The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

Chapter 238.1  - – Suddenly

238.1 – Suddenly

In an instant, the two identical diagrams burst out with intense light and extracted all the surrounding spiritual qi.

— the light disappeared in an instant.

As if the curtain of night suddenly covered the day and stars appeared, the light condensed into countless specks of light that floated around Gong Tianyang, surrounding him like fireflies.

By now, Xue Qilin is already sweating profusely.

However, she can only let the sweat sting her eyes.

Although the spell model can take on most of the work, but she still has to spend a lot of energy to control and monitor the spell mode’s stability. Since this is a matter concerning life, she doesn’t want to cause a loss of life because of a careless mistake.

“Little Yang, spread your arms and legs and lie according to the ‘大’ character.”

Xue Qilin shouted.

After Gong Tianyang followed suit, she clapped her hands.

— clap!

An unusually resonant clap sounded, shook the air, and set off a shock wave.

With this as a prelude, the specks of light began to move slowly. They slowly approached Gong Tianyang, wandered along his skin, and finally stopped at special locations.

If you look closely, you might be able to find out that there are 720 specks of light in total, each of which is hovering over a certain acupoint.

“Transform into needles!”

Xue Qilin barked and clapped her hands again.

The specks of light responded instantly. They condensed and extended, and finally needles composed of light appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Nearly done — Xue Qilin exhaled.

Next, all that is left is to use the needles made of spiritual qi to stab Gong Tianyang’s acupoints at the same time and break the “spiritual seal” plaguing his body.

Xue Qilin closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

In the next moment, she opened her eyes violently and released a breath full of spiritual qi from between her lips.


A loud voice exploded.

The needles of light ejected like shooting stars and stabbed into the Gong Tianyang’s acupoints.

“Ugh –!”

Gong Tianyang’s groan of pain spread to everyone’s ears, followed by a sharp blast. This sound is a bit similar to numerous bubbles being popped simultaneously.

Then, the change she had been waiting for finally occurred.

All the acupoints on Gong Tianyang’s body emitted white mist at the same time.

That is the superfluous spiritual qi that naturally spilled out of Gong Tianyang’s body.

Even though the spiritual qi, which was been under pressure for a long time, was freed, but it is still extremely dense. It blurred Gong Tianyang’s figure and everyone’s vision like a mist.

It’s done! Xue Qilin weakly took several steps back, smiled triumphantly, and plopped with her but on the floor.

Gong Jing exchanged a look with Gong Yue, and then quickly walked up to Xue Qilin, helped her up, and asked, both anxious and worried, “Lady Xue, may this old one ask…?”

Even though he didn’t state it clearly, but Xue Qilin understood what he meant. She grinned weakly at the old man.

“Go, open the door and windows to clear the mist.”

“Yue’er, Qing’er, hurry up!”

Gong Jing turned around and shouted at Gong Yue and Gong Tianqing, and the two followed suit at once.

The spiritual qi began to dissipate at high speed, leaking outside the house through the opened door and windows.

Xue Qilin operated her cultivation method at a high speed and began to absorb and transform the spiritual qi that flowed out of Gong Tianyang.

On the other hand, Xue Qilin also felt Gong Tianyang’s breath, which has no sign of weakening. What’s more, the spiritual qi didn’t burst out, proving that Gong Tianyang’s body and meridians are still intact.

Xue Qilin tactfully declined Gong Jing’s support, staggered, and smiled confidently, saying, “Old Master Gong, there shouldn’t any more issues… just wait for the mist to clear.”

“Grandpa, I’m fine! Although, due to the mist emitting from me, I cannot see anything! But I feel… so good!”

As if to corroborate Xue Qilin’s statement, Gong Tianyang shouted. What so good [1]? His statement sounds ridiculous, causing Xue Qilin to roll her eyes.

Suddenly, Gong Jing firmly gripped Xue Qilin’s right hand with both hands.

The lass turned to look due to pain, and Gong Jing’s slightly twisted face immediately imprinted in her eyes.

He squeezed really hard. Although Xue Qilin felt a bit of pain in her right hand, but since she knows that he is excited, she didn’t say anything.

Finally, glistening tears emerged in his eyes.

Sliding down his face, a tear fell to the floor.

Because his grandson was finally saved, the renowned veteran who stayed on the battlefield for decades and whose name struck fear in the Northern Kingdom, actually shed tears in front of Xue Qilin — even if it was just one drop, but he really shed tears in front of Xue Qilin.

“Thank — Lady Xue! Thank you!”

He is sincere and serious. His voice trembled from suppressed emotions.

Xue Qilin considered how to respond to his gratitude. But before she got the answer, the mist had dispersed completely. She glanced at Gong Tianyang’s location and coincidentally saw him slowly fall to the floor.

When a crisp sound of glass breaking sounded, the spell mode diagram, which has completed its mission, shattered and turned into countless motes of light.

While the motes of light fell down gently, Gong Tianyang propped his upper body up, sat on the floor, and then turned to look at Xue Qilin.

“Master Gong, go! Go see Little Yang, see your grandson.”

Gong Jing opened his mouth as if he has a myriad of words to say.

“Go!” Xue Qilin pushed him, vexed, “I’m spent, I’m going to rest! Or do you want me to carry him to bed?”

Gong Jing took a deep breath and said with an abashed smile, “Please excuse this old one’s unsightly display, Lady Xue.”

With that, Gong Jing released Xue Qilin’s hand and walked towards Gong Tianyang with in a slow yet powerful pace.

Even Old Master Gong is just an ordinary person… Xue Qilin suddenly raised the corners of her mouth and giggled. She discovered that Gong Jing didn’t suppress the slight trembling of his body.

“Loved one…”

Xue Qilin looked up and thought of her niece.

When her niece was cured by Qi Guiyuan, she was as excited as Gong Jing is right now.

When a loved one is saved, can someone contain their emotions? No one can. Therefore, no matter how emotional Gong Jing is, it is only natural.

Little Qing, are you okay? Does Qi Guiyuan take good care of you? Do you no longer quarrel with older brother…

Her questions may never be answered.

— well wishes alone.

Even though they are separated and will never see each other again, she still wishes for her niece to obtain happiness.

This is enough.

My thoughts can surely be conveyed to the girl in a “far away land” — she wants to believe this.

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