The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1275 - Master Bai Goes to University A to Conduct Military Training

Chapter 1275: Master Bai Goes to University A to Conduct Military Training

That year, after Ajiu was picked up by her family, she went to England.

After that, Weiwei brought her to many countries, so there was no need to worry about her education.

With a genius like Helian Qingchen around, Ajiu studied by herself for half a year and mastered the entire high school syllabus.

The place where the family went to the most was India.

Ajiu liked to study Buddhism, so Baili Shangxie and the others often brought their younger sister there.

When the Indian monks there saw their family, they began to chant scriptures like their lives depended on it.

They mainly chanted to a certain highness. It was a pity that no matter how powerful an eminent monk was, he would be suppressed to the point of being unable to move in front of a certain highness.

Chanting those scriptures was also useless.

But after being around her two older brothers and her father, Ajiu had also learnt how to be mean and nasty when necessary.

She mainly learned this from her father.

However, even her nasty side was still considered kind and she wouldn’t be as extreme as Baili Jiajue.

In other words, in these three years or so, Ajiu did not appear in the capital.

Now, she had finally returned..

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Every school was the same. On the first day of school, it was just reporting and getting to know the classrooms. There would not be any classes.

The instructor used the evening self-study time to let the students finish their self-introductions. Then, he announced that the official military training would begin the next day for a period of ten days. The local military officers would come to University A for training, so any students who were feeling unwell should let him know in advance

When the instructor talked about these things, it was inevitable that some were gossiping below.

“Hey, do you know? I heard that the officers hired by University A every year are especially handsome. It’s said that they are different from the recruits hired by other schools. Those who can come to University A for training are all at the rank of sergeant or above.”

“It’s not because they are high-ranking people. They are handsome just because they look good.”

“It’s true. If you don’t believe me, just look at the group of officers on our school’s forum last year. At the very least, they were all very tall and there are no weirdos.”

“Where are the photos? Let me take a look.”

“Hey, isn’t this them?”

Two or three girls gathered together. In a short while, the military training photos from last year were dug out.

Unsurprisingly, the officers from last year all had noses and eyes. Even if they were not drop dead handsome, they were still considered tough looking.

“I wonder what the military officers this year will look like?”

Every girl had an innate admiration for soldiers. They imagined they always had an extra layer of brilliance compared to ordinary boys.

University A was in the capital of the country, so their military officers were also of a very high standard.

But this time, something big had happened…

It was night. The moonlight shone through the window, creating a fuzzy aura around the people in the room. Only two people were sitting in the huge military conference room.

One was in his fifties, and the stars on his shoulder dazzled his eyes.

However, he was the one standing, and his expression was very impatient. He walked over with his hands behind his back to the front of his desk.

Sitting there was a young man in his early twenties. He had a smile on his face.

This smile seemed very sly.

Logically speaking, at his age, he should have been in university.

However, the young man was not. He had many medals on his shoulders. Only those who had truly performed meritorious deeds would have them.

The young man’s silhouette was very distinct, and his jawline was well-defined. When the moonlight hit his handsome profile, it looked like it was shining.

The lines on his face were sharp and angular, as if they had been carved. They were astonishingly perfect.

He himself did not feel anything. He leaned lazily on the back of the chair. If it were not for the handsome military uniform he was wearing, no one would have known that he was a soldier.

The atmosphere in the meeting room was a little strange. The man with the higher rank was gritting his teeth. “What do you say you’re going to do? Give military training to college students?”

“Yes.” The handsome young man smiled gently.

Captain Zhao was really furious. “You’re someone who’s about to take over my position, yet you still want to go out and give military training to college students? You’re now a high ranking officer, not one of those new recruits! I won’t allow you to go!”

“Captain, I don’t have a mission right now and I’m on vacation. Aren’t you afraid that if you don’t allow me to go, your favorite canned food will be sold out?” The young man also stood up. He was very polite, but the words he said were very infuriating.

Captain Zhao’s teeth were about to shatter. “You, you! Tell me what you want to do in the university!?”

“That’s a personal question. I don’t want to answer it.” The young man still had a faint smile on his face.

Captain Zhao wanted to chisel someone with something!

The adjutant who was hiding in the corner rushed over and held the captain back. “Captain, don’t be rash. I don’t think Master Bai meant it that way. Look, he’s about to take over your position. There’s no need for him to infuriate you just before you leave, right?”

“Then what is he doing now?!” Captain Zhao turned around and roared!

The adjutant tiptoes and began to whisper in his ear. “Let him go, and you can have a few days of peace.”

“He did leave back then. He left for three years. I suffered for three years!” Captain Zhao growled in a low voice.

The adjutant reminded him, “Think about this year’s assembly. That person praised our unit when he presented the award. He even said that our unit is different from before. It’s no longer a useless second-generation army. We can finally become the leader in the army. Think about the battle achievements he won for you. Also, think about Commander Liang from the neighboring unit. In the past, when he sees you, he usually acts all high and mighty, saying that our unit is a problem and could never produce results. He finally shut his mouth last year. When he saw you, he took a detour. This is all because of Bai Zhun. So, please bear with it. Bear with it a little more.”

Captain Zhao carefully recalled the attitude of his sworn enemy and comrade-in-arms during the meeting two days ago. He instantly felt that being angered by a certain brat was nothing.


“If he leaves, what if those bastards down there rebel again?” Captain Zhao spoke in a very soft voice. After all, it was too embarrassing to say such things out loud. Although everyone in his platoon knew about it, the other troops did not know about it.

The adjutant smiled and said, “I’ve already asked about this. I heard that Master Bai plans to take the ones who are the most troublesome with him.”

“All five of them?” Captain Zhao confirmed.

The adjutant nodded. “All of them.”

When Captain Zhao heard this, he turned around, cleared his throat, and said to Bai Zhun, “Which school do you want to go to?”

“University A.” When the young man finished speaking, his thin lips curled up, and something different rose from his pitch-black eyes.

This young man who had an indifferent expression even when fighting in the jungle, suddenly seemed to reflect the golden light of the setting sun in his eyes at this moment, which created a color impossible to describe with words!

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