The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1278 - Look at Handsome Guys!

Chapter 1278: Look at Handsome Guys!

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“Of course we have to go! We can’t fall behind the other dorms, right? “One of the roommates had a very straightforward personality. She pulled Ajiu over even though she still had a bun in her mouth and winked at her.

The person next to her laughed. “Don’t bother asking Ajiu. Ajiu definitely won’t go. Our little cutie likes to eat, right? Our little cutie.”

That person really liked Ajiu. As she spoke, she even rubbed Ajiu’s beautiful and cute little face.

Ajiu swallowed the steamed bun in her mouth and said seriously, “No, I want to take a look too. In this world, there are only two things worth looking at. Good food and handsome men.”

Everyone was shocked. They really didn’t expect Ajiu to be like this!

You could imagine how formidable they must have looked as an entire dormitory of girls walked out at the same time.

However, the people in this dormitory never thought that there would be so many onlookers.

They were nothing in front of the vast masses of people.

This was enough to tell them that the instructors invited by University A were indeed different from other schools.

From afar, one could see military green pickup trucks driving over.

The tall officers on the trucks were all wearing military caps and camo uniforms. They really made grand entrance.

However, from where Ajiu and the others were standing, they really could not see anything. Even if they tiptoed, they could only see the back of the black heads in front.

There was also a series of deafening noises.

There were indeed a lot of fangirls who liked soldiers.

“I wonder which instructor will take our class! Look at that one, the one at the front. His legs are so long and his back is so straight!”

“Are all soldiers recruited according to their looks?”

“How is that possible? The difference is that this group of soldiers are extraordinary in the first place. I heard that it’s the best platoon in our country, so it’s not easy to even catch a glimpse of them.”

“Wow, so powerful?”

“Of course, this is one of the benefits of being in University A!”

There was not even a person left in Ajiu’s dormitory. The surroundings were filled with discussions and endless pieces of information came one after another.

Rows of people looked over, and the young girls cupped their faces… Originally, there was nothing strange about this scene, until one noticed some boys among the girls who were blushing just as hard.

What was this world coming to?!

“I can’t see anything.”

The roommates beside Ajiu sighed in disappointment. Even when the military vehicle stopped, they did not walk to the front.

There was still a white cat on Ajiu’s head. In fact, with her skills, it was very easy for her to go over, but cutting the queue was not a good thing to do. Therefore, she could only turn around and comfort her roommates. “There’s no need to rush. You’ll see them when we gather in the afternoon anyway. I think you should go back to the dormitory to put on your makeup and change your clothes first. If you waste so much time here like others, you definitely won’t be able to rest well in the afternoon, so you’ll forget to take a shower and get your facials done.”

Upon hearing this, the three roommates immediately turned their heads. “Ajiu!”

“Huh?” Ajiu’s round almond-shaped eyes were stunned for a moment. She did not understand why her roommates looked so excited.

One of them pulled Ajiu over. “You are such a smart child. I admire you very much! Don’t tell anyone about this. Let’s go back to the dormitory now!”

“That’s right, let’s go back now!” The other one chuckled. “It’s not easy to get a good instructor. We have our school’s cutest little sister here. Hurry up and dress her up. When the time comes, let Ajiu act cute and we’ll get everything.”

Ajiu just stared at them.

After Ajiu and her roommates had left.

The soldiers on the military trucks jumped down one by one. They jogged and clicked their heels. Their standard posture and military salute made them look cool and capable. It was indeed something that ordinary men could not compare to.

The one who welcomed them was a director of the school. He happily extended his hand. “Welcome! I sincerely welcome all of you to come to University A to conduct military training.”

The person who stood at the front put his hand down from his military hat and smiled. “Professor Liang, you’re too kind. The commander has told us that you’re old classmates. It’s only right that we come.”

“Good, good, good!” Professor Liang responded jovially and was about to lead the talented instructors inside.

Then, they heard another wave of noise from behind.

This noise was even louder than before. Some girls could not help but scream!

It was not because of anything else, but because another military vehicle had appeared behind the first two military vehicles.

This time, the people on the military vehicles were not qualified to only be described as capable.

Other than the unique temperament of soldiers, each of them seemed to have their own characteristic. Their pure black sunglasses, slim belts, and straight military boots seemed to bring a gust of wind when they walked.

Especially the one walking at the front, with a handsome nose bridge, a perfect profile, good-looking lips, long legs, and a narrow waist, he exuded a cold and aloof air. Despite wearing a standard camouflage uniform, he looked more like a special forces soldier. His pair of dark and deep peach blossom eyes reflected the brilliance of the autumn sun. When he swept his gaze over the crowd, he seemed to send an electric current through the air.

“Heavens, are you sure this isn’t a television series?”

“I’m going crazy! How can he be so handsome?!”

“If he’s our instructor, I’m willing to stand in a military posture for the entire day!”

“There’s no need to sleep today. The one standing behind him is also very handsome. He looks like a playboy. I really want to touch him. Oh my god, my nose is about to bleed!”

“Don’t you guys feel that they look similar to us? They look a little younger than the previous batch of instructors.”

“They should be new recruits. I heard that the new recruits are very young and are around the same age as university students. Some of them are not even as old as us.”

“Who cares what kind of soldiers they are? This kind of instructor is a must!”

When Professor Liang saw this scene, he raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Captain Li, what’s going on?” All the soldiers involved in military training arrived together every year, and everyone knew that the military was most fastidious about discipline. How could there still be late arrivals? Furthermore, there were only six men on this last vehicle.

Captain Li also frowned, and then he smiled. “They’re from another unit. They were added at the last minute.”

“I see.” Professor Liang smiled. “Then let the soldiers rest for a while and have lunch. After lunch, as usual, we’ll get the students to fall in in the field.”

“Alright.” Captain Li didn’t object.

Vice Captain Zhang, who was standing beside him, glanced at the new person with a disapproving expression.

“Captain, where did this new recruit come from? Why doesn’t he know the rules?”

Captain Li said in a low voice, “The regiment commander said that they’re based in a camp much further away, so they probably couldn’t make it any earlier.”

“I don’t think their camp was far. They’ve just not been disciplined by the army yet. Look at the way they walk, do they really think they are from the special forces? What a joke.”

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