The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1277 - The Instructors Are Here, Wanna Take a Look?

Chapter 1277: The Instructors Are Here, Wanna Take a Look?


Instantly, the dormitory was filled with wails.

Some people almost suspected that something was wrong with their ears. “Master Bai, are you saying that you want us to give college students military training? With the precious vacation time that we finally got?”

“That’s right, your understanding is very correct.” Bai Zhun’s voice was indifferent.

That person did not feel that he was being praised at all. His handsome face collapsed and he reached out to clutch his head. “Nooo! This is not happening! What happened to my plans for swimming and having a barbeque by the beach? It doesn’t make any sense!”

“I’ve decided.” Another one said, “Master Bai, it’s good to stay in the military camp. At least I can walk the dog and tease Chief Zhao.”

If Chief Zhao were here, he would have bashed the one who said this.

The other three also said in a very dignified manner, “We’re not going out!”

When Bai Zhun heard this, he opened his eyes and looked at this group of people. “You all know that I’ve always been very democratic.”

After hearing the word ‘democratic’, all of them could not help but tremble. The so-called democracy that Master Bai spoke of meant that they had to follow whatever he said if they knew what was good for them.

They thought that Bai Zhun was going to mete out some harsh punishment on them to make them comply like he used to.

They steeled themselves and readied their bodies for a fight.

To their surprise, Bai Zhun just straightened the military cap on his head and smiled very handsomely. “You can choose not to go, then I will give this rare opportunity to the other regiments. After all, there are so many beauties in University A, there will always be someone who wants to go.”

“Master Bai!!!” The youngest one pounced over and grabbed Bai Zhun’s pant leg. “You heard us wrongly just now. What we mean is that we must go, absolutely must go. Whoever doesn’t let us go, we will bite them to death!”

Bai Zhun turned his head and raised his eyebrows. “You mean that we are going? All of us are going?”

“Of course!” The five of them nodded together with a very positive attitude!

Bai Zhun said concisely, “I’ll give you five minutes to pack up all your things. We’ll gather downstairs in five minutes.”



They saluted in unison!

Apart from being handsome, their actions were more rigid and disciplined. This was completely different from their usual image.

However, once they completed their salute, they were in an uproar!

“Did you guys hear that? Beauties in University A?”

“Cut the crap, quickly pack your things. Hey, look at how I look in this outfit? Doesn’t it make me look handsome and makes me look charismatic?”

“Come on, aren’t all camouflage outfits the same? It’s a matter of who’s wearing it! I’m handsome in it, but you aren’t!”

Adjutant Li had his ear pressed against the wooden door to listen to the commotion inside, meeting Bai Zhun’s gaze when Bai Zhun walked out.

“Ahem, ahem, about that, the car is waiting for everyone downstairs.”

Bai Zhun’s smile did not change. “Thank you, but Adjutant Li, if you want to help Captain Zhao eavesdrop, you can come in and listen.”

“Well…there’s no need for that. Hurhur, hurhur…” Adjutant Li’s face froze from laughing. After all, it was not honorable to be caught eavesdropping on the scene.

It was really too terrifying!

He never thought that Bai Zhun would actually use such a method to deal with that problematic bunch.

What was that about University A having the most number of beauties?

“So these little bastards fall for this!” muttered Adjutant Li quietly.

But Bai Zhun curled his lips. “They are soldiers. They are also ordinary people. It’s normal for them to want to find a girl they love at this age.”

Adjutant Li was surprised that he would answer like this. He couldn’t help but ask, “What about you?”

Bai Zhun paused for a moment. His indifferent eyes seemed to overflow with gentleness. “Don’t you know, Adjutant Li? I’ve said it a long time ago. I already have someone I like.”

Adjutant Li only then remembered that there was once a group of military doctors in the army. Most of them were female soldiers. They were specially assigned by the higher-ups to provide psychological counseling for the soldiers.

One of them had outstanding looks and a good background. She would always chat with Bai Zhun and it was obvious that he was interested in Bai Zhun, but she didn’t say anything.

During the singing performance that night, when everyone was teasing him about the two of them, Bai Zhun stated his stand.

He still remembered that Bai Zhun’s expression at that time was very serious, as if this matter had offended him.

His eyes were dark and he said, “I have someone I like, and I don’t like anyone making jokes like that. I hope some of you will keep a distance from me.”

Those words did not leave the slightest chance for the girl who was interested in him. It was such a harsh way of rejecting someone.


“I always thought that was just an excuse you made at that time,” Adjutant Li said.

After all, Bai Zhun had just joined the army at that time. Not only was he the youngest, but he also had that kind of background. Who would join the army if they had someone they liked?

Bai Zhun lowered his eyes and looked at the military truck outside. His voice was indifferent. “She has never been an excuse for me to reject anyone.”

In other words, there really was such a person?

Adjutant Li was dumbfounded. But before he could ask anymore, Bai Zhun had already walked away.

Some people said that when you really liked a girl, you would put her photo in your wallet, and her photo might stay for three or four years.

Bai Zhun had never put Ajiu’s photo in his wallet before.

Instead, he put it in the lining of his military uniform, which was closest to his heart.

Because he had to protect his motherland and his girl well.

It was with this kind of psyche power that he was able to withstand many things that ordinary people couldn’t withstand and become the Bai Zhun he was now.

The injuries on Bai Zhun’s back could not even be counted by himself.

But every single one of those injuries was for the sake of this piece of land…

Later that night, the six of them gathered in five minutes sharp.

They hopped into the truck coolly, with Li Hailou driving. The other four stood upright in the trunk. Bai Zhun sat in the passenger seat, with a silvery-white Alaskan police dog by his side. The scene was very eye-catching.

After the military truck drove away, Captain Zhao thanked the heavens. Finally, he could live peacefully for a few days!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The next day, the autumn wind was crisp and bright. The morning sun shone on the entire school. Fragrant steam rose from the cafeteria. The mottled green field was filled with students who were jogging in the morning, as well as freshmen who were carrying water bottles.

Ajiu was the first one to get up here because she had always maintained the habit of doing morning exercises. She used every piece of equipment available to her. After all, only after morning exercises could she enjoy breakfast better, it could be said that Wuli Foodie Ajiu’s obsession with eating had never changed.

As Ajiu walked into the dormitory with a bun in her mouth, she listened to the people in the dormitory with a cute expression on her face. “Have you heard? It’s said that the military training instructors will arrive at the school at 10 o’clock. They’re all arriving in military trucks, so it’ll be really cool to watch! Do you wanna take a look?”

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