The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

Chapter 237 - Boundary

Chapter 237 – Boundary

There is only a wooden basin for washing the face floating beside her.

Then, a gust of wind blew into the room and swept away all the dust and dirt in the room.

Xue Qilin carefully examined the room, crossed her arms, and nodded in satisfaction.

“Mhm mhm, not bad.”

The lass opened her bag.

Inside the bag, there is a writing brush and a bottle with unknown content.

She picked up the porcelain bottle, unplugged the cork, and poured the mysterious liquid into the wooden basin floating beside her. The liquid, which overflows with dense spiritual qi, is obviously not ordinary. The four members of the Gong Clan can even feel a certain resonance with the true qi inside them, speeding up its flow.

At this time, a strange thing occurred.

Although the porcelain bottle isn’t big, yet the liquid inside it seems to have no end. It filled the wooden basin. Upon witnessing such an incredible thing with their own eyes, the four members of the Gong Clan nearly all held their breath. Only Gong Tianyang exclaimed, “Amazing!”

Ignoring their surprise, Xue Qilin had them retreat to a corner of the room.

She picked up the brush and dipped it in the liquid in the wooden basin. Then, acting as if no one else is present, began to draw another spell model diagram on the floor.

One after another, fantastic symbols gradually took shape, accompanied by incomprehensible characters and complex lines, and finally surrounded by a circle, forming a complex diagram.

After completing one diagram, she started drawing a second diagram next to her.

This diagram is slightly different from the previous one. But apart from Xue Qilin, no one can clearly tell where the difference lies in. They just intuitively understand that the two are different.

The only thing they know is that to be able to draw these diagrams, you have to practice for a long time. Just the circle surrounding each diagram, which appears to be perfectly round, is not easy to draw by hand.

Another strange point is that every time Xue Qilin completes a diagram and starts to draw another one elsewhere, the wooden basin, as if a shadow, never leaves her side.

Different from the previous spell model diagram, this time Xue Qilin did not finish things quickly. As she continued to draw, the diagrams gradually increased and eventually filled up nearly half the space on the floor.

“Ah… this is a large circle? And there are circles within the circle?”

When the twenty ninth diagram was completed, Gong Jing finally noticed a pattern. Hearing his murmur, the others noticed, as well.

With the first completed circular diagram as the center, there are three layers radiating from it. The first layer is composed of four circular diagrams; the second layer has the double amount of diagrams, totaling eight; and the outermost layer has sixteen diagrams. All these diagrams correspond to a certain direction.

As if confirming Gong Jing’s idea, Xue Qilin began to do the finishing touches.

Starting from the first layer, she connected the circular diagrams and formed a circle that encloses the core diagram, and so on.


Xue Qilin threw the writing brush into the wooden basin and dusted off her hands.

At this time, a spell model diagram that is progressively more complex appeared before everyone.

It exudes faint blue light, like a sacred and inviolable boundary.

Frowning, Gong Jing and Gong Yue observed the strange pattern on the floor, yet they didn’t make out or comprehend anything from it.

“Stop wasting time, you won’t understand anything!”

Xue Qilin asserted confidently, making the two feel embarrassed.

Gong Jing coughed lightly to cover up his embarrassment.

“Is it ready, Lady Xue?”

“It’s ready.”

Xue Qilin stepped out of the spell model diagram and gazed at Gong Tianyang.

“Can you walk, Little Yang?”

“Senior Xue, Yang’er has difficulty moving around. Let me carry him inside.”

Instead of sounding like a suggestion, Gong Yue’s tone sounded more like he already made up his mind and could not be questioned. Regarding this, Xue Qilin refused categorically.

“You can’t.”


Unable to feel at ease, Gong Yue asked with emphasis. He probably thinks that Xue Qilin is deliberately trying to embarrass him due to her dislike for him.

Xue Qilin, without a care for his dignity, scolded impatiently, “If I say you can’t then you can’t… Is it me who decides, or is it you who has the final say? Why are you talking so much?”

Not concerned with how unsightly Gong Yue’s complexion would become, she turned to Gong Tianyang and asked, “Little Yang, can you?”

“Older Sister Xue is looking down on me too much! I can steel manage the few steps!”

Gong Tianyang, while imitating Xue Qilin, wrinkled his nose and complained in dissatisfaction.

“Yes, yes, I understand…”

Xue Qilin rolled her eyes and gave a perfunctory reply.

“It’s good that you understand! So, does Older Sister Xue want me to walk in by myself?”

Xue Qilin nodded in reply to Gong Tianyang’s question. She extender her slender right index finger and pointed to the diagram in the center of the spell model diagram.

“Go there and lie down.”

She glanced at Gong Yue and explained, “Others can’t help, because as soon as you walk in, the spell model diagram will record your breath. If you help him, it is likely to affect the spell model’s judgment and ultimately bring about unpredictable consequences.”

Gong Tianyang answered “okay” with a happy smile.

“But before that, take off your clothes first.”

When he heard Xue Qilin’s request, he pouted and said, “Older Sister Xue is really lecherous.” Then he took off his clothes with Gong Yue’s help.

Under everyone’s gazes, the completely naked Gong Tianyang propped himself up with difficulty, swayed a few times, and then finally stood up.

He slowly raised his leg and took a step.

He almost fell after the first step. It took a while for him to stabilize himself and take the next step. In this way, he staggered towards the center of the diagram and lied down.

He is already sweating profusely.

He is exhausted… it seems that just walking to the center of the spell model diagram by himself is already a heavy burden for him.

“Are you ready, Little Yang? — by the way, I mean mentally.”

“Really, Older Sister Xue? Of course I’m not ready!” Gong Tianyang said with a wry smile, “Anyone would feel uneasy at such a time!”

That’s true… Xue Qilin scratched her face.

“Would you like to have some time to calm down?”

Gong Tianyang took a deep breath and shook his head firmly.

“Let’s start now.”

Gong Tianyang’s refusal prompted Xue Qilin to realize his fortitude once more.

“Close your eyes, Little Yang. We’re going to start.”

This sentence served as the prologue.

Xue Qilin raised her arms according to a magic array, performed hand seals of unknown meaning, and chanted in an ethereal voice that seems to come from the distant realm of Immortals.

Probably because they were warned not to make a fuss, the three members of the Gong Clan closed their mouths tightly.

Although the spell model diagram suddenly burst out with strong light, they resisted their surprise and even deliberately suppressed their breathing for fear of disturbing Xue Qilin who is absorbed in casting the spell.

The spell model diagram swiveled abruptly.

When its speed reached a certain level, another identical spell model diagram split from it and rose along Gong Tianyang’s body. At the same time, Gong Tianyang was lifted into the air.

In the end, the spell model diagram stopped slightly below the beams. Gong Tianyang is floating in between the two spell model diagrams.

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