little woman in the family.

Perhaps, a family made her feel blessed, and so, she had these thoughts.

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