The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1291 - Flirting

Chapter 1291: Flirting

While Bai Zhun was still teaching his dog a lesson, there were already people who had their eyes on him. They were Vice Commander Zhang and Liu Zitong.

Liu Zitong held a cell phone in her hand and said to the other side of the phone, “Let my dad answer the phone.”

The secretary was professional secretary, for although he was being treated impolitely, his expression did not look too bad at all. He only turned around and handed the phone to a man in a suit. “President Liu, it’s your daughter’s call.”

The man was still at the dining table. He was also a powerful person. When he heard that it was a call from his daughter, he immediately took the phone. “Zitong, what’s wrong? Are you not used to the food at school?”

“It has nothing to do with the food.” Liu Zitong’s tone softened when she was in front of her father. “Dad, can you tell the school to change the instructor for our class?”

The man was stunned. “Change the instructor?”

“Yes, the instructor from the Archaeology Department teaches much better than our current instructor. He’s also more handsome,” Liu Zitong lowered her voice as she spoke. “I need to stir up a buzz on Weibo now. I must get the good instructor”

The man laughed again and did not seem to care. “I thought it is something serious. There shouldn’t be much differenve since they are all the instructors for the same university. I’ll talk to the school about this.”

“It’s useless to talk to the school.” Liu Zitong anxiously paced her feet. “Dad, the Professor said that this is an internal decision by the instructors. Can you help me contact uncle Li and ask him to give an order?”. “I have asked around. These instructors are all from the army, so Uncle Li’s words are effective.”

The man was amused again. “Oh, you really have so many ideas. Alright, I am having dinner with your uncle Li now. It is not difficult to train the instructors. We will go over tomorrow afternoon. You can just point out which instructor you want to have when the time comes.”

“Okay!” Upon hearing this answer, Liu Zitong became very excited. After she hung up, her eyes narrowed and a cold smile appeared on her face.

Her limelight was not something that anyone could steal just because they wanted to.

Thinking of this, she called her manager again and told him to think of the news that would become the trending topic the day after tomorrow on Weibo…

The weather outside gradually cooled down.

When Ajiu woke up again, there was no one by her side. The warm water bag on her stomach was still warm. When she sat up, there were two strands of hair that perked up on her head.

She stretched out her hand and tidied up her hair, although it didn’t help much. Therefore, she could only stand up first.

Holding the warm water bag in her hand, she looked around the living room. When she did not find Bai Zhun, she entered the bathroom through the sound of the water.

As soon as he pushed the door open, he saw a scene he shouldn’t have seen.

Bai Zhun looked like he had just taken a shower. He was only wearing a pair of military pants with a black belt on his pants. Most importantly, he didn’t wear anything on his upper body, which revealed his attractive waist line and well-defined chest. The mermaid line could be seen clearly; even the black mark on the side of his waist could be seen clearly.

The hardness and sharpness of a soldier were all manifested through his physique.

There was still water vapor on his body. His head was covered with a pure white towel, and his black hair was stained with water. It made the handsome man look even more out of place in this secular world.

Ajiu paused for a moment as she had her heart in her mouth.

She directly closed her eyes, and like a small monk, her small mouth kept moving.

It was after a while she realize that she was chanting Buddhist scriptures.

“Emptiness is lust, lust is emptiness…”

She mumbled like a little hamster.

Bai Zhun was amused by her reaction. A glimmer of light then flashed across his eyes. He was in no hurry to put on his clothes and dragged her over to the sink.

“What are you chanting there?”

Before she could react, she opened her eyes and saw a pair of extremely deep peach blossom eyes. The black and white in his eyes were distinct, which was very alluring.

Looking down, it was a chest that looked very tempting.

Ajiu’s face and neck were also red. Her reaction was straightforward and simple. “Go and get dressed first.”

Hearing Ajiu’s words, Bai Zhun could not help but smile. “Do you want to touch it?”

She shook her head fiercely.

What a joke. She now understood that there were differences between men and women. She could not touch it casually or even if she wanted to.

The little brother was too evil. He actually used a male beauty trap on her.

Fortunately, she was a Buddhist student and had good willpower.

Otherwise, her cultivation would have been ruined.

But would Bai Zhun listen to her?

Of course not.

He directly pressed her hand on his chest, and the corner of his mouth curled up. “How is it?”

At that moment, his unique warmth and dryness was like steel, and it made a thumping sound in her palm.

That kind of skin was the complete opposite of her softness.

Only then did Ajiu truly experience what it meant to be a man.

A man… for some reason, whenever she thought of these two words, it was as if something was about to pop out of her heart.

At that moment, the little brother even lowered his eyes. His thin lips were less than three centimeters away from her ear, so even when he chuckled, his breathing would also be affected.

For some reason, Ajiu felt that the skin on her palm was so hot that it was a little hot. She wanted to pull her hand back, but was pressed back by Bai Zhun. “Do you know how to fold your quilt?”

Seeing that Bai Zhun had mentioned something that she cared about, she shook her head. She would only wrap the quilt into a ball. She had been like this since she was young. If this persisted, she might lower the average score of the class during this military training.

“There are many things to pay attention to when folding quilts.” Bai Zhun smiled. “Sometimes, it’s not that you have folded the quilt incorrectly, but the quilt itself has been quite old. But it doesn’t matter. This is just the beginning. I can teach you alone.”

Ajiu was stunned. “You can teach me that?”

“I can teach you at home.” Bai Zhun ran his fingers through her hair. “There isn’t enough time today. Alright, Go wash your face first. We will talk about this tomorrow.”

Does this mean that she has to come over tomorrow?

Ajiu looked at herself in the mirror and thought of the scene she saw just now. Her face was slightly red, and the heat in her palms could not be dispersed no matter how hard she tried. Even if she was washing her face with cold water, her palms still seemed to have a different kind of touch.

Bai Zhun did not go out. Instead, he picked up the military training uniform from the side and put it on his body. Then, as he turned his head away, his hands came around Ajiu’s back and directly grabbed her hands. “Don’t you know how to use hand sanitizer when washing your hands?”

With such a posture and the difference in height between the two of them, it was simply that she was being hugged by him.

Raising her head, she could only see that white, glowing chin. The handsome, flawless face made her breathing stop for half a beat…

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