The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Fame After One Fight

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If people carefully looked, they would discover that these winds were all under her control!

However, besides Grandmaster, this almost unfathomable expert, there wasn’t anyone who noticed these kind of subtle differences.

No, maybe there was one more person.

It’s just that, that person’s expression simply wasn’t as obvious as Grandmaster’s, and instead, only revealed a pair of narrowed, bewitchingly cool, deep and profound eyes.

As far as other people were concerned, they were all focused on what kind of light the crystal sphere would radiate and to what degree it would dazzle the eyes.

However, not a single thing radiated from within the crystal sphere. Instead, it swarmed with a layer of white fog.

“Girl, you unexpectedly can manipulate the wind! Wind is actually the most difficult attribute to control!”

By her ear was Yuan Ming’s pleasantly surprised voice, only then did Wei Wei retrieve her hand and that crystal sphere became as clear as before, without any bit of impurity.

Helian Mei stood at the side and laughed derisively, “I even thought that the sound just now was proof that a miracle could happen. In the end, light didn’t even radiate at all!”

It seemed that what Helian Jiao Er waited for was this result. Outwardly, she looked at Helian Mei accusingly, “Third Sister, you’re speaking nonsense again, Elder Sister has already put in all her effort, you don’t need to say any more.”

“What Second Sister said was right, having Oldest Sister light the crystal sphere was simply too hard for her!”

The two sisters, one on the red team, one on the white team, thoroughly ridiculed Wei Wei from every side. The new students below the stage also roared with laughter, so loud that even the surrounding areas within the academy could hear it.

Baili Jia Jue’s peach blossom eyes cooly looked up while his lips formed an exceptionally beautiful arc, “It’s but a testing sphere. Surprisingly, these people all seem to believe in it unquestioningly.” The contempt on his lips was very profound, as if he was mocking, also as if he was pondering.

Having seen the extent to which the side of his master’s face was curved, Shadow couldn’t help but shiver. Didn’t know who had bad luck again, and even had enough to fill the heavens…

The more Grandmaster sitting on top of the stage heard, the more his appearance became difficult to look at. Having seen through these two sisters’ tricks, irritation couldn’t help but grow in his heart.

What brazen bullying of his dear disciple. Did they regard him as a dead person?!

His own well-behaved dear disciple was so wonderful, was so intelligent, and even knew how to make money. She knew how to make armaments to cheer him up, didn’t care that he hadn’t taught her anything, and still took care of him as an elderly person.

Wasn’t it only a crystal sphere that didn’t light, what was so alarming about that!

In addition, this group of people simply didn’t understand how incredible of a body his disciple was endowed with!

Grandmaster was so angry his eyes opened big and round and the hairs on his white beard was sticking up. He started thinking about what to do next…..

When he saw Wei Wei lift her arm and unfold her sleeve. The wide and loose sleeve became taut and appeared as if even swords wouldn’t be able penetrate it. Beside the crystal sphere, an enchanting figure formed, her thin lips very very slowly curved upwards, “Testing is done, so let’s start the sparring to take advantage of the wind not having stopped.”

“Fight? Hah? What am I hearing, this good-for-nothing wants to fight with me? Helian Mei picked at her ears and laughed loudly in derision, “I advise Oldest Sister to step down as early as possible and save yourself from me beating you until you have to kneel and beg for mercy!”

After Wei Wei heard those words, she didn’t show any annoyance at all. Instead, she strolled over, her body was at an angle and slightly faced ahead, the ends of her mouth curved into a slightly devilish arc, “Then let’s come and try. Let’s see when that time comes, who will be the one to kneel and beg for mercy.”

Wei Wei’s voice was quite clear to begin with, spreading throughout the academy which was filled with nonstop disdainful laughter.

“Since Sister is so impatient, then this younger sister can only satisfy you!”

Fulfill your aspiration of descending to hell! Helian Mei narrowed her eyes, her entire body radiated layer upon layers of mist.

Seeing this scene, even less people believed that Wei Wei would win.

Because everybody knew that there wasn’t any suspense to this sparring examination at all. Even if Wei Wei had qi, based on her current ability, it’d still be impossible to defeat a high leveled water rank opponent. Not to mention, she didn’t even have the ability to light the crystal sphere in the slightest, yet she dared to fail to gage her own ability and suggested battling?

The atmosphere of watching a show within the academy became thicker and thicker, waiting to see how that good-for-nothing will be injured.

Helian Mei was even more ruthless. She directly took out a long whip with the most power to execute her killing move. When the whip’s tail swept over the ground, it emitted a loud sound that made everyone feel pained.

“I’m going to gift you with a whip and directly split you!”

Having spoken thus, Helian Mei’s wrist turned. Everyone thought in their hearts, when this whip comes down, even if Wei Wei’s face survived, it would definitely still be in serious trouble.

However, what they didn’t expect was that Wei Wei actually swiftly placed a single hand on the ground and propped herself into a beautiful handstand then pushed up, making use of her legs to spin and entwine the long whip!

The color of Helian Mei’s face changed. She coldly snorted and retracted the long whip, “You sure have lots of little tricks. However, the game ends here and now, go die!”


The long whip faced the sky and undulated, a fierce wind sprung up, countless disorderly water vapors wreaked havoc in the air, their target was only one person…..Helian Wei Wei!

Looking at this scene, not only did Grandmaster wrinkled his brow, even Tusu Feng, the principal who stood at a distance to observe, also disapproved greatly and shook his head.

Generally speaking, when facing an opponent who was much weaker, one wouldn’t be so ruthless.

Yet now, Helian Mei surprisingly used her deadliest move to deal with Wei Wei.

Following this, it wouldn’t be as simple as Wei Wei losing a fight. At this point, it was very possible for her to lose her life!

Helian Mei smugly looked at Wei Wei who was helplessly restrained and bound by the mist, she knew that this good-for-nothing would not have the slightest amount of power to fight back while under her hands. Right now, she only needed to use a tiny little bit of strength and cause her to immediately go die!

Wait, wait!

That slut was still smiling!

Even at this time, she unexpectedly was still smiling!

“The wind rises at last…..” Helian Wei Wei indeed was smiling, one of her hands was inside her pocket, one hand was positioned freely in space, feeling the movement of the air, thin lips curved slightly, looked both beautiful and captivating.

“The wind rises? What wind rises? Was this trash scared dumb?” The new students simply didn’t understand what Wei Wei just said and again roared in laughter.

However, at this time!

Wei Wei’s figure charged, touched the ground, and just like a phantom, closed the distance coming over, while bringing out a strong wind that made people’s breathing sluggish!

Before Helian Mei could react, a burst of icy cold easily arrived at her neck, the iciness made her shiver and caused Helian Mei’s face to instantly change color!

How could it be this way?

She clearly didn’t feel any qi coming from her opponent’s body!

How did this good-for-nothing manage to breakthrough her defenses!

Helian Mei didn’t dare to believe as her pupils slowly opened wide to see Wei Wei grasping her very throat. The color on her face ashened into the whitest possible white!

The first time, when she’d suffered from being beaten by this good-for-nothing, it was completely because she didn’t expect the trash would dare to fight back. In addition, at that time, she wanted to maintain her own image, therefore she didn’t even use martial qi.

But this time, it really was because it happened too quickly, everything happened too quickly, so quickly it made her four limbs seemed as if they had frozen solid…

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