The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

Chapter 236 - Spell Model

Chapter 236 – Spell Model

Gong Tianyang clasped the place he was hit, tears glistened in his big eyes, and a pitiful look welled up on his face, as if denouncing what Xue Qilin did.

Ignoring his pretense, Xue Qilin turned to Gong Jing.

“Old Master Gong, how big is Little Yang’s room?”

She’s asked this question out of nowhere.

However, Gong Jing didn’t ask any questions back. Instead, he started contemplating. Consequently, before he could come up with the answer, Gong Yue suddenly uttered a number.

Xue Qilin glanced at Gong Yue is surprise. Then, she realized that he answered her question and muttered at once, “Um… it should be about right…”

She looked up.

“Okay, I’ll perform the task in Little Yang’s room.”

“We’ll go by what Lady Xue said.” Gong Jing agreed, and then asked hesitantly, “Does Lady Xue really not need us to prepare anything?”

“I brought everything I need with me!”

Xue Qilin turned around and showed Gong Jing the small bag on her back, indicating that everything she needs is inside. Perhaps because her bag is really small, Gong Jing made a skeptical “this is enough?” face. But he didn’t say anything else.

Gong Yue, who always has some objections about Xue Qilin, seemed to want to say something, but was ultimately stopped by Gong Jing’s stare.

“In this case, it seems that this old one can only stand by and watch.”

“Indeed indeed. Let’s go.”

Xue Qilin waved her large sleeve and, in a display called the guest acts as the host, took the lead in walking to the house. The others followed behind her.

Despite having short legs, she still insisted in walking at the front, followed by Gong Yue and Gong Jing, who posses extraordinary bearing. This scene seems to have the comical “a child acts like the local tyrant” sense.

Gong Tianqing took it upon herself to push Gong Tianyang wheelchair. Gong Tianyang, who appears to be very happy with this, beamed with joy.

“By the way, why don’t I see that something Tailor?”

Suddenly, Xue Qilin discovered that she can’t find a trace of the man who always wears a black robe and emits a disgusting sense of blood and she asked while looking left and right.

“Mr. Tailor resigned a few days ago.”

It was Gong Jing who answered the question in a slightly helpless tone.

“He said that since he made a wrong diagnosis, he doesn’t have the face to face us. In fact, if it weren’t for him, it’s unknown whether Yang’er could have survived until now.”

Gong Tianqing added weakly “In, in fact, Mr. Tailor is very friendly… and very considerate of the sick… He feels a little guilty because of of me. Aware that my body will gradually weaken due to blood loss, he specially went up the mountain to collect herbs that could help me supplement my blood.

“Yes, he also examined this old one’s body, said that, due staying a long time on the battlefield, this old one is loosing life energy a bit too fast, and prescribed me some medicine. This old one wanted to hold a banquet to thank him after everything is over. But in the end, he insisted on leaving. This old man could not keep him from leaving.”

“Yes, yes, before leaving, Mr. Tailor gave me some medicine, saying that it can help me stabilize my condition.” Gong Tianyang showed off his biceps, “If it weren’t for Mr. Tailor, I might just be lying in bed.”

Xue Qilin turned around, glanced at Gong Tianyang’s thin arm, and said angrily, “That fellow no-surname Tailor? Your twig of an arm doesn’t have any muscles, okay?”

It seems that a book really shouldn’t be judged by its cover. Xue Qilin views Tailor in a somewhat new light now.

There is no denying that Xue Qilin is someone who likes to judge people by their appearance. From the moment she saw Tailor, she thought that he isn’t not a good person, to the point that she disliked him quite a lot. She really didn’t expect him to be a good doctor.

Although he misdiagnosed Gong Tianyang’s disease, but his disease was complicated to begin with. If Xue Qilin was not familiar with modern theories, she might not be able to figure this fact out.

Tailor was aware that Gong Tianyang suffers from a hard-to-treat disease and knew of Gong Tianyang’s identity. If he was careless, it would end badly for him. But he still braved the huge risk and became Gong Tianyang’s doctor. This is enough to prove that he takes “saving people comes first” as his moto.

“Speaking of which, Lady Xue and Yang’er share common bad traits…”

Seeing the two talking cheerfully, Gong Jing was between laughter and tears.

“Really? Is Old Master Gong saying that I’m childish?”

“It depends on how Lady Xue looks at it.”

Gong Jing grinned, stroked his beard, and gave Xue Qilin a pensive look. Xue Qilin snorted in dissatisfaction, looked back, and suddenly felt that Gong Jing is annoying.

However, if Xue Qilin is asked if she dislikes Gong Tianyang, she can only say that she doesn’t dislike him. Yeah, she doesn’t dislike the clever Gong Tianyang.

Only, thoughts are thoughts. But if Xue Qilin had to confess that she doesn’t dislike Gong Tianyang, she would rather die than yield. Thinking of the proud look on Gong Tianyang’s face after hearing her confession, she felt a little aggravated.

Soon, everyone stepped into Gong Tianyang’s room.

Xue Qilin looked around and spoke in astonishment, all the while wondering whether the space is enough, “Yo yo, Little Yang’s room is quite big.”

In fact, as it is placed in a rich family’s home, Gong Tianyang’s room shouldn’t be considered particularly large. It’s probably just average. Despite this, it is still much larger than Xue Qilin’s room in the Snow-facing Abode.

“Hee-hee, it’s not really big! It’s quite ordinary.”

Gong Tianyang gave Xue Qilin a “having seen little, one gets excited easily indeed” look.

Despite being aware that he deliberately used a contemptuous attitude to tease her, Xue Qilin still got mad and said angrily, “If you compare yourself to others, you will only torture yourself indeed.”

“Young, Young Ancestor, Little Yang is just joking…Don’t take offense, okay?”

Seeing that Xue Qilin looks a little angry, Gong Tianqing persuaded thusly. On the other hand, Gong Jing rebuked Gong Tianyang with “respect others”.

“Only a fool would lower themselves to his level! Right, little devil?!” Xue Qilin snorted, and then clapped her hands, “Alright, you guys help me move the furniture and make room!”

Everyone voiced their agreement. Only Gong Tianyang smiled bitterly and uttered, “It seems that I can only watch with folded arms.”

But, without waiting for the others to do anything, Xue Qilin tiptoed on her right leg and began to depict a spell model on the floor.

The tip of the embroidered shoe, as if it contains pale blue ink, left a shiny line with every stroke. As the lines intertwined and combined, some strange symbols and design gradually formed.

“Lady Xue, forgive this old one’s ignorance, but what are you…?”

Looking at the shiny lines on the floor, Gong Jing assume a half surprised and half doubtful expression.

“This is a spell model diagram…”

“What is a spell mode diagram?”

“Well, to put it in simple terms, it is something that must be constructed before using magic! If you’re familiar with the spell model, you don’t need to specially draw it. But since I rarely use this spell, I can only do it step by step.”

Xue Qilin’s movements flow smoothly like water.

It only took a few seconds for the diagram radiating blue light to be completed before everyone’s eyes.

“All right!”

Xue Qilin nodded in satisfaction, and then stomped with her foot.

The spell model diagram drawn on the floor burst out with intense light at once, and then quickly dissipated into the air, as if it had never appeared to begin with.

Just as everyone was wondering why nothing happened, the furniture in the room suddenly rose into the air.


Except for Xue Qilin, everyone else exclaimed in surprise at the same time.

At this moment, Xue Qilin seem to have made a guest appearance as a modern conductor. Every time she pointed at a piece of furniture, the furniture would move along with her finger, fly out the rooms door, and land outside.

With the aid of the spell, the room was quickly emptied.

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