The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1258 - Teach the Gu Family a Lesson

Chapter 1258: Teach the Gu Family a Lesson

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“Old Master Gu.”Helian Weiwei curled her lips. “Do you really think that I can’t hear anything? Just now, every word your granddaughter said was deliberately making everyone think that Ajiu is the problem in this matter. I have to say that this move was indeed executed quite successfully.”

“I didn’t, Madam Helian, I really didn’t do that!” Gu Rou’s charming eyes were red, as if she was trying her best to suppress her grievance. In a low voice, she said to Helian Weiwei, “I simply couldn’t think of so many things, how could I possibly lead others? If Madam really thinks that I made Ajiu suffer grievance, I can apologize for whatever you want me to do. After all, I really didn’t know that Ajiu is your daughter.”

Those who didn’t know the reason behind this scene would think that Helian Weiwei was using her power to make things difficult for the others.

In fact, the one who was making things difficult was still a young girl who was only seventeen years old.

Looking at Gu Rou’s haggard little face, Helian Weiwei suddenly smiled. “Since it’s like this, then why not you apologize first.”

After hearing Helian Weiwei’s words, Gu Rou’s figure shook as a trace of uneasiness flashed across her good-looking face.

In reality, how could she be willing to apologize?

So many people were watching.

To personally say sorry to another person was simply a kind of torture for Gu Rou.

However, judging from the current situation, if she didn’t say anything, it would only make things worse.

Thinking of this, Gu Rou gently bit her red lips. Her eyes were red as she stared at Ajiu and said, “Ajiu, I don’t know why things have gotten to this point. It was clearly just a birthday gift, but it caused everyone to have a misunderstanding. If my unintentional actions make you feel uncomfortable, then I will apologize to you.”

After Gu Rou finished speaking, she turned her head and started crying. It was as if she’d been wronged.

Old Master Gu also felt uncomfortable when he saw this. Turning his head toward Helian Weiwei, he questioned her angrily, “Are you satisfied now?”

“No, I’m not satisfied.”

These words weren’t uttered