The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1264 - If He Still Doesn't Confess, Ajiu Is Leaving

Chapter 1264: If He Still Doesn’t Confess, Ajiu Is Leaving

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Helian Weiwei looked at the father and son next to her and helplessly used her fingers to support her forehead.

These two shared a tacit understanding only in such times.

Usually, they obviously didn’t see eye to eye with each other. But when it came to the time when they shouldn’t agree with one another, they would suddenly be in the same team.

It’s just that…Bai Zhun said he liked her?

Helian Weiwei’s eyes landed on Bai Zhun. She suddenly remembered the email that her daughter sent her previously.

Although the words on it were vague, but there had indeed been a hint of the beginnings of love.

She even wanted Buddha to explain to her.

Her own Ajiu was still too naive. Didn’t she know that Buddha never cared about this kind of thing?

Now it seemed that her Ajiu wasn’t actually experiencing unrequited love after all.

But Ajiu wasn’t even 12, so it was a little too early to settle such a matter now.

Even though she had also been betrothed to a certain highness at around the same age, Ajiu’s case…wasn’t the same.

Nobody should judge her precious daughter by her looks alone.

Her daughter used to be void of any worldly desires. She even said that she wanted to be a temple abbot and had been very serious about it.

Helian Weiwei had always thought that her daughter was very focused on this career.

But someone had actually confessed his feelings for her in public.

She wasn’t too bothered, actually. It meant that her daughter was outstanding!

After all, she had always been assured of the character of anyone from the Bai family.

But this father and son next to her wouldn’t be too friendly now that they knew someone liked their precious Ajiu…

Helian Weiwei thought for a moment, and still felt that at the appropriate time, she should help Bai Zhun out.

She couldn’t let His Highness and the others beat him up.

After all, that punch from His Highness wasn’t something that anyone could withstand.

It really could make a hole in the ground.

The most important part was that Helian Weiwei realized that it was hard to find someone with as much guts as Bai Zhun.

She couldn’t possibly let those two beat up every single guy who wanted to woo Ajiu, right? What if nobody wanted her daughter anymore?

This would really be a problem.

Therefore, after Helian Weiwei struggled with her thoughts for a while, she turned her body to block Baili Jiajue’s way.

After Baili Jiajue saw her actions, a faint smile flashed across his deep eyes. Then, he stretched out his hand and pulled her over. His voice was low and pleasant to the ear. “Don’t worry, I won’t make a move.”

“Are you serious?” Helian Weiwei confirmed it again as she raised her eyebrows to avoid an unsalvageable situation.

Baili Jiajue nodded. “I’m serious.”

Just when Helian Weiwei felt that she could breathe a sigh of relief, she heard a certain Highness say, “In any case, the one who wants to make a move is Shangxie, not me.”

Helian Weiwei was speechless.

As for the one who had been confessed to, Ajiu’s already round eyes were even bigger and brighter than before. She stood in a daze where she was, as if she couldn’t believe what she just heard, and even her hair stood up hilariously. Her little face was so exquisite and beautiful as her eyes blinked once, then blinked again.

So…the person that her brother liked was not Gu Rou, but her?

Li Hailou also widened his eyes because of this sudden news. His brain seemed to have short circuited. This fellow really didn’t register a single thing. “Wait, Master Bai…Master Bai said that he likes…he likes Ajiu?”

“I really admire your EQ. You actually realized it,” Xiao Lin said indifferently.

Li Hailou was very proud. “That’s because I’m very smart, okay?”

Xiao Lin snorted. “Smart? Sure..”

However, Bai Zhun finally couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Ajiu’s family was already here to take her home. If he still didn’t confess, Ajiu would leave, right?

Old Master Gu was also shocked. He looked in the direction of Ajiu. His eyes swept over her fair wrist. His back suddenly shook as he suddenly raised his head and his pupils swayed as he looked at Bai Zhun. “You…you agreed to my conditions because of her?”

“Yes.” Bai Zhun did not look at Old Master Gu anymore.

All his attention was now on Ajiu.

He was looking at her expression.

Perhaps it was too early for a girl who was not even twelve years old to say that she liked him.

But he really could not suppress it anymore.

But when this moment actually arrived, Bai Zhun still felt that one of his feet had already stepped into a bottomless abyss.

It was not just a bottomless abyss.

If Ajiu loathed him and treated him as a pervert, then…

What was he going to do?

Bai Zhun bent his pale fingers, and the blood-red crescent in his palm had already begun to overflow with blood.

There was no change in his expression, but his gaze was deep. He stared at Ajiu, and everyone could feel the tenderness in his eyes.

Gu Cheng watched from the side and clenched his fists.

But now, he realized that he could only watch on.

After what the Gu family had done to Little Bean…

So what if he noticed something strange in his heart?

Although the two of them were very far apart, Little Bean always thought of her brother in everything.

As for Bai Zhun…he finally understood why his cousin was so hostile toward Ajiu.

Bai Zhun never hid his feelings in the way he looked at Ajiu.

That kind of gentle expression that would make the corners of his mouth smile.

Everyone knew what it was.

He used to think that it was because this older brother indulged his younger sister too much.


Gu Cheng lowered his eyes and relaxed his fingers.

Old Master Gu was also beginning to be afraid. He looked at Old Master Bai again and was about to speak again.

But Old Master Bai interrupted him with a deep voice that accompanied the rank indicated on his shoulder. “Gu, we are indeed old friends, but I really can’t believe you actually said those things. Since the younger ones have made a mistake, they ought to admit to their mistakes. But you chose to protect your granddaughter instead. Gu, you’re not the only one with a granddaughter. Ajiu may not be my biological granddaughter, but she was adopted by the Bai family and that makes her my granddaughter. On account of our friendship, I tried to be considerate towards your granddaughter. My Ajiu doesn’t eat meat, but the food in this house suddenly started containing meat because of your family. The child never made a single complaint.”

“She has always been very mature for her age, and she is the apple of the Bai family’s eye. Bai Zhun lost his parents at a young age and never became close to anybody. But after she came along, the few of us finally began to look more like what a family ought to look like, and my grandson changed for the better. You want me to speak up for your granddaughter? Who’s going to speak up for mine then?”

When Old Master Gu heard this, his face turned completely pale. If even Bai Huai did not help him, then Bai Zhun would really act without inhibition. He would dig up all the dirty business secrets about the Gu family that he had mentioned earlier.

In other words, other than Juewei group, even the Bai family had openly become enemies with them.

Then…would the Gu family still have a way out?

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