The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Venomous Scheme To Frame

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Sitting by the side, Helian Jiao Er became aware that something wasn’t right. She turned towards Helian Mei and shouted loudly, “Younger Sister, what are you doing, hurry and make a move!”

Helian Mei was unchanged. She kept the previous posture and couldn’t even raise her hand. She wanted to move, too, however, the feeling of suppression which came from all four sides and eight directions caused her to only be able to stand that way.

This…..this wind, seemed like…..seemed just like it pressed down on her own body!

Helian Wei Wei laughed lightly and flung her collar, her eyes clear and cold, eyebrows like frost, her robe fluttering in a dance. It was difficult to conceal her unconstrained body, “I, Helian Wei Wei, had not been lovesick from the beginning. The Helian family also had never produced a good-for-nothing. And you, get lost!”


Helian Mei got flung kneeling on the ground, she didn’t know from which moment her tied black hair became a mess and was extremely embarrassing!

It’s just that, merely just that, a water rank four expert was ruined at her hands!

This…..simply was shocking!

Except, this kind of reality that would cause people’s heart to constrict, entirely clearly and vividly happened under everyone’s attentive gazes!

In a moment, all was quiet, so quiet that only a very slight sound of the wind was left. Besides Baili Jia Jue, almost everybody was so astonished they didn’t close their mouths!

As Wei Wei stood on top of the stone stage, there was only tranquility on her clear and cold face. It certainly did not contain any post victory arrogance or complacency. Golden sunshine from outside the academy enveloped nearby, wind coming from four sides agitated the white clothes and black robe draped on her body, her black ink colored hair flew and danced, no one dared to call her the name…good-for-nothing anymore.

This was the first time Wei Wei mentioned the Helian family’s affairs in front of everybody. She used this kind of method to tell the world that she was still here. The Helian clan was still here!

But everyone didn’t foresee that in the near future, Wei Wei would use another kind of exceptionally beautiful method to tell them that the Helian clan was not merely still here, it grew stronger…..and was staging a comeback!

The face of Murong Chang Feng, her beloved who left her, changed from disdain and disgust, to full of shock at the end. Regardless of how it transformed, his two eyes didn’t leave Wei Wei’s body even half a step!

His heart, at that instant, seemed like it got shot by something. Murong Chang Feng, who was acting as referee, unexpectedly was in a bit of a trance.

Baili Jia Jue looked at this scene while the hand taking the white jade tea cup became slightly sluggish. From four sides, the trees emitted a woosh woosh sound…..

“Slut, you cheated!” The palm of Helian Mei’s hand pressed against the ground, her two eyes were getting redder and glared at Wei Wei. Her face was full of unwillingness!

Losing really wasn’t scary.

What was really scary was that up until now she still wasn’t clear about what had happened!

That slut must have used some sort of trick that’s not fit to be revealed.

“Cheated?” Wei Wei coldly laughed, bent her waist and picked up the leaf by her leg, held it in the middle of her hand and played with it a few times until a woosh sound came forth…..

On Helian Mei’s cheek, there immediately was an additional slash! She looked at Wei Wei with a shaking violent pair of eyes!

Wei Wei laughed lightly and patted her face a bit. The bottom of Helian Mei’s eyes have birth to vicious currents radiating outward, which made the entire stadium shocked. “Remember, it’s not because I don’t have the ability to kill you, it’s because I think your blood is dirty!”

Having heard what was said, Tusu Feng wonderingly curved his lips, he recalled that there used to be a person who merely used one move and became famous after one fight!

In addition, the one that the person fought wasn’t cultivator of a water attribute, and instead was White Academy’s Grandmaster Hu Fa.

That year, that person was only nine years old. Seeing that he was able to still call out ‘maternal uncle’, even though the words sounded ice cold, it nevertheless managed to be somewhat cute.….

Except who knows what kind of storm he would raise again after coming to White Academy this time.

