The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1290 - Chapter 1194 Master Bai’s Indulgence

Chapter 1290: Chapter 1194 Master Bai’s Indulgence

“I’m going to boil some water. Go lie on the bed first. The room on the left is the bedroom,” Bai Zhun said as he patted Ajiu on her head.

She knew that this meant that he wanted her to be obedient.

Anyway, she had always been obedient. Without the gravity buckle on her wrist, she would not move around carelessly.

But going to the bedroom as soon as she came, wasn’t that quite inappropriate?

Ajiu still wanted to say something, but Bai Zhun had already entered the kitchen and started the fire.

He was still wearing his military uniform, which exuded a faint fragrance.

It did not smell very refreshing, but there was a pleasant and refreshing feeling in the air, which made people quiet and calm.

If he wanted her to go, then she would go.

Anyway, it was more comfortable to lie on the bed.

Ajiu thought about it and pushed open the bedroom door with the white cat on her head. Other than a few cigarette boxes and other male items, there was also a very big Alaskan Malamute, which was glowering at her.

“Woof, Woof, Woof!” Why would the master bring a woman back? This didn’t make sense! She must be harboring evil intentions toward the master. It wanted to scare her away!

Fortunately, before the dog could display its deterrence, Ajiu recognized it at first glance and pounced on it. “Little Ala, I didn’t expect you to have grown so Big!”

The dog, despite its big size, was about to have its neck snapped.

What ‘Little Ala’?!

He was so mighty and strong!

He even had the reputation as the country’s number one army dog.

Wait a minute, why did this lady look so familiar!

And her strength seemed to remind it of something.

“Woof Woof Woof!” Little Ala seemed to suddenly remember something and barked even more fiercely! Master, save me!

“Bobo, you’re bullying Ajiu again.” Bai Zhun appeared at the door with a tall and straight figure. Holding a cup of hot tea in his hand, he spoke with disapproval.

Who was the bully here? Couldn’t he see it clearly?

Ajiu was still stroking the dog’s head with all her might.

Exhausted, Little Ala lay there with its tongue protruded.

Bai Zhun saw that Ajiu was almost done playing, so he walked over and handed her the hot tea. “There’s longan in it. Drink it with a small sip. The water is still hot as it’s just been boiled.”

“Okay.” Ajiu nodded and took it. Bai Zhun then pulled her over so that she could sit on the side of the bed.

Her small belly also warmed up in a second. She looked down and saw that it was the little brother who had poured a warm water bag for her.

Bai Zhun tilted his face and put his palm on the warm water bag. When he saw that Ajiu was looking at him, he smiled and leaned over to kiss her eyes.

Ajiu was stunned again.

She had a feeling that this time around, her little brother seemed to have become very fond of kissing her.

In the past, she could still kiss him back, but now… She only felt that her heart was beating faster and faster. Her face also became hot, and the corners of her eyes turned red. There were traces of shyness in her eyes that even she herself did not know.

Seeing her like this, Bai Zhun became gloomy, but he still kissed her again with that strength. However, this time, the position of his thin lips changed to the back of her reddened ears.

Ajiu trembled. An indescribable feeling spread throughout her entire body.

In the past, when her little brother kissed her, his forehead, eyes, and mouth seemed to be greeting or talking to her.

But he had never kissed her like this before.

Ajiu widened her eyes, not knowing what to do. What greeted her was a nice-smelling embrace, as well as the hot breath as he leaned against her ear. “Ajiu.”

He called her name, and then he laughed in a low voice. “Sure enough, it’s better if no one else is around.”

Ajiu’s brain was already a little muddled. When he hugged her like when she was a child, she realized how much she missed such an embrace.

At that time, the little brother was sitting on the sofa reading a book, and she was sitting on his lap eating.

He was such a clean person, yet he had never mentioned anything about her eating.

Was it only when they were separated that she would occasionally recall the scenes that she had neglected.

Ajiu thus lowered her head and held Bai Zhun’s hand.

Pausing for a moment, he kissed the top of her head with a smile. “Sleep with me for a while?”

She first nodded and looked up to ask seriously, “Will we be late? You still need to go for our military training at 7:30.”

“There will be enough time.” Bai Zhun hugged her and turned sideways, letting her look at the watch on his wrist. “It’s 6:50 now, which means I can sleep for at least an hour.”

If that was the case, there was nothing to worry about.

But for some reason, her heart still felt like it was shaking, especially when the smell of his body had filled her nostrils. It was as if her entire body had gone limp.

In order to prevent Bai Zhun from noticing her abnormality, she simply closed her eyes. She hoped that she would not look so abnormal if she fell asleep.

He looked at her fair little face. First, he used his fingertips to wipe the dirt off Ajiu’s face. Then, he covered her with a warm water bag with one hand and leaned against the headboard with the other.

For him, Ajiu was still too young.

She was officially sixteen years old, but in reality, she was only fifteen and a half.

He did not want to scare her.

Even though there was a part of her that was already very uncomfortable, her breathing was still a little heavy.

After the person in his arms really fell asleep, Bai Zhun touched her cheek. His Ajiu had finally returned to his side. This feeling was really good.

The sun shone in from outside the window, and every part was warm.

Bai Zhun had forgotten how long it had been since he had experienced such leisure.

Actually, instead of Ajiu, he had always been the one who could not leave the other party.

Little Ala was shut outside the door, and it did not dare to scratch the door. It looked at them with apprehension.

In the past few years, when Ajiu had not appeared, its master would never bring any woman back.

Now, it seemed that its master had taken it in back then just to let Ajiu have a wrestling toy.

Tricks, full of tricks.

Where was the sincerity that was agreed upon?

“Woof Woof…” Little Ala lay on the ground in despair. When it saw the white cat walking toward it, its back quivered, and with a whoosh, it entered the dog hole. Its tail was exposed, and its big head was trembling in fear as it hugged it with its paws, refusing to show its head no matter what.

In response, the white cat strode past it and glanced at it with a hint of contempt in its eyes.

This was what Bai Zhun had seen when he came out. He only raised his eyebrows and did not say anything. Instead, he walked straight into the bathroom.

Alaska was disappointed that he did not even come and comfort it.

Just then, the bathroom door opened again.

It was Bai Zhun who came out to get a towel. ‘Don’t hug Ajiu when you see her in the future,’ thought Little Ala.

It didn’t understand why he was so depraved as to letting his dog to be jealous of his love.

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