The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1279 - Bai Zhun, Looking for Ajiu

Chapter 1279: Bai Zhun, Looking for Ajiu

This person’s words were naturally heard by the approaching problematic group.

But it was true that they were late. It could be said that they were in the wrong, so they did not say anything. Instead, they stood behind Bai Zhun with a stern look on their faces.

With Master Bai around, they would not cross ranks in public.

This was the rule.

As for Bai Zhun, he just casually glanced at that person. He stood as straight as a tree as he extended his hand to Captain Li. “Unit 211, reporting for duty.”

He did not salute.

Vice Captain Zhang was even more pissed. He snorted and said arrogantly, “Didn’t the captain of your original unit tell you to salute when you see a superior?”

Upon hearing that, the other five people rolled their eyes at him in their hearts.



Master Bai shaking hands with your captain was already giving your captain a lot more credit than he deserved.

Captain Li was supposed to salute to Bai Zhun!

Moreover, even if they did not know Bai Zhun’s true identity, the stars on Bai Zhun’s shoulder were the same as Captain Li’s. This person was either blind or simply looking for trouble.

The latter was the most likely. It was obvious that this person didn’t like them.

Bai Zhun only curled his thin lips into a faint smile. Then, he turned around and pointed at his shoulder. His voice was very faint and had a unique magnetic quality to it. “Didn’t your captain tell you to salute when you see a superior?”

Vice Captain Zhang had just said the same thing.

However, he was stunned by Bai Zhun’s words and couldn’t refute anything.

The person in front of him was doing this on purpose. He was using his original words to mock him!


Bai Zhun’s gaze felt like ice that could pierce one to the bone. “Still not saluting?”

Captain Li knew that his vice captain had spoken and acted too aggressively. He warned in a low voice, “Salute him now.”

Vice Captain Zhang gritted his teeth. He had no other choice. He reluctantly saluted Bai Zhun.

When Bai Zhun’s people saw this, they immediately saluted back to Captain Li in unison.

They had always returned the favor.

Bai Zhun smiled and said to Captain Li, “Captain Li should have also received the news. I hope that we can complete the mission well in the next ten days.”

“That’s what I should do.” Captain Li was the kind of man who didn’t care about trifles and was a more magnanimous character. He reached out his hand and shook Bai Zhun’s hand.

Vice Captain Zhang’s anger slowly rose in his heart. It was one thing for a group of new recruits to be so unruly, but they had also embarrassed him in public.

Although Professor Liang had already started walking over to the cafeteria, there were still quite a number of university students around.

They were the most outstanding team in the local army division. How could they let these random soldiers embarrass them like that?

He would get back at them sooner or later!

Some people could see that Vice Captain Zhang was unhappy, they came over and said to him, “Vice captain, this is nothing. Just wait and see. When the military training starts, there will be a shooting competition. Those new recruits definitely won’t know anything. When the time comes, we will crush them with our strength. Let’s see if they still dare to throw their weight around after that!”

When Vice Captain Zhang heard this, his eyes finally lit up.

That’s right. When the military training truly began, this group of wild soldiers would be whipped into shape!

Everyone was ready to go. They were prepared to follow Professor Liang into the cafeteria and eat before facing the students again.

Only Bai Zhun’s eyes kept taking glances at the crowd furtively.

The soldiers behind him all felt that their Master Bai was not normal today.

It was impossible for him to be looking at beautiful women, because that was something he never did while on a mission.

Regardless of whether it was a woman or a man in front of him, he only cared if the other person was a comrade or an enemy.

Even if there were some missions that required them to participate in an international setting and many beautiful women were gathered in the same place, Bai Zhun remained unmoved and came out unscathed all the time.

There was once, a woman wanted to use her beauty to get him to reveal his real name and military unit.

In the end, that woman was so mesmerized by him that she revealed to him everything he wanted to know.

Therefore, he was definitely not looking at beautiful women.

Then what was he looking at?

He couldn’t be looking at a man, right?

“Stop, don’t think about this horrifying idea anymore.”

“Don’t you guys find it strange?”

“The fact that Master Bai personally brought us here to give military training to college students is very strange in itself.”

“Young Master Li, go and ask him! Quick!”

Li Hailou thought to himself, even if you guys didn’t say it, I was going to ask. But since they were in public, he had to respect their rank difference and couldn’t just fling an arm around Bai Zhun. He leaned over and whispered, “Dude, what are you looking for? I’ve noticed that you keep looking around at the students.”

“I’m looking for Ajiu.”

Bai Zhun’s voice was still very calm. It didn’t sound like there were any changes in his emotions.

But those few words made even the usually flippant Li Hailou freeze on the spot.

The rest of the people had never seen Li Hailou like this before.

They asked curiously, “What’s happened?”

“What’s wrong with Young Master Li?”

Li Hailou had always felt guilty about what happened back then. He always felt that if it wasn’t for him, Gu Rou wouldn’t have gotten the chance to bully Ajiu like that, and Ajiu wouldn’t also have left the Bai family.

He felt guilty even though Bai Zhun had always said that this matter had nothing to do with him.

But Li Hailou still missed Ajiu.

After all, they were the ones who had watched her grow up. His mind would always remember Ajiu’s appearance when she was young. She was their Little Baldy. When they played games, she would run up and down to bring them food to eat.

The time when he was young was always the most nostalgic. Sometimes, when Li Hailou thought about the past, his throat would feel uncomfortable.

This was also why he wanted to become smarter and made the decision to join the army.

In the past, when he saw girls, he did not care about anything else.

Now, he really felt that what Ajiu said was not wrong. She always used to say that ‘the women at the foot of the mountain are tigers’.

Therefore, for so many years, Li Hailou had always given people the impression that he was a playboy. Even if women approached him, he had already learned how to distinguish their reason for coming close to him.

However, the words that Bai Zhun said still made his whole body tremble. He couldn’t even speak clearly. “Ajiu? Ajiu is here?”

“Yes.” Bai Zhun smiled. He was handsome with bright eyes and white teeth, but his voice carried a feeling that only the two of them could understand. “Hailou, you miss her too, right?”

Not only did he miss her, but Li Hailou had entered the army not long after Bai Zhun did. It had been more than three years since they last saw Ajiu.

But at the same time, Li Hailou knew better than anyone else that no matter how much he missed her, it was not as much as how much Bai Zhun missed her.

He still remembered the first year he had joined the army, he had witnessed the young man who never cried actually lean against the wall in the dead of night and called out “Ajiu” in a low voice.

He had wondered how he never realized how much Bai Zhun liked Ajiu even after hanging out with them for so many years.

If he didn’t love her so much, he wouldn’t miss her so badly to the point of tears…

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