Thinking of this, Tusu Feng inclined his head slightly and rather profoundly turned towards the the back of a peerless chilly figure from within the crowd and glanced over…..

Baili Jia Jue’s eyes didn’t flit up at all, they were lowered and fixed on his own fur cloak, which he was fiddling with.

The corners of Tusu Feng’s mouth twitched. In his eyes, could it be that all the people in the entire world and their matters couldn’t compare to that outer garment of his!

After these ten years had passed, the ‘little ice cube’ had become a ‘big ice mountain’. This really was very dull!

On the other hand, it seemed that that good-for-nothing miss from the Helian family certainly didn’t appear on the surface to be very simple…

Helian Mei, who was on the ground on her stomach looked at Wei Wei, who shone like a moon amongst a sea of stars. Her face was completely distorted as she thought [It was only just a fluke; what was this slut so satisfied about!]

The surge of viciousness in her heart caught in her pair of beautiful eyes. Helian Mei lowered her eyes as her left hand turned over. While everybody’s attention concentrated on Wei Wei, she planned to use a poisonous bee to plot against Wei Wei behind her back!

That poisonous bee carried a poisonous substance that was unique to the Western Regions. No matter who it was, they wouldn’t be able to detect the bee coming at them.

The one who got bitten by the bee, wouldn’t feel it coming, nor would their life be in danger. However, the poisonous bee’s poison would consume all of a cultivator’s qi.

Such a precious poisonous substance originally shouldn’t be wasted on this good for nothing’s body. She wanted to save it for the next stage of the competition. Now that this slut failed to open her eyes like this, she will make her taste what it means to suffer so much she wished she was dead.

However, she’s still lacking a cover!

Thinking to this point, Helian Mei turned to glance at Helian Jiao Er.

Helian Jiao Er immediately understood her intention and inclined her body a bit to block other people’s line of sight

Helian Mei’s sleeve waved and the poisonous bee then flew out!

This plan was originally foolproof. Unexpectedly, at this time, Wei Wei’s eyes suddenly glanced back during the interim, and it seemed that an additional person’s shadow emerged from her back. That person’s appearance could not be perceived, yet had a head of silver hair that caused one to be struck with terror.

An unimaginable thing happened!

That poisonous bee suddenly stiffly changed its direction, turned towards her, and flew back.

Helian Mei hadn’t put up her defenses yet and was bitten a moment later by the poisonous bee at the nape of her neck.

“Ahhh, no! Don’t come over!” she shrilly screamed for no reason, her eyes looking at Wei Wei’s were filled with fright.

Helian Jiao Er heard the noise, impatiently ran over, and saw the nape of Helian Mei’s neck wet with blood. She abruptly became dazed. After that, her beautiful eyes were filled with tears that made people pity her, “Oldest Sister! What did you do? Third Sister, ordinarily only said a few things to help me. It didn’t matter if you held a grudge against me, again because of liking the Lord, but you can’t use Third Sister to vent steam in this way!”

At this time, people then discovered that the nape of Helian Mei’s neck already was rotting incredibly quickly. Lying prone there was a poisonous bee whose entire body was shining!

That poisonous bee’s body originally was see-through. Now that it had sucked up martial qi, its belly flooded with light as it moved, making the hearts of those who saw turn cold. Everybody gasped coldly. The poisonous bee’s menace was very obvious for all to see. This contemptible thing was so evil, it depended on absorbing qi to live. Although each time after it absorbed a person’s qi, it won’t be able to cause mischief for a long period of time, yet when the target was touched by it, it would certainly have sucked out all of the qi from the cultivator. No one had a way to prevent it no matter who that person may be, unless the cultivator died, then it would leave the cultivator’s skin!

As expected, this oldest miss of the Helian family really was ruthless and merciless. Solely for the sake of a man, she actually used such an insidious method to hurt her own half sister!

One after another, more and more eyes of disgust turned towards Wei Wei and shot over, as if this young girl standing in front of them actually was not human, but rather an evil monster!

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