The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1259 - The Embarrassed Gu Rou

Chapter 1259: The Embarrassed Gu Rou

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Everyone was familiar with the location on the screen. It was a particular corner of the Bai family’s courtyard.

However, the scene on the screen was not at night, but in the afternoon. The banquet had yet to begin.

There were two other men beside Gu Rou. They were dressed as receptionists, but they did not look like members of the Bai Family. Instead, they looked like members of the Gu Family.

Although the video wasn’t very clear, and their voices had also been blurred by the rustling sound of the system, one could still faintly hear what Gu Rou told them.

As soon as this scene was shown, the tears in Gu Rou’s eyes froze. She even forgot that she was still pretending to be pitiful. She was so anxious that she wanted to rush toward the power cord.

However, Helian Weiwei was one step ahead of her and blocked her way. With a glacial expression, she said, “It hasn’t started yet. Why are you in such a hurry, Miss Gu?”

“Grandfather!” Gu Rou knew that she couldn’t go over, so she could only turn her head and tightly hold on to Old Master Gu’s sleeve so that he could help her.

As Old Master Gu looked at Baili Jiajue, he heavily knocked on his dragon-headed walking stick. Anger was written all over his face as he yelled, “What on earth do you want to do? Why is my granddaughter on the screen?!”

“Haven’t your Gu Family always been kind and honest?” The smile on the corner of Baili Jiajue’s mouth was tainted with animosity, the intensity of which was even more clearly expressed by his brows. As his words fell, there seemed to be some invisible fog surging back and forth behind him, which made it impossible for people to get close.


Those goons from the Gu Family who followed Old Master Gu still wanted to move, but just as they took a step forward, they were suddenly blocked by a black shadow that suddenly appeared before them.

Old Master Gu could only stare with his eyes wide open in anger and panic. “Baili Jiajue!”

“Shh, lower your voice.” Baili Jiajue placed his slender fingers between his lips, his movements elegant and devilish. As he forced a smile, he said, “My people are bad-tempered. If you keep agitating like this, I’m not sure whether they’ll hurt you.”

That’s right, it’s them.

Each of the black-clothed men was transformed from the monsters behind Baili Jiajue.

Those goons of the Gu family didn’t know whether they had an illusion, but they always felt that when those black-clothed men blocked them, their eyes seemed to be suffused with a scarlet red that made their opponents tremble.

Looking at this scene, Baili Shangxie laughed evilly.

Helian Qingchen’s expression was indifferent, but his fingers kept caressing Ajiu’s head. Standing like that with his sister, he cast a cold glance at the Gu Family.

After settling the distractions from the Gu Family, Helian Weiwei glanced at monkey and L, indicating for them to continue.

As the play button was pressed, everyone could hear what Gu Rou said in the video clip.

“When you see her, you must chase her away, understood?”

When she said this, Gu Rou paused and took out a stack of money from her wallet. As she shoved the money to the two men, she said, “Settle this. Don’t let anyone know.”

The two men didn’t accept it at first, as if they were still a little worried. “Miss, this is the Bai Family’s banquet, not the Gu Family’s. If we don’t let her go home, will there be any trouble later?”

“What trouble could there be?” Gu Rou placed the money in their hands and smiled gently, as if she was very confident. “Don’t worry, entering and leaving this house requires a birthday invitation. She doesn’t have an invitation on her, and she doesn’t want to come back with us, so it’s normal that she won’t be able to enter the Bai Family. When that time comes, no one will suspect you. They will only think that she didn’t attend the banquet because she was late.”

After the two men heard this, they asked, “If Miss Bai doesn’t appear, won’t Bai Zhun be anxious? And what about Old Master Bai?”

“Today is Bai Zhun’s birthday. No one will care about the adopted daughter. Moreover, she is already a guest at someone else’s house. You don’t have to worry about this. I will do it well.” Gu Rou clearly did not think this was a problem.

One of the men continued asking, “There are so many guests coming and going. What if she insists on coming in?”

“You guys must deal with this. If she causes too much trouble, then you just find a place to lock her up.” Gu Rou’s voice sank as she added, “As long as she is not allowed enter the Bai Family’s house today, I will reward you handsomely.”

When the two men heard this, they made up their minds and nodded. “Sure.”

As the three of them finished speaking, two girls appeared. One of them smilingly held Gu Rou’s arm, which looked very close to her. Without realizing the severity of their doings, they were still a little proud. “Gu Rou, your idea is marvelous. To be honest, Young Master Bai’s sister is really too much of a hindrance. It was the same for our meal last time. How Old are we? We’re all girls around seventeen or eighteen years old. We should at least have some freedom to fall in love with each other. She’s a junior high school student who always follows young Master Bai around. She doesn’t have the slightest sense of shame, causing us to feel uncomfortable even while eating. We always need to care about her. Also, when we were at No. 1 High School’s cafeteria last time, we had already formed groups of threes which comprised boys and girls. Although she was the extra one, she still didn’t even know what was going on. She only got away after being warned. As expected, she came from a small village, so of course she didn’t know the rules. Even after she got into the Bai Family, she still had that uncomfortable, poor air about her. She didn’t like to eat meat, and she always liked to eat vegetarian food. How could others accommodate her every time? Now that she can’t join the birthday party, we could finally have fun!”

“Yes, yes.” The other girl had a look of expectation on her face, and even her eyes were full of energy. “I heard that there is a session at the banquet which allows to have fun and barbeque with our partner. We could roast meat and have an all-nighter. Unfortunately, the Bai Family canceled this program because they had to take care of that child. Now, that child couldn’t even enter the house, so there was no need to think about her anymore. I can’t wait to join the one-on-one session! Gu Rou, you can still get along with Bai Zhun. The two of you… Hehe.”

“What are you thinking about?”. “Gu Rou flushed scarlet as she chuckled and said in a cold tone, “As you can see, I’ve tried to get along well with her over and over again, but this child is just so insensible. She always likes to talk back to me in front of others. Since she told me that she didn’t want to come back, then I’ll just let her stay outside today. That way, she won’t forget her original lowly background.”

“Gu Rou is right. The Bai Family is just too good to this child…”

“Especially Bai Zhun. Why is he so good to a foster sister?”

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