The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1320 - Their First Night

Chapter 1320: Their First Night

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Old Chen was stunned.

Never had he seen the young master smile like this before.

Whether it was the youth from back then or after he became a man, his eyes and brows had always been clear, just like a person in a painting.

But now, seeing him coax the person in his arms, the corners of his mouth and brows were filled with a bright smile.

He was really happy, which was different from the silent and quiet guy a few years ago.

“Young Master, this must be that lady of yours.” Old Chen was smart and made a smart guess.

As Bai Zhun raised Ajiu’s hand, he placed it between his lips and kissed it before saying, “Now she is my wife.”

Old Chen could not help but be shocked. His eyes shook a few times before he said, “Congratulations, Congratulations! Young master, I will go and ask the kitchen to add some dishes! Let’s celebrate together!”

He really did not think too much.

Old Chen also did not ask for Ajiu’s age.

He always felt that it was not easy for Young Master to be together with the girl he loved.

Although that girl seemed to know nothing, this was really something worth being happy about, wasn’t it?

Bai Zhun did not refuse. Instead, he smiled and said, “Go, I guess she hasn’t eaten her fill yet.”


Old Chen was really happy.

The people on the other side were still looking at Bai Zhun’s table, but no one dared to come over.

Because Bai Zhun’s entire aura seemed to suggest that he did not want to be disturbed.

Ajiu was sitting next to him. She ate whatever Bai Zhun gave her.

Old Chen thought that Ajiu did not know anything.

In fact, as soon as Old Chen Gang said that Bai Zhun was the owner of this shop, Ajiu understood everything.

Why did he give girls with the name ‘Jiu’ free meals?

It was all because his little brother had been thinking about her from the beginning to the end.

Ajiu raised her eyes and buried her head in Bai Zhun’s arms.

“What’s wrong?”

What a gentle voice.

Why was there a person who had been so gentle to her since she was young?

That person was clearly only a few years elder than she was.

Yet, he wanted to be both her father and her mother.

When she had chickenpox when she was young, he wasn’t even afraid of being infected and had always carried her.

Old Master Bai wasn’t at home. Although no one in the military compound dared to provoke the Bai Family, some distant relatives of the Bai Family who were related by blood would often come and disturb her.

They would say that she wasn’t a descendant of the Bai family and wasn’t worthy of staying in the Bai family.

Some people even told the little brother that when she grew up, she would definitely covet the Bai Family’s assets and ask him to chase her away as soon as possible.

Some people even said that the little brother could not afford to be in this family. He was young and did not think much about it. How could he casually adopt a child.

At that time, the little brother carried her and sat in the seat that Grandpa Bai usually sat in. He looked down at the group of people, even though there was no one supporting him from behind.

Even though he was still a child.

But he was like a king. He only said to those people, “All of you, get out. I am the head of the Bai Family, not you.”

At that time, she knew that her little brother would protect her for the rest of her life.

Ajiu reached out and grabbed the corner of Bai Zhun’s shirt.

Bai Zhun did not ask her anything else. He rubbed her head and kissed her on the top of her hair.

Later on, when Ajiu was happy, she ate another bowl of soybean paste noodles.

When she got into the car, her stomach was a little bulging. She lowered her head and touched it with her hands. In a low voice, she said, “I’m holding on.”

She did not expect Bai Zhun to hear her. Instead of driving directly, he reached out his hand and gently rubbed it for her. With a faint smile, it was very pleasant to hear. “Yes, I’m holding on.”

Ajiu felt that the way she and her little brother got along was very familiar.

She tilted her head and thought for a moment before pulling up a video.

It was a celebrity who had filmed his little brother’s appearance after eating.

His little brother was very cute. His eyelashes were long as he patted his small belly.

The celebrity’s voice was very gentle. “I’m holding on, I came to see my brother…”

As expected, it was very similar!

Ajiu poked her own face.

Bai Zhun did not know what she was thinking.

There was still training in the afternoon, so the car parked in the school.

It was another round of military training.

During the break, the people in the class quickly pulled Ajiu to the side.

“Ajiu, why did you only come to school now? The sisters were waiting for you anxiously.”

As she touched her head, she replied, “I had something to do in the morning.”

“Oh, then did you ask the questions that we wanted you to ask?” Everyone’s eyes were filled with anticipation.

With a bright smile, she said, “Yes, I have.”

“Then what does instructor Bai like?” Those people asked again.

Ajiu pointed with a finger. “Me.”

When she said this, it immediately attracted a wave of boos.

“Please, Ajiu, you’ve said that last time!”

“Looks like she didn’t get the answer.”

“Instructor Bai might not tell her.”

“Poor child, I was still going to use her beauty to seduce Instructor Bai.”

“Instructor Bai has known Ajiu longer than we have known each other. Perhaps he has already developed resistance to her beauty.”

“You’re right!”

A group of people began to gather together and mutter.

Only the few people in the dormitory pulled Ajiu over and brought her to the side.

“Did you really ask Instructor Bai yesterday?”

Ajiu nodded. “I did.”

“What did instructor Bai say?”

Ajiu replied, “He said he liked me.”

“What about you? What did he say?”

Ajiu tilted her head. “I said I liked little brother too.”

“And then!”

That was the main point!

According to Instructor Bai’s personality, he would definitely pounce on them after confirming that the two of them had come to an understanding!

They wanted to listen to the live broadcast!

The oral live broadcast!

“What ‘and then’?” Ajiu made an ‘oh’ sound before she continued, “And then we got together. We’re now boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Her roommate bumped her shoulder and said very seriously, “Ajiu, since we are close friends, please just tell us the truth. Don’t beat around the bush with us, okay?”

“What do you want to know?” Ajiu blinked. Could it be that they already knew that she and her little brother were married?

Just then, her roommate responded, “Of course, tell us how you guys spent last night. I heard that soldiers are especially strong and lasting. Is it because they were too tired yesterday?”

When she heard this, she finally realized what they were talking about. Her jade-white face blushed at first, then she said, “We didn’t.”

“Didn’t?” Her roommates were stunned. “Didn’t you say that you moved out to live with instructor Bai? You didn’t even move in together?”

As she grunted, she put on a fierce expression and said very seriously, “Actually, I also think that I should push little brother down. Let’s do it tonight. It happens to be the wedding night…”

That rendered her roommates speechless.

Wait a minute, they had no intention of sending Ajiu to the tiger’s mouth!

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