The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1263 - The Person I Like

Chapter 1263: The Person I Like

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“Bai… Zhun?” Gu Rou’s red and haggard eyes slowly widened. She didn’t expect Bai Zhun to actually attack her grandfather.

Old Master Gu’s face was also filled with shock and confusion.

Bai Zhun only stared at him, like a poisonous giant snake that was spitting its tongue out at him.

The surrounding wind continuously poured in from the half-opened window and blew across Bai Zhun’s face.

No one knew how much pain he felt when he heard those words and saw those videos.

It was as if his chest had been pierced by a blade. The pain was so intense that even his internal organs felt cold.

It was as if a ball of fire was burning in his throat. Bai Zhun knew that his pain this time had nothing to do with a cold.

His heart ached.

When everything that Gu Rou had done was revealed in front of him, his heart felt as if it was placed over an angry fire. It was tormenting him inch by inch, with no respite in sight.

Bai Zhun had never expected that the child that he had carefully protected for so many years would be bullied like this one day.

Moreover, he was the reason why those people mocked her and treated her this way.

He had been in the cafeteria when those girls were talking, but he didn’t notice anything. What was he doing at that time? He was actually afraid that Ajiu would fall in love with someone else and want to leave him after knowing his thoughts, so he desperately restrained his feelings and told himself to stay away from her, even showing her an unprecedented indifference. So much so that Ajiu had actually been ostracized when she was less than two meters away from him and he didn’t realize it at all?

The feeling in his heart was no longer as simple as mere suffering.

Ajiu still got hurt in the end. So why did he bother putting up with those merchants for so long in the first place?

Everything he had done was to make Ajiu happy. He didn’t want her to worry about anything and live happily.

Now that he thought about it, Ajiu must have noticed that he had deliberately alienated her. That was why she did not say anything and just silently moved to another table…

Bai Zhun did not know how to describe his feelings now. It felt as if he had been drenched in snow. He could not help but clench his fists. He clenched them so hard that his nails sank into his flesh.

However, Bai Zhun didn’t seem to feel any pain. He only looked at Gu Rou coldly and enunciated each word, “If killing someone weren’t illegal, I would have shot you!”

Gu Rou was shocked when she heard that!

Her lips turned pale. She had thought about the consequences of what she had done if Bai Zhun found out, but she never thought that Bai Zhun would rather fall out completely with the Gu family like this. Didn’t he want that contract anymore?

Gu Rou’s line of thought was always like this. She thought that she was the one who understood Bai Zhun the best, when actually none of these contracts meant anything to Bai Zhun.

If there was no Ajiu, or if it hadn’t been for the sake of Ajiu, Bai Zhun wouldn’t have tolerated the Gu family like this at all.

“Bai Zhun, what are you doing?” Old Master Gu stood in front of his granddaughter. “Even a judge has to give people a chance to change. Bai Zhun, you should know who Rou’er became like this for!”

Bai Zhun raised his eyes. “I never said that I had any feelings towards her, and I even rejected her very clearly when she came knocking on my door. But your family actually thinks that it’s okay to bully Ajiu like this? You still want to use the Bai family to pressurize someone else? What do you mean that Ajiu didn’t suffer any harm anyway? I wouldn’t even let her suffer a scratch! But what did your family do? She sowed discord between us! She ostracized Ajiu! She even wanted to make sure Ajiu couldn’t enter the door of her own house! You want me to let off your granddaughter? Who is going to let Ajiu off then?!”

After saying this, Bai Zhun’s eyes darkened slowly. “Grandpa Gu, I’m calling You Grandpa Gu now because of my grandfather. Don’t you dare think about using my grandfather to escape the punishment that you deserve. From the moment the matter was exposed until now, Gu Rou pretended to be pitiful, and has repeatedly denied what she had done. She said that it was Juewei Corporation who was bullying her because they are a major corporation. Later, when the video was shown, she claimed that she never thought of trying to harm Ajiu. Do we really need to see her chat history with the other girls for her to admit her mistakes?! She isn’t even apologetic! Don’t blame the Bai family for getting nasty – I know very well how the Gu family conducts its business. It might not be illegal or frowned upon in another country, but this is China! Grandpa Gu, mark my words. I will make sure the Gu family pays for this!”

“Bai…Bai Zhun, you can’t do this!” Gu Rou cried even harder. “You can’t do this to me, you can’t do this to the Gu family!”

Bai Zhun laughed coldly. His youthful handsome face was no longer as indifferent as jade. Instead, for the first time, it was filled with a terrifying anger. “Why can’t I do this to the Gu family? I’ve warned you long ago to stop before it’s too late. I didn’t expect you to have even less conscience than I thought.”

“But…but I like you, I like you!” Gu Rou’s beautiful eyes glistened as she looked at Bai Zhun. She cried so pitifully that it was as if she wanted to make Bai Zhun feel a little compassion for her. “How can you be so ruthless to a person who likes you?”

Bai Zhun looked down at her and said in a deep voice, “Because you were the first to be ruthless to the person I like!”

Gu Rou suddenly paused. Her voice was completely stuck in her throat!

His words were like the second bomb of tonight’s birthday banquet. They were thrown into the spacious hall, causing countless chain reactions.

Everyone was stunned, as if they couldn’t believe what they had heard. They all exchanged glances.

The person that the Bai family kid said he liked was…his younger sister, Ajiu?

Even Helian Weiwei raised her eyebrows in surprise.

Baili Shangxie, on the other hand, narrowed his pair of sharp and beautiful eyes, and his voice was very cold. “What he said just now had better not be what I think it is!”

If it was…he’d directly break his legs and throw him into the demon world to feed the demons!

Ajiu was his sister! Who was Bai Zhun to like her? He ought to be destroyed!!

Helian Qingchen didn’t need to think to know what his brother was thinking. He could only raise his head and look at the ceiling. He thought to himself, “What he said is exactly what you think it is…”

Baili Shangxie immediately turned his head and exchanged a glance with his father.

Baili Jiajue gave him a faint look.

Baili Shangxie’s thin lips curled up, then…then he moved his wrists left and right, as if he was ready to use actual combat to beat someone up.

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