The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1321 - The Duo

Chapter 1321: The Duo

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It was two o’clock in the afternoon on the ninth day of military training.

The students were used to running and standing in the military posture every day.

The more energy they consumed, the more they ate.

Everyone had a big bowl of rice and was eating wholeheartedly in the canteen.

No one knew that at this time, in a residential area just one street away from a university, a sleek, limited-edition sports car drove into the gate with a sharp sound of the wind.

No one knew who was driving the car. The vehicle was completely blood-red with a thick arrogance and nobility. It was hard to describe.

The strangest thing was that the car seemed to disappear and reappear after it was driven by him.

Ordinary people would think that their eyes were playing tricks on them.

If an exorcist came at this time, they would be able to sense that it was the space airflow caused by the soaring demonic qi.


The sports car stopped downstairs.

The person who was driving was still lying lazily on the steering wheel. His long, squinted eyes seemed to be emitting light. It was very beautiful.

As he pointed at his chin, he raised his head to look at the roof. In a sinister manner, he said, “This is the residential area where President Huang lives.”

“It seems so.” The person sitting next to him turned the notebook in his hand and smiled faintly. “The information I hacked shows that the address is here.”

In response, the driver raised his eyebrows. “Then let’s go down and ask him properly. My little sister is obviously underage. How did he handle the formalities for her?”


The clear voice, however, could not hide the speaker’s emotion.

Two equally outstanding men stepped out of the front passenger seat of the sports car.

Their heights were about the same.

One of them was wearing an ivory-white handmade windbreaker, smiling like a spring breeze. He held a business book in his hand, making him look like a prince.

The other one wore a pure black leather hat on his head, a pair of military boots and leather pants on the lower half, and a jacket with tassels on the upper half. This kind of outfit would look gaudy when worn by others, but when it was worn by him, it would only reveal his devilish and noble aura.

The big shot among the big shots, the superstar among the superstars.

If a girl passed by now, she would definitely recognize the person who threw the car keys upward.

It was none other than Baili Shangxie, the popular guy who had just shot a movie, ‘The Devil’, which had become popular throughout Asia.

Standing beside him was Helian Qingchen. The two brothers walked into the elevator one after the other and pressed the button for the 16th floor.

“President Huang should be alone at home now.”Helian Qingchen closed his business book and smiled faintly. “This is suitable for a conversation. He just ordered a takeaway. This is a good reason for people to open the door.”

Baili Shangxie listened from the side. While he put one hand in his pocket, his other hand was brushing Helian Qingchen’s bangs.

“Brother…” Helian Qingchen was helpless. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “I’m not a child anymore. Just leave the matter of brushing my bangs to me.”

Baili Shangxie’s appearance was too handsome, but his voice was not easy to resist. “Stand properly.”

Helian Qingchen could only let him brush his hair. His eyes moved as he asked, “Then who will act as the deliveryman?”

“Me.” Baili Shangxie took his hand and walked out of the elevator to number 1602. He then knocked on the door.

At this moment, President Huang was hugging his beloved plush pillow and watching a military drama. His expression was extremely fascinated.

Indeed, President Huang liked plush pillows very much.

This was also the reason why Bai Zhun had given him the codename of Weasel.

It had to be said that President Huang was still very vigilant. After all, he had to maintain his strict and overbearing image in front of his wife and children.

When he heard someone knocking on the door, he suddenly jumped up.

As he put away his things, he asked in a low voice, “Who is it?”

“Hello, the takeout you ordered has arrived.”

Baili Shangxie was indeed the best actor. His voice had changed so that no one could detect any flaws.

President Huang had indeed ordered his meal.

He did not dare to go to work at the Bureau for the next two days.

He had also told his subordinates to use the excuse that he was travelling if someone was looking for him.

As the saying goes, ‘The world is so big, I want to go and take a look!’

President Huang thought that no matter how smart those two young masters were, they wouldn’t have thought that he was hiding at home without going anywhere.

After all, he really bought a plane ticket, although he was still at home at the moment.

Now his car was still left in the airport parking lot.

This was all to create a false impression!

The more President Huang thought about it, the more he felt that he was smart. It was just that sometimes he had nothing to eat.

Since his wife would not be at home all the time, he had to endure hunger. He didn’t know how to cook, and it was even more dangerous to go out, so he could only order takeout.

Following a sigh, President Huang opened the door with a serious face. In fact, he was so hungry that his stomach was grumbling, and he couldn’t wait to get his things right away.

But the moment he opened the door, he was dumbfounded!

Although it was only opened by a crack, it was enough to make Baili’s long legs stretch out and stop him from closing the door.

“President Huang, what a coincidence. You’re really home. We thought you went to the Inner Mongolia Prairie. After all, the world is so big, and we have to go out and take a look, right? ”

As Baili Shangxie’s voice pressed in, the surrounding temperature became colder and colder.

President Huang’s forehead immediately broke out in sweat.

with a smile, Helian Qingchen said, “Brother, let’s go in first before we talk.”

“Okay, come in.”Baili Shangxie pushed the door.

That rendered President Huang speechless.

Whose house was this!

“You have become smarter.” Helian Qingchen sat down and first praised him.

Upon hearing that, President Huang stopped and said, “Not at all.”

Unexpectedly, Helian Qingchen’s next sentence was, “You believe that the most dangerous place is the safest place.”

Words eluded President Huang.

Could he finish his sentence in one go!

“Bai Zhun’s marriage certificate was given by You?”

Compared to Helian Qingchen, Baili Shangxie was the most dangerous. There was never the word ‘compromise’ in his dictionary, and his thin lips were cold.

Wiping off his sweat, he said, “I had to give it. He had already written the application, and it was approved by the higher-ups. Even the system approved of it.”

“Wait a minute.”Helian Qingchen’s eyes narrowed. “You’re saying that the system passed the marriage certificate?”

President Huang nodded. “Yes.”

Helian Qingchen then lowered his eyes and looked at Baili Shangxie.

The two brothers thought of the same person at the same time!

That must be their mother.

It was hard to believe that their mother actually agreed…

The two brothers looked at each other again.

Following that, Helian Qingchen stood up and spoke to President Huang with a faint smile, “Since you have applied for leave, then stay at home for seven days. You must not simply show up before the public. After all, you were the one who let them get the certificate.”

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