The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1276 - What's Going On

Chapter 1276: What’s Going On

Captain Zhao and the adjutant were stunned.

“What’s wrong with this kid?” Captain Zhao asked his subordinate.

The adjutant shook his head as well. He was completely confused too.

Master Bai had never been like this before.

He had a strange feeling about this…

Captain Zhao hummed for a while and said, “University A is not within our jurisdiction, and our troops have never gone to give military training to schools. I’ll give the army division there a call and you can go with them. But I don’t know if you’d be there to teach the college students or the soldiers in the camp, since even their commander has to salute to you. I really can’t believe you. There are so many things you could do, but you insist on giving college students military training. Your position…forget it. You don’t have any missions on hand anyway. But I’m warning you, you make sure that you bring those troublemakers with you. If you leave even one of them behind, you’ll never hear the end of it!”

“Yes, Sir.” Bai Zhun gave him a patronizing salute and didn’t look like he cared at all.

Captain Zhao nearly hit the roof.

Bai Zhun didn’t even look back and just walked back to his dormitory with a smile.

Besides Bai Zhun, there were a total of six men in the dormitory.

Unlike messy and chaotic university student dormitories, the soldier’s dormitories were all very clean and dust free.

Their blankets, in particular, were square like blocks of tofu, and were of the same military green.

Because these were military blankets, they were made from very stiff material, so it seemed as manly as the men who used it.

The toothbrushes and mugs were placed extremely neatly, and everyone’s black army boots were standing under the light, like trees standing tall in the forest.

It was night time, so everyone was in. They were seated in all sorts of positions. Some had a foot on the other knee, some hugged their guns, and one sat cross legged on the bed.

The beds were bunk beds, but these men didn’t go up the upper bunk like most people did. They usually did a pull up, then swung a leg over to land neatly on the upper bunk. That movement was really cool.

“Hey, where’s Master Bai? Weren’t we supposed to play poker? Where’s he?” The one speaking was a burly guy from the northwest. Once he got onto the upper bunk, he straightened his clothes out with a pull. He had a good figure and his jawline was sharp.

“Where else could he be?” One of them had just showered and looked up to reveal the face that belonged to none other than Li Hailou in the mirror. “He’s obviously gone to tease the captain.”

Compared to when he was still in school, Li Hailou’s features were more well defined now, and his gaze was also sharper.

The only thing that hadn’t changed was his naturally flippant personality.

“Hailou, how many times have I told you? The captain has asked me to go over for tea, I didn’t go over to tease him.”

Bai Zhun’s thin lips were curled upwards slightly as he walked in. “I’m still very afraid of Old Zhao, since he’s my superior after all.”

Everybody knew that Bai Zhun couldn’t possibly be afraid of someone he dared to all ‘Old Zhao.’

“Alright now, poker aside. I have a piece of good news for everyone.” Bai Zhun had a refreshing smile on his face and his face shone. “It’s about our vacation time.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up at these words.

“Master Bai, are you saying that this time, we get to go out on our vacation?” One of them jumped right off the upper bunk.

Bai Zhun’s smile widened. “You could say that.”

“What the fuck? Is it a blue moon tonight? I’m so shocked that my old man didn’t tell the army to lock me in here! That’s not normal!”

“It is abnormal indeed. Even if your old man didn’t care about you, my old man wouldn’t have allowed me to roam about outside and be a threat to society. He’s afraid that I’d go clubbing every night, and he even suspects that I’m gay. Like seriously? How could my dad say that? I like girls, alright? I was just curious and went to a gay bar once. And the craziest part is, isn’t the army filled with even more men?”

“You two are scoundrels, so stay far away from me.”

“Excuse me? Have you forgotten how your mum came to the camp because of you? She said that if you went home and went over the speed limits again, she’ll never let you out of the camp ever again.”

That conversation alone was enough for anyone to see how much trouble these men were.

It was little wonder that Captain Zhao had a headache just hearing the mention of them.

Before Bai Zhun arrived, they were just kids who got into small trouble every now and then, but it never affected Captain Zhao. He was just helping all the top ranking officials to take care of their sons.

This bunch of little bastards were just itching to get out, that was all.

But after Bai Zhun came, they had stopped itching to get out all the time and behaved like actual soldiers. They were amazing in almost every aspect.

This little team had also become the most ruthless and efficient team in the military camp. They completed many missions that seemed impossible, and all of them carried battle scars.

Sometimes, this made Captain Zhao really proud of them, but sometimes, they also lashed out at others and this ability of theirs was really infuriating.

The biggest problem was that they got him into deep trouble too!

“Wait a minute. Don’t tell me we’re all going out together?” One of them didn’t think things would go so well for them. After all, their parents always wished that someone would deal with them.

Bai Zhun didn’t deny that.

The bunch of them in the room said, “It’s not a bad idea to go out as a group. We could go for a seaside barbeque.”

Bai Zhun said very slowly, “We are not going to the seaside.”

“We don’t have to go to the seaside,” said one of them. “I prefer somewhere a little more artistic. Why don’t we go to Jiangnan?”

Bai Zhun walked over and sat down. “We’re not going south.”

“We could go up north too. I don’t mind going to any city really, I’m beginning to feel like I’m some jungle boy already.”

This seemed to be the right answer. Bai Zhun curled his lips. “We are indeed going to a big city.”

They were going to the biggest city in the north – the capital itself!

This was the first reaction of the other five.

“What the fuck? Are we actually allowed to go home?”

Four of the men in this room were from the capital, one of them was from Wangjing and the last one was from Junyang, which were all places with advanced military zones.

“I’d be glad to go home, but I’m afraid I might drive my dad up the wall,” said one of them very seriously. It was obvious that he had done this very often.

Li Hailou agreed. “My dad will definitely chase me round the compound.”

Bai Zhun laughed faintly and shook his finger as he said very profoundly, “Don’t worry, you won’t get the time to go home.”

“What do you mean?” Li Hailou was the most familiar with Bai Zhun, so he smelled a rat.

Bai Zhun put on his army cap and smiled. “That’s because we’re going to a school. We’re not going to a military school, but we’re giving University A’s students military training. The training will last 10 days and our vacation is only for 12 days, so of course there’s no time to go home.”

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