The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1265 - Take Ajiu Home

Chapter 1265: Take Ajiu Home

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Gu Rou panicked as well. Her fingers tugged at Old Master Bai’s sleeve. “Grandpa Bai, you can’t not help us. Don’t you also think that I’m very filial to you? Our Gu family and the Bai family have had a relationship for so many years. How can it be ruined like this? Grandpa Bai!”

“It’s obvious that a person like you even has a purpose for being filial.”Bai Huai’s gaze was just like his identity. “Weiwei is right. We really can’t treat you like a child anymore. At this point, you’re still using your connections to pressure me? “Just take it that I, Bai Huai, don’t miss our old friendship. I want to avenge my granddaughter!”

From the beginning to the end, Old Master Bai did not come to denounce the GU family because Ajiu was the little princess of the Jue Wei Corporation.

In the Old Man’s heart, the matter was very simple. The video was so clear. He wanted to seek justice for the Bai family’s child!

“VUCE commander Zhang, what are you still standing there for? Throw out all these people who affect the birthday party!”

Old Master Bai had always been swift and decisive. Now that he saw gu rou being so sticky, he directly gave an order to the people next to him.

“I, Bai Huai, am not afraid of others calling me a bully. Everyone is looking at the facts. Justice is in the hearts of the People!”

VUCE commander Zhang’s execution was also very strong. He pulled gu rou up in one go. He was very strong. He actually bullied their miss. Did he really think that she was the young mistress of the Bai Family? Everything was decided there.

Vuce commander Zhang had tolerated Gu Rou for a long time. This time, he finally exploded!

It was not just Gu Rou. Even Gu Cheng, old master Gu, and the two girls were unceremoniously invited out of the Bai family’s birthday party.

As for how to deal with the Gu family later, they wouldn’t have it easy.

Just in front of their eyes.

The two girls who had been bragging to their classmates about how luxurious and fun the Bai family’s banquet was were completely listless.

What was even more dumbfounded was that no one knew who was so mean as to call the students from No. 1 Middle School and No. 2 middle school to come outside the military compound to watch.

Of course, it wasn’t easy to gather so many people in such a short period of time and at night.

Each of those students seemed to be members of Baili Shangxie’s backup team. There were already people who knew Gu Rou and the others. When they saw the two girls being chased out in such a sorry state, they were stunned for a moment, then, they all burst into laughter.

These two people were so arrogant in class at that time that they would suppress anyone they met. There was also Gu Rou, who didn’t take them seriously at all.

When they received the invitation to the Bai family’s banquet, they even specially earned a round in each class, afraid that others wouldn’t know about their relationship with the BAI school grass.

But now, they were chased out!

There was really no news that could make people feel happier than this news!

The two girls realized how embarrassing their situation was. One by one, they covered their faces and screamed as they got into the car against the wall. ..

However, they knew that this was only the beginning.

The Gu family had lost face. Whether it was the business world or the military world, everyone knew what Gu Rou had done.

The business world would no longer cooperate with the Gu family, regardless of whether they were only interested in profit or not.

They could not afford to offend the Jue Wei Group.

After all, when a certain Highness made a move, he wanted to completely bankrupt a certain company.

As for the political and military world, they had been chased out by the Bai family. The situation could not be any clearer.

The images of the military compound were also synchronized onto the screen.

Only now did the guests present know what Gu Rou and the other children really looked like in the eyes of the students at school. They couldn’t help but sigh.

It’s just that, Helian Weiwei looked at those girls and raised her eyebrows at her own son. “Did you call them over?”

“No, I never use fans.”Baili Shangxie paused for a moment, his eyes flashed. “It’s father. No wonder the manager had contact with him. It turns out that he wanted to let me out. How Shameless, Too Shameless.”

“Indeed.”Helian Weiwei smiled, but the shamelessness was very exciting.

Could it be that someone had been planning to deal with the Gu family at the birthday banquet for a long time? That was why he had been so indifferent, not even batting an eyelid.

After all, he was the one who told her the news that the Purple Jade Buddha head was in the Bai family.

Then why did His Highness not take it at that time?

Even if he snatched it and couldn’t touch it, he could get any mortal to help, couldn’t he?

Thinking of this, Helian Weiwei felt more and more that everything was planned, so Helian Weiwei couldn’t help but open her mouth to ask, her voice lowered, “Hey, could it be that you’ve been planning to deal with the Gu family like this since the beginning?”

Unexpectedly, Baili Jiajue just turned his face to the side, his eyes indifferently glanced at her, one hand in his pocket, his eyebrows raised, “Do we need a plan to deal with them?”

Helian Weiwei: … Don’t be like this, no matter what, the Gu family is a listed multinational company worth several hundred million.

Such a disdainful tone, if others heard it, they would definitely have the impulse to beat up a certain highness.

However, without a plan, they would torture people until their skin was peeled off.

As expected of displaying the essence of the devil to the fullest.

Some people, compared to making him lose his life.

They cared more about their face.

This time, the Gu family probably had a life worse than death.

But at this time, people no longer cared about what would happen to the Gu family in the future. All their attention was focused on the two children, Bai Zhun and AJIU.

Although AJIU was still Bai Zhun’s sister in name, Bai Zhun was also Ajiu’s adopter.

But in reality, these two people were not related by blood.

Then, Bai Zhun liking ajiu would not be too unacceptable.

It was just that Baili Shangxie knew very well how to obstruct relationships, especially his own little sister’s.

He took a step forward, and the pure black diamond earring on his left ear shone with a devilish luster as he walked. His silver hair was messy, and there were many black ropes wrapped around his wrist. His entire person gave off the feeling of a blood-sucking aristocrat, he walked in front of Bai Zhun and stopped. Then, he smiled, and his voice sounded very bewitching and pleasant, no wonder his records were sold again and again. “Bai Zhun, is it? This time, apart from thanking and celebrating your birthday, our family also has one more thing, which is what my younger brother said just now…”

“We want to take Ajiu home.”

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