The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1289 - Bai Zhun Brings Ajiu Back

Chapter 1289: Bai Zhun Brings Ajiu Back

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So it was real?

The eyes of the soldiers instantly lit up. This situation made them even more excited than Captain Bai confirming their relationship.

Because Captain Bai was chasing someone in broad daylight!

This was something they had never thought of before!

Ajiu was still chewing on the vegetables in her bowl. She looked cute, and they didn’t know what to say at such an occasion.

Bai Zhun had already reached out to touch the lock of hair on her head. The soft and soft texture was very comfortable. “Eat more. There are other training sessions at night.”

Obediently, Ajiu swallowed the food and nodded.

On the other hand, her roommates at the side really wanted to know the contents of the training.

“Other than making the bed, what else will there be?”

Li Hailou smiled at the side and said, “You will need to learn the military posture. A big backpack will also be handed to each of you, so that you can always prepare for an emergency meeting.”

“Emergency meeting? When is it?” They could still prepare in advance.

Bai Zhun only said two words, “Not sure.”

Her roommates were speechless.

Ajiu, you need to control your little brother well.

If he spoke like this, it would really be easy for him to lose friends!

However, Captain Bai’s face, even if it made people gnash their teeth a little, would not make people completely dislike him.

“The reason why he didn’t tell us the meeting time was because he was afraid that it would be unfair to the other classes.” After saying this, Ajiu added, “We can still win despite not knowing the meeting time because I will drag you out of the dormitory.”

The roommates thought about the situation of being dragged by Ajiu and immediately waved their hands.

Just then, she blinked her eyes and said seriously, “I am very good at dragging people.”

The roommates knew it, so they were unusually determined. “No need, Ajiu. Just call us when you get up!”

“Alright.” Ajiu who was rejected still felt a little sad. After all, other than the day when school started, she had never dragged anyone else.

Li Hailou knew what was going on. He gave a thumbs up to the three girls. He really couldn’t let Ajiu drag people. It was like dragging a sack, and it would ruin her image.

The three girls cupped their hands to Li Hailou tacitly. They looked like they had been there before.

Ajiu blinked again and turned her head to continue eating the food that her brother had given her.

Bai Zhun put down the bamboo chopsticks and picked up her wrist. His eyes were on the gravity buckle. Then, he turned his face, as if he was going to untie her.

Ajiu’s eyes were round. “You can’t remove it. If you remove it, I won’t be able to control your strength and hit others.”

“You’ll be with me later. There’s no one else,” Bai Zhun said as he untied the gravity buckle and threw it on the table.

The roommates didn’t know what it was, but the soldiers looked at it and stopped eating. The way they looked at Ajiu changed.

She had always been wearing a gravity buckle?

She had worn it while eating?

T-This was… even stronger than their endurance!

Inexplicably, they felt like they were being outdone.

They were the sharp blades of the country. They could not lose to a girl just like that!

“Ajiu, shall we go for an arm wrestling now?”

Upon hearing this, she sat up straight with an eager look on her face.

However, Bai Zhun directly held her right hand and said in a flat voice, “Arm wrestling is fine. You can either wear gloves or find someone else.”

So the main point was… Captain Bai didn’t want them to hold sister-in-law’s hand? !

“Is Master Bai’s possessiveness a little too strong?” The soldiers turned around and whispered to Li Hailou.

Lowering his voice, Li Hailou said, “He has always been like this.” Back then, Xiao Lin gave some gifts to Ajiu, but he could throw them all back in the blink of an eye. All of Bai Zhun’s emotional fluctuations, be they good or bad, were caused by Ajiu.

The soldiers still did not dare to provoke Bai Zhun. After hearing Li Hailou’s words, they silently withdrew their hands.

Ajiu was still seriously challenging them, “It’s not convenient to be in the cafeteria today. After the military training is over, we’ll fight again.”

Since a girl was challenging them like this, of course they had to agree. “Okay!”

Bai Zhun actually did not stop them. Instead, he smiled meaningfully.

Only when they were really challenging each other in the future did the soldiers know what Master Bai was laughing about at that time.

The four of them could not even defeat a little girl. They had even been thrown so hard that they felt dizzy. They had completely lost face.

As expected, one could not judge a person by their appearance.

In the future, they would no longer dare to casually pick a fight with a girl.

What kind of girl was gentle and lovely? Fairy tales were all lies!

Of course, that had only happened after the military training. Therefore, the few of them were still planning how they could show mercy to Ajiu again and force Captain Bai to come out of retirement.

Just like that, the meal was very enjoyable.

After the meal, the roommates still wanted to continue to gossip with Ajiu.

They did not expect Bai Zhun to stand up in advance. He was still holding Ajiu’s hand, and his voice was very gentle. “I still have to take Ajiu to a place. She can only go back later, so please help her clean the dormitory.”

“It’s our pleasure!”

The girls had all fallen into the trap of Bai Zhun’s handsomeness.

The roommates put their palms together as they watched the two people leave. It was not that they did not want to save her; it was just that her little brother was too handsome. Go, even if she got eaten, it was worth it!

Along the way, Ajiu was held by Bai Zhun’s hand. Around six o’clock, the students were all in the canteen or dormitory. There were very few people walking along the boulevard at this time.

Fortunately, there were no many people around, or else they would all stare at Bai Zhun and her.

Ajiu was not afraid of being watched, although they would be more people walking around in university.

Her concern was that Bai Zhun’s image might be impacted.

After a while, they were outside the campus.

“Little brother, where are we going?”

“My home.”

It turned out that long before he came back, Bai Zhun had already bought a house next to a university. It was obvious why.

The house was very clean and very new. The upside-down glasses were transparent and shiny. It could be seen that even its owner had not been here many times.

The Bai Family had a lot of properties to begin with.

However, this house was different. It did not belong to the Bai Family, but only to Bai Zhun.

This was actually the future that Bai Zhun had envisioned. When he was young, he had thought of buying a house that belonged to him and his Ajiu inside because he would buy whatever she wanted.

Since when had he developed this thought?

That was probably when he was around ten years old.

Therefore, Master Bai was really possessive since he was young..

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