The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Counterattack Starts

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Helian Wei Wei simply didn’t care how everybody looked at her. She turned around, lowered her voice to a whisper, and said beside the old one’s ear, “No matter what happens later, Master must pretend that you don’t know me.”

“Disciple, are you really not going to acknowledge me? This Master is heartbroken.” The more the old man spoke, the more he expressed his hidden bitterness.

Wei Wei saw that Helian Mei was coming nearer and hurriedly finished what she was saying, “Remember what I’ve just said.”

“Hmph!” Helian Mei coldly harrumphed and said using a soft voice only two people could hear, “Don’t think just because Grandmaster gave you some time, you can feel that you have a chance to curry favor with him. Grandmaster won’t buy this trick of yours. Wait and see, in a while, Grandmaster’s going to order you to get the hell out of this qi testing stadium. Where do you think this is? A good-for-nothing dared to come here?

“We’ll know after fighting who’s the actually good-for-nothing.” Facing Helian Mei’s provocation, Wei Wei raised her brows a bit. An aloof and wildly proud aura, followed by the action of raising her eyebrows, gave her a completely overwhelming presence.

Helian Mei saw the shadow of a person walk by her from the side. That kind of casual attitude, which seemed like she totally did not place her in her eyes, was so despicable!

Helian Mei gritted her teeth, dying to tear Wei Wei into shreds then and there.

“Lord Murong!” she raised her head, the corners of her eyes showing a slight smiling expression, “How about I get tested first, I’m afraid Elder Sister will still need to prepare a bit. It seems like she’s forgotten how to circulate qi. Coincidentally I can also give Elder Sister a demonstration.”

The tone of Helian Mei’s words was slightly higher pitched. Even though she intentionally covered it up, she still couldn’t completely suppress the strong undertones of mockery.

Her purpose was very clear, that is to get her own qi tested first, then have Wei Wei test hers. Having her as a contrast would show off Wei Wei, this good-for-nothing’s, uselessness even more.

As intelligent as Wei Wei was, how could she not know what her adversary was planning. She curved her thin lips. She’s not going to waste a thought on this business of who got tested first. From her point of view, it’s the same no matter who got tested first.

Helian Mei turned to Wei Wei’s direction and looked at her smugly, after which she took a step forward and jumped onto the stage.

Everybody’s hearts were quivering as they turned their gazes upon her. Even though this Helian Mei wasn’t a genius like Helian Jiao Er, she still was an absolutely outstanding martial artist. As soon as she entered the academy, she already attained first place in the Fine Compound. It could be said that in the martial qi testing this time, she was one of the top two candidates to enter the Superior Compound!

As if greatly enjoying the feeling of being in everyone’s attention, Helian Mei lifted up her chin and placed her hand on top of the transparent crystal sphere. Instantly, a sea of fog rose from the bottom of that crystal sphere, radiating a bright light.

At that moment, the crowd surged up, “It’s water attribute fifth level!”

“Heavens! It’s actually water attribute! It’s very difficult for any of the new students to reach this level. She deserves to be Helian family’s young miss!

Helian Mei looked, with a satisfied expression, at the commotion she created and smugly retrieved her hand from the top of the crystal ball. On her face was a smile that could not be concealed.

She turned her head around and looked at Wei Wei. Even if her face was smiling, the words that were spoken carried a tone that made people uncomfortable, “Oldest Sister should also come and try it. If you don’t want to try, you can give up on the test. After all, in front of so many people, it’s very difficult to find your face after you’ve lost it.”

Once he heard these words, Grandmaster immediately became angry, his eyes opened wide and round as he thought darkly in his heart [hmph, only a small little water attribute and she was so arrogant! If she had only publicly flaunted her self-pride, then forget it, yet she insisted on stepping on his dear disciple. How can such a thing be allowed! Some things require forbearance, some things simply cannot be tolerated!]

She… … she!

Grandmaster was about to do something when he saw his own disciple cast him a gaze similar to a warning.

Helpless, he could only sit down obediently, not at all happy about it!

As if he’d sense the changes in the old one’s moods, Baili Jia Jue, who was hidden below the stage, took a look at him, the smile at the corners of his mouth becoming more pronounced.

As expected, the ‘little thing’ and that old head knew each other… …

Grandmaster didn’t know yet that a certain Highness, who he was always thinking about, was looking at him from within the crowd. The view of the stage can be seen clearly from below, while the view from the stage looking down is simply like looking at an expansive sea of people.

Therefore, at this moment, Grandmaster’s mind was only filled with how, based on his disciple’s intelligence and ability, that girl just now who didn’t know how high the sky was nor how profound the earth was, would without a doubt be kicked off the stage.

Hence, the old one swept his sleeves in an extremely proud manner and called in a solemn voice, “Helian Wei Wei, come up!”

When people heard his agitated tone of voice, their gaze upon Wei Wei carried an even more clearly defined sense of ridicule. This kind of good-for-nothing is really unable to obtain anyone’s favor. Just previously, she wanted to kiss up to Grandmaster but now it’s all good as even Grandmaster could see her true face clearly.

Wei Wei smiled relaxingly and stretched. Then, she slowly stepping in front of the crystal sphere.

When she passed by her own Master’s side, she didn’t even pause her steps.

This made Helian Jiao Er, who was sitting to the side, curve up her thin lips. This slut is simply looking for the road to death. Grandmaster already had an opinion of her yet she’s still so arrogant — see how she’s going to suffer later on!

Wei Wei simply didn’t care one bit as she extended out her white-as-jade palm and approached the crystal sphere.

Helian Jiao Er cupped the tea and sipped with a gracious and poised bearing. Her eyes were filled with scorn. No matter how presentable she may seem, she’s nevertheless just a good-for-nothing… …

“Just extending your hand won’t be enough, you need to face the crystal sphere and pour in your qi. Don’t you even know these things?

Murong Chang Fung was getting more and more impatient, setting off a round of sneers.

“It can’t be, even now, this good-for-nothing still doesn’t know how to test her qi?

“Did you guys forget, she just likes to make a fool of herself. We only need to watch. Concerning a good-for nothing, having too high of an expectation is not good, ha ha ha!

The sounds of jeers getting louder and louder were like tidewaters surging from all directions and was especially ear piercing.

Wei Wei didn’t even move at all, appearing as lazily relaxed as before.

Baili Jia Jue raised an eyebrow in wonder. Ordinarily, young girls who were laughed at like this would’ve come down from the testing stage already or at the very least would feel embarrassed.

Looking at her again, her face was as calm as still winds and floating clouds, and even seemed to be smiling, or more like smirking.

What was she mocking?

Baili Jia Jue wanted to look again more carefully, but saw her five fingers quivering, while power slowly surged towards the middle of her palm.

The crystal sphere emitted a whoosh sound and vapors rose from all directions!

Unknown winds rushed from all sides and directions.

Roaring past; whistling along.

The air all around was actually affected.

The old man subconsciously faced Wei Wei’s direction and looked over, an inconceivable idea in his heart flashed through his mind. No… … it shouldn’t be very probable, his disciple was actually, actually… …

The north wind zipped by, people standing below the stage only felt a pain on their cheeks. They needed to exert power in order to clearly see the changes in the crystal sphere.

Wei Wei lightly laughed as her black hair fluttered along in the wind, a demeanor of indescribable elegance… …

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