The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1288 - She Will Always Be His Girl

Chapter 1288: She Will Always Be His Girl

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Some students were still on the field. Even Vice Commander Zhang and the others squinted their eyes as they watched this scene.

The people from the Acting Department started whispering to each other. “Did you guys see that? Those instructors seem to know the people from the Archaeology Department.”

“I was wondering why the instructors didn’t choose any of the classes and only picked their class . So, it was their family members who asked the instructors to take care of them, right?”

“Even so, the instructor treated that Baili Jiu too well, right? Zitong, what do you think?”

Liu Zitong took a look over there. Her expression was clearly very ugly, and her voice was a little cold. “It’s not too hard if I want to rely on family connections too.”

“That’s right.” The person beside Liu Zitong echoed. “If it’s based on relationships, who can beat our department? Zitong, why don’t you get your dad to call the principal and get the instructor to take care of our class more.” It would be best if they could get a new instructor for them.

Liu Zitong had the same thought, but she did not say it out loud. Her thoughts sank as she looked in Bai Zhun and Ajiu’s direction.

Just then, Vice Commander Zhang’s people walked over and complained in a low voice, “Vice Commander, when are we going to teach those soldiers a lesson? I really can’t stand what they’ve done. They’re obviously sabotaging us. Captain Bai knows that he is not allowed to get too close to the students. This is a rule, but when I went to ask him just now, he said that he could not leave the school gate. It’s not against the rules to eat together in the school cafeteria. “It’s obvious that those people are not good people. They were so careless after class. I don’t know which Army took them in!”

“Don’t worry.” Vice Captain Zhang sneered. “One day, we will let them know what they are capable of!”

As dusk fell, most of the students on the field had left. However, the cafeteria became especially lively. The aroma of dishes and rice drifted out from it.

What Ajiu and the others wanted were small stir-fries. They sat on the third floor, and the dishes on the table were all vegetarian except for the fish that was boiled in water and meat.

When the dishes were served, Bai Zhun deliberately asked someone to put the fish that was boiled in water the furthest away from Ajiu. He naturally took Ajiu’s bowl and picked up some vegetables for her. He even poured some soup on the rice, which he mixed with a small spoon, before he handed the bowl back to her.

Ajiu did not say anything. She lowered her head and took a big bite. She ate very well, and her cheeks were bulging.

Both of their movements were very smooth, as if they usually ate this way.

The people who saw it were a little dumbfounded.

Especially the soldiers.

They really could not believe that the gentle and patient person in front of them was their Master Bai.

He used to be so strict that he would severely punish those who had offended him.

When had he ever picked food for a woman?

And he was even preparing rice for Ajiu.

“Eat Slowly.” Bai Zhun did not eat. Instead, he turned his head and looked at Ajiu beside him. He supported his chin with one hand and smiled. Then, he used another hand to wipe her mouth. Even his eyes and brows were showing obvious affection.

For the soldiers, it was too eye-catching! He simply could not eat this meal anymore!

Unlike them, Ajiu’s three roommates’ eyes were filled with a bright light of gossip.

“How did you know Ajiu? Are you relatives?” Someone could not help but ask.

Hearing this, Bai Zhun smiled. He placed his hand on the back of Ajiu’s chair and watched her eat. “No, we’ve known each other since we were young. I raised her.”

The roommates were all shocked.

That was a mysterious reply, which he didn’t explain much.

The roommates also felt that this person’s eyes would soften only when he looked at Ajiu. When he looked at the others, his gaze was always cold.

Although Captain Bai was very polite to them from the beginning to the end, and even had a smile on the corner of his mouth, these three roommates were inexplicably shocked by his aura. They did not dare to ask any more questions, so they could only turn their heads to look at Ajiu, who was still chewing rice.

When she raised her head, her beautiful eyes were like two glimmering lakes. “I was indeed raised by little brother. Little Brother adopted me when he was nine years old.”


The roommates were astounded again.

He adopted her nine years old?

After hearing this answer, the roommates felt that Bai Zhun was definitely not an ordinary person.

“So you guys are childhood sweethearts?”

Bai Zhun raised his eyebrows. He probably heard the words he liked, so his thin lips curved up very nicely. “Yes.”

The roommates were all silent when they saw this. What adoption? He was clearly taking care of her so that she would be his girlfriend in adulthood.

By right, they should have reminded Ajiu, who was quite vulnerable to Captain Bai.

Nevertheless, after looking at instructor Bai’s appearance, they really didn’t dare to say anything..

The soldiers, on the other hand, patted their heads with regret. “When I was young, why didn’t I think of adopting a child! When I grew up, I could have a wife. Captain Bai’s tricks were too successful!”

Li Hailou glanced at them. “Don’t talk about the time when you were young. Now that you see a child, doesn’t your head hurt?”

“Yes, my head hurts!” The soldiers were aware of themselves. “We can’t raise children, but the books say that elder brothers with younger sisters are usually very gentle. Why don’t I feel Captain Bai’s gentleness?”

Li Hailou agreed with this point and joined the discussion happily.

At the same time, Bai Zhun picked up vegetables for Ajiu. After he wiped his hands, he told the soldiers, “Because you are not my sister, there is no need to be gentle with you. Also, in the future, don’t read books that affect intelligence.”

Was he mocking them for their low intelligence?

Captain Bai was mocking them in an indirect manner, which made them very embarrassed.

In the end, the gaze of the soldiers directly fell on Ajiu!

“Hey, Sister-in-Law, do you feel that there is something wrong with Captain Bai’s Words?”

“Honestly, Sister-in-Law, you should take care of Captain Bai. If he is always like this, it will be very easy for him to lose friends.”

Two sentences in a row were thrown over, and Ajiu was instantly stunned. It was not because of these words, but because of that form of address.

They actually called her ‘sister-in-law’?

When the roommates heard these two words, they could not remain calm. The one who had just eaten the chicken almost got choked. T-This was… truly shocking.

How could they call her their sister-in-law?

Was this a behavior expected of soldiers?

The few men, however, were surprised by the girls’ response. “Isn’t it obvious?”

Upon hearing that, Bai Zhun swept his gaze over them and said coldly, “Eat your food.”

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