The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1292 - Too Much for Master Bai

Chapter 1292: Too Much for Master Bai

There was always someone, including those that were closest to one, who bore deep affection for us without us knowing it.

However, Bai Zhun’s action now had far exceeded the meaning encapsulated by the word ‘close’.

Ajiu didn’t know what to say either. She felt that the fingers on her back, wherever they came into contact with Bai Zhun, were all numb.

The two people’s faces were reflected in the mirror at the same time. Their postures could be clearly be seen on the mirror.

As the water flowed in front of them, his fair, slender fingers wrapped around her pair of hands. Just like that, they looked as beautiful as jade from the side.

This was a scene that would make everybody envious.

Li Hailou was right.

Bai Zhun had devoted his emotions to Ajiu.

Happiness, anger, sorrow, joy.

Endurance, possession.

As well as infinite patience and gentleness.

Many people said such happiness was temporary affection instead of love.

However, Bai Zhun really loved Ajiu. How he wished he could integrate her into his bones, but he was also afraid that he would hurt her a little.

He doted on her like he was doting on a child, but he could not restrain himself from possessing her.

Just then, Bai Zhun took a deep breath and pushed her aside. Smilingly, he said, “Wash your hands yourself. Remember to use hand sanitizer.”

Ajiu was very obedient, so she muttered, “I’ve always known how to apply hand sanitizer.”

However, she did not know what had happened to her little brother. All of a sudden, his breathing seemed to have become especially heavy.

Could it be that he had caught a cold?

Ajiu tilted her head in confusion. In the end, she decided not to think about it anymore. She would wait for the night to properly practice how to fold the quilt.

Bai Zhun, who had closed the door, stood there with his slender figure. His back was against the wooden door. Since his face was covered by his went black hair, no one could see his expression clearly.

Little Ala seemed to have sensed the danger coming from its master. Just as it was about to run, Bai Zhun pressed its head down.

When Ajiu came out, she saw this scene. “Little Brother?”

“Have you washed your face?” Bai Zhun did not look at her.

She nodded and said, “Yes, and you may leave now.”

Only then did he raise his eyes. His deep, water-like voice was a little hoarse. “My self-control is indeed not very good.”

Her face was full of bewilderment. Why did he suddenly talk about this?

“Let’s go.”

Bai Zhun walked over and led the adorable ajiu out of the house.

He had originally planned to come once a day, but decided to change it from once a day to twice a day.

Since his self-restraint was not good, he would lengthen the time he spent alone.

Ajiu did not know that Bai Zhun already had plans to let her stay overnight with him. He was also thinking about how to maintain his composure.

Buddha had once said that a qualified abbot of a temple must have the determination to reject beauty!

The twilight gradually sank.

At 7:30 am, it was the most tense period in every dormitory.

All the instructors appeared below the dormitory on time. They walked from dormitory to dormitory. Every time they entered a dormitory, they would pick one of the students’ quilt to check how they pressed and folded it.

However, most of the female students hd gone crazy when they saw Bai Zhun’s face. As a result, they could not focus on how Bai Zhun folded his quilt.

Sensing that these students were absent-minded, he curled his thin lips and stood up. “Start folding now. If you don’t fold it well, go downstairs and run ten laps.”

The number completely woke the girls up!

Although instructor Bai was upright and had an outstanding temperament, he was also very good at lecturing people. Ten laps!

He was definitely not joking!

Even though they had only interacted with him for a day, they had also noticed that instructor Bai was not a person who would be gentle toward ladies.

In other words, he would usually do whatever he said!

No one dared to step on Bai Zhun’s bottom line. Immediately, their hairs stood on end and they began to fold their quilts.

At that time, they did not know why they were so afraid of instructor Bai. Later, the facts proved that their fear was completely correct.

Because there were a few instructors who seemed to be afraid of instructor Bai as well.


Weren’t these people all soldiers of the same level?

However, to be honest, instructor Bai’s aura was too shocking.

He just stood by the door, wearing white gloves with his arms crossed over his chest. His forced smile made people feel suffocated.

Why did they only think that he was handsome at that time and not realize that he was so inhuman?

“There’s still one minute left. If you can’t fold it properly, you’ll have to run.” As Bai Zhun raised his eyes, he looked outside. “You probably don’t want to go down like this in your pajamas. After all, the streetlights in the school are so bright. It wouldn’t be good if the seniors you like saw you without any makeup.”

The female students were rendered speechless.

This simply hit their soft spot!

How did Captain Bai come up with such an inhumane punishment! !

Ajiu also felt that her little brother’s method was too harsh, but it was really effecient.

Within a short period of time, the quilts were folded neatly, which had surpassed the other major departments. Although there were still many shortcomings, such a performance was considered excellent.

After Vice Commander Zhang looked at their performance, his eyes narrowed again, which suggested that he had been irked.

After he went back to the students from the Acting Department, he closed the door and looked at the watch on his wrist. “It’s nine o’clock now. The uniforms have been sent to your hands. I’m sure all of you have heard that there will be an emergency gathering tonight. The quality of the gathering will affect the final military training score. In other words, this is a test. Remember what I said. Set an alarm for eleven o’clock.”

This last sentence undoubtedly revealed the exact time.

The students of the Acting Department glanced at each other. Originally, they had no interest in the final score of this military training, but they also didn’t want to be pressured by any department. However, since they had always been more outstanding than the archaeology department for many years, they wanted to surpass them this time around too.

The school was especially quiet at night. After ten o’clock, everyone slept very soundly.

But the instructors did not sleep.

All of them were dressed in military uniforms. They stood outside the dormitory building and raised their hands to look at the watches on their wrists.

Prof. Liang was also there. He wanted to make this emergency gathering so that the students would know what iron-like discipline was. After all, the school’s heritage was there.

“It’s time. Blow the whistle.” Prof. Liang leaned on his walking stick as he gave his order.

The whistle of the emergency gathering resounded throughout the entire dormitory building. Fortunately, in a university, the first year of the dormitory building was separated from the second year and the third year of the university. The other side would not be affected.

Ajiu was the first to wake up. Just like a martial art practitioner, she flipped down from the upper bunk and fell to the ground silently.

She was wearing a military uniform as she woke her roommates up. “Get up quickly. We’ll gather outside.”

“What? I’m almost kissing my Yang… What did you say? Emergency gather?!”

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