The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1260 - The Gu Family

Chapter 1260: The Gu Family

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Gu Rou listened intently and let out a scoff before saying, “Bai Zhun will stop being nice to her once today is over. She isn’t even going to appear on time for her brother’s birthday and she’s going to make so many people waste their time waiting for her. How long do you think the Bai family will continue to tolerate such an immature child?”

“So you’re thinking of…” the other girls gave an understanding smile. “That’s just as well. In the future, Bai Zhun wouldn’t care about her and nobody will bother us anymore when we go out…”

Then, the screen shook and the camera moved to a school cafeteria.

In the bustling crowd, Ajiu was sitting upright beside a long table. She was holding a lunch box with a little white cat on her head and it was wagging its tail.

On the screen, Ajiu opened the lunchbox. It looked like she was about to eat.

At this moment, two of the three girls looked at each other from her side.

Then, they opened their mouths.

Because there was too much noise and no one was filming on purpose, the picture quality was not very good.

But even so, everyone could still hear what they said to Ajiu.

They were saying that this girl was taking up too much time and asked Ajiu to go to another table.

Although what Gu Rou and the others said was not very straightforward, the contempt and disdain in their eyes were very obvious.

Ajiu looked at them and clenched her little fists, as if she really wanted to beat them up.

But the child did not say anything in the end. She just buried her little head, held the lunchbox in her hands, and went to another table before starting to feed her cat. Her tiny back seemed so sad and lonely.

The three girls began to talk and laugh.

One of them even glanced in Ajiu’s direction. Then, she lowered her voice and whispered into Gu Rou’s ear, “This sister of Bai Zhun’s is really an eyesore.”

Fortunately, at this time, Helian Qingchen appeared dressed in his school uniform and walked to where Ajiu was.

Then, Li Hailou and the others rushed towards him.

Soon after, the girls began to mock Ajiu, saying that she wasn’t fit to eat on the second floor of the cafeteria and that she should just return to wherever she came from.

Those were such awful words to listen to.

It was unpleasant to hear that there were already people in the hall who could not help but raise their hands to cover their mouths. Their eyes were filled with shock.

When those military commanders watched the footage, they were all too stunned to react. All of them widened their eyes in shock!

They had never thought that a seventeen-year-old girl would be so scheming. They had never thought that these girls who were well-read and reasonable in front of them were actually of such poor character. Not only did they speak sarcastically, but they also looked down on others.

How could the Gu family raise such a granddaughter?

In an instant, everyone in the hall looked towards the Gu family.

“That’s too ruthless of them. I really didn’t think that a girl would have been the one who came up with this.”

“If it wasn’t for her brother protecting her, wouldn’t Ajiu have been bullied?”

“She’s already been ostracized! Isn’t it in the video? Those girls’ hearts are so ugly. Oh my god, I don’t even know what to say.”

After hearing the discussions around her, Gu Rou was completely stunned. It took her a long while before she started shouting frantically, “This isn’t real! This is not real at all!”

Gu Rou’s face was pale. She wanted to defend herself, but the video was already more than enough proof of her guilt.

No matter how hard she tried to deny it, she couldn’t come up with a reasonable excuse. Even her words became pointless!

Gu Rou bit her lips tightly.

Why was there such a video?

Such a thing should not have existed in the first place!

“The video is fake, these videos must be fake!” Gu Rou denied it as if she had gone crazy. She only wanted to quickly turn off the screen right now. But the truth was already painfully clear.

After watching the video, Old Master Bai turned his head to look at Gu Rou in shock. His eyes were filled with disbelief, and his gaze towards Gu Rou was filled with shock, disappointment, and even anger…

Helian Weiwei stood by the side and the corners of her mouth curved slightly as she gave a faint sneer. “Could Miss Gu please check the date and origins of the video before saying that it is fake? These videos were dug out from the school’s and the Bai family’s surveillance cameras. How could it be fake?”

“I, I…” Gu Rou’s pale face froze. Helian Weiwei’s every word was like the sharpest needle, piercing through all of her disguises.

Helian Weiwei’s eyes looked at her indifferently, then her eyes looked past her and landed on Old Master Gu instead. “Old Master Gu, didn’t you claim that we were the ones bullying others? After watching this video, I wonder if you can still say that our family bullied your obedient granddaughter.”

When Old Master Gu heard this, he was extremely embarrassed.

The existence of the video was like a pair of invisible hands, hitting his face until it hurt.

What his precious granddaughter had done was clearly recorded in the video.

He couldn’t even believe that the person who said those cold words was his granddaughter, who had always been obedient and sensible.

He had just said that the Gu family had raised kindhearted children.

But that video showed very clearly how his granddaughter had bullied a little girl.

Helian Weiwei didn’t stop there. She glanced at the people present and her tone also became cold. “What sort of background or birth my daughter had should not matter. She was taken in by the Bai family and it is not her fault for following Bai Zhun around. Gu Rou felt that she was an eyesore and stood in the way of her pursuit of Bai Zhun, so she came up with so many wicked ideas. If she merely ostracized my daughter, fine. But she actually wanted someone to capture my daughter and lock her up in a room!”

“In order to get close to Bai Zhun, in order to make Bai Zhun dislike Ajiu, in order to steal the limelight at Bai Zhun’s birthday party, she actually came up with such malicious methods of dealing with Ajiu. She knew how much importance Ajiu placed on this party, but she still did such a thing. Old Master Gu, what a wonderful granddaughter you’ve brought up!”

Helian Weiwei’s last sentence was like a huge blow, making Old Master Gu feel as if he had been ruthlessly beaten.

At this point, everyone in the hall understood what was going on. Their eyes looked towards the Gu family. That kind of punitive gaze everyone was giving him made Old Master Gu wish that he could find a hole to hide in.

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