The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1293 - Rage

Chapter 1293: Rage

Her low cry plunged the dormitory into a mess in a minute.

Everyone was looking for their military pants and tops. They casually tied their hair into a ponytail. In order to be faster, they didn’t even care about their image.

Ajiu was holding a coat in her left hand, a coat in her right hand, and a few military caps.

Her roommates wore them as they walked. They patted Ajiu on her shoulder to thank her.

Her alertness was indeed amazing . No one knew where she had learned her capability, but she had helped her roommates a lot.

Every dormitory basically was in tumult.

Only the Acting Department smiled at each other and started to run outside while counting the time.

Each of them was dressed neatly, and their hair was neatly combed. Even the buttons of their military uniforms were buttoned up meticulously.

Ajiu was already very fast, but when she came down, she found that the Acting Department had almost formed their team.

The front of the dormitory building was still in chaos.

The sound of running down the stairs was still echoing in the stairwell.

Everyone was afraid of wasting their time.

But when they all came down, they found that the others had already gathered outside.

“H-How could they be so fast?!”

The roommates looked at Ajiu in surprise. From what they knew, there were a few people in the Acting Department who would not go downstairs without putting on makeup.

It was a waste of time to put on makeup. How did they do it? How did they go downstairs so quickly?

Ajiu’s eyes also glanced at the department.

In response, those students stood up straight. Even their faces were filled with a smile of disdain.

Vice Captain Zhang looked at his team, which had finished gathering. Therefore, he blew a whistle and shouted, “Attention!”


Every student puffed out their chests.

Vice Captain Zhang ran toward Prof. Liang and gave a military salute. “Report! Sir! Acting Department is here!”

“Good, good, good.” Prof. Liang said “good” three times in a row, which shows how happy he was.

At the same time, the soldiers looked at the time on their watches and frowned.

Although this kind of gathering speed was considered slow for them, it was considered exceptionally good for this group of university students.

Two minutes was too short even for them put on their clothes.

How could the Acting Department gather so quickly?

“Master Bai, there’s something fishy here.” The soldiers came and said to Bai Zhun, “Vice Commander Zhang is obviously up to no good. Why is there such a person in the Army?”

Bai Zhun’s voice was very calm. “Don’t bother about the other troops. Don’t forget, we are still on vacation.”

“Are we not going to teach him a lesson? Such obvious cheating? The students and professors won’t be able to notice it, but we all know it.”

Bai Zhun smiled again, his eyes a little cold. “Yun Hu, I said not to bother about the other troops. I didn’t say that we are not going to teach him a lesson. Soldiers have to act like soldiers. If we don’t teach him a lesson, we will lose face.”

When the person named Yun Hu heard Bai Zhun’s words, his eyes lit up and he returned to his original position.

Anyway, since Master Bai had said so, there would come a day when that Vice Commander Zhang would be humiliated. He just had to wait!

Bai Zhun then took a step forward and his military boots fell to the ground. The corners of his mouth curved slightly. He wasn’t looking at his own team, but at Vice Captain Zhang’s side. He let out a soft chuckle, only two people could hear him. “The gathering is so sudden, and your female students actually have time to put on makeup? Vice Commander Zhang, who do you think you are treating as a fool? “Such an unfair comparison should not exist in the army. If it does, it can only mean that you are not worthy of being a soldier.”

Hearing the last sentence, Vice Commander Zhang clenched his fists tightly and lowered his voice. “It’s just a wild army without a proper name. You still want to evaluate whether I’m qualified to be a soldier or not? When you have time, go home and watch more television. You’ll know what kind of existence our army is. You’ll see the shadow of our army everywhere. No matter how dangerous the disaster area is, we’ll go and support it. It’s not something that you, who haven’t experienced anything, can understand.”

When Bai Zhun heard this, he raised his eyes and looked at Bai Zhun. “I don’t need you to tell me how great the army is. It’s just that you are not the one who is going to the disaster area to provide support. It’s your seniors. Don’t take others’ work as your credit. You are not worthy of this honor.”

Vice Commander Zhang was stunned by Bai Zhun’s words. He did not expect this person to know so much about the army.

Indeed, he did not provide any support.

There were so many people in the army, but not everyone needed to go.

The army itself needed to have its reserve. He did not think that there was anything wrong with being with the reserve army.

He had found so many excuses for himself, for he was still unwilling to admit his worries when the mission was not executed successfully.

This cowardice had been pointed out by a recruit who was even newer than him. The fire in Vice Commander Zhang’s heart burned even brighter. The more he looked at Bai Zhun, the more displeased he became. “What do you know about honor? Captain Bai, don’t think that just because your military rank is one rank higher than mine, you can really order me around. We are from the army, what about you guys? “Up until now, you still don’t dare to say your unit number. Isn’t it just that you’re afraid of being laughed at? Let me give you a piece of advice. You’re still young and haven’t experienced anything, so don’t put on a show. You’re not qualified to say honor in front of me. “…”

After saying this, Vice Commander Zhang strode toward his combat camp.

When the two recruits saw him, they came over and asked him, “Vice Commander, what did that Bai guy say to you just now?”

“What else can he say? Seeing that the students of our class gathered so quickly, he must have got jealous,” Vice Captain Zhang snorted coldly.

When the recruits heard this, they laughed. “This is just a small matter, and he’s already starting to be jealous? He has yet to face any embarrassing problem. Tomorrow, the higher-ups will send someone to check on him. The shooting competition will start early. When the competition is over, he probably won’t have the face to continue with the military training here. He’s acting all high and mighty, but in reality, he has no real capability at all. Just wait for him to be abused.”

Vice Captain Zhang did not think much of it. However, if the shooting competition was brought forward, it would be the best for him. It would teach the arrogant Captain Bai a lesson.

Compared to Vice Commander Zhang’s indignation, Bai Zhun, who should really be angry, was still composed. As his thin lips curled up, his pair of peach blossom eyes looked brighter than ever.

His eyes were so bright that it made the soldiers around him shiver…

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