The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1322 - Strong Desire

Chapter 1322: Strong Desire

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To keep staying at home?

For seven days?!

This… was too unbearable!

However, this was already much better than he had imagined. He had thought that these two young masters would chop him into pieces.

After all, they looked fierce when they first came.

To his surprise, the two of them left very quickly after that.

After returning to the sports car, Helian Qingchen finally opened his mouth, “Since Mother has agreed, let’s not make a fuss. After all, Little Sister also likes Bai Zhun.”

Baili Shangxie sneered, “That kid obviously has an ulterior motive. In the future, don’t simply bring people away like Little Sister.”

Helian Qingchen found the reminder amusing.

Then, Baili Shangxie lowered his voice. “Why do you have to get married? Do all humans have to get married?”

Helian Qingchen put the business book away. “Brother, I don’t have a girlfriend yet, so I won’t be kidnapped by anyone.”

Baili Shangxie glanced at him and the corners of his mouth curled up. He looked very happy as if he had something to say. “Let’s go.”

“Where are we going?” Helian Qingchen raised his eyebrows. “Shouldn’t you fly directly to Spain to film?”

Baili Shangxie knocked on the steering wheel lazily. “I’m not interested in going to Spain. The girls there have black skin, and I prefer white girls.”

Helian Qingchen held his forehead upon knowing his preference.

“We are heading toward your school,” said Baili Shangxie.

Helian Qingchen paused. “Why do you want to go to our school?”

“It’s the last year of my senior year. Your School’s leader called home and asked the parents to attend the school meeting.”Baili Shangxie replied calmly.

Helian Qingchen: “So why do you want to go?”

Baili Shangxie’s tongue pressed against his tiger teeth and asked in return, “Am I not your parent?”

Helian Qingchen was speechless.

As Baili Shangxie’s eyes darkened, his unbridled demonic qi overflowed. He must not let Bai Zhun stay here for long.

Thinking of this, as an older brother, Baili Shangxie finally had a balance. A demonic smile hung on the corner of his mouth, and he drove into the bustling city center.

The sky darkened bit by bit.

It was dusk.

In the single-family apartment closest to a university, the fragrance had already spread from the kitchen to the living room.

There were four dishes and a bowl of soup on the dining table. The red, green, and green dishes were especially good-looking. Every dish was Ajiu’s favorite. When the rice was chewed in her mouth, her lips and teeth emitted a faint fragrance.

Perhaps many people would think that it was not good for a man to cook in the kitchen.

But that was because many people had never seen Bai Zhun and Baili Jiajue Cook.

Ajiu saw these two people cook the most.

Baili Jiajue liked to fry steak the most. He would always pull her mother along and hold her hand from behind, asking her to put the steak in the frying pan.

Her father would not touch other things.

His father was a clean freak.

Yes, a clean freak.

Except for his mother, he probably thought the whole world was very dirty.

Of course, she was still very pleasing to his father.

After all, his father wouldn’t be mean to her. He would also give her red wine and take her to many mountains to play.

Not like the way he treated his big brother.

His father always liked to let his big brother go to the Devil’s world.

His big brother would always say that his father was very shameless.

Perhaps there were some things in this world that countered each other but fused into a family.

A real family.

Ajiu knew that even though she said this, she would not tolerate anyone in the family getting hurt.

No, she wanted to talk about cooking.

The little brother was very good-looking when he cooked. His side profile was very gentle, and his movements were like flowing water. His eyes were deep, and there was no smell of oil on his body. Instead, it was full of the fragrance of the dishes.

This made Ajiu like to snuggle in his arms after dinner.

In fact, it was not Ajiu who took the initiative to snuggle. Instead, Bai Zhun would hold her in his arms every time it was this time. The two of them would sit on the sofa together, and sometimes they would watch TV.

When watching TV, Bai Zhun would always remember to prepare some snacks for her.

She loved eating melon seeds.

Bai Zhun would peel them and feed them to her.

Or he would take a book similar to ‘Time Like Water’ and read it with Ajiu.

In short, this kind of interaction was sweet, but it was too common!

Especially today, when Ajiu decided to pounce on Bai Zhun and enjoy their wedding night!

It was said that if she wanted to pounce on someone, she had to drink some wine.

So before Ajiu went upstairs, she had already bought a bottle and put it in her bag.

Although monks were not allowed to drink alcohol.

But she was about to break her sexual abstinence.

It should not be a problem to break her alcohol abstinence tonight.

Moreover, her brother and the others had also said that all the gods in the sky drank alcohol.

After Ajiu made up her mind, she silently chanted, “Wuli Buddha”. Then, she raised her little face and looked at Bai Zhun with her round tiger eyes. “Little brother, shall we drink some wine?”

“Wine?” Bai Zhun raised his eyebrows. “There’s no wine at home.”

In response, she replied angrily, “I bought it, and I want to drink it today. It’s red wine. My mother said that drinking red wine is pretty good for your appearance. No wonder little brother is so handsome. In the past, you always drank it secretly.”

Bai Zhun held back his laughter and twirled her long hair with his fingers. “Red wine needs a bottle opener. Have you bought it?”

“No.”Ajiu was stunned.

Bai Zhun thus stood up and walked into the kitchen. When he came out again, he already had a bottle opener in his hand. “Where’s the red wine?”

“Here.”Ajiu held up the bottle and handed it to Bai Zhun. She had big eyes and was very beautiful. She was still wearing the tiger pajamas that Bai Zhun had just bought for her today. She was no longer a child at this time. Her body was fully developed, and her fair collarbone was exposed. She just looked at Bai Zhun, which made Bai Zhun want to hug her.

That kind of hug that was fierce and completely possessive..

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She was the only campus belle in the eyes of girls who could be compared to the popular male student, Fu Jiu!

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Fu Jiu: “Almighty Qin, do you have a girlfriend?”

Qin Mo put down his business book. “No.”

Fu Jiu whispered, “So from now on, you have one, and it’s me.”

The corners of Qin Mo’s mouth curled up slightly, and he tore off her school uniform!

Fu Jiu was stunned. “Wait! What are you doing?”

Qin Mo bent over tyrannically. “I’m exercising my right as a boyfriend to sleep with you!”

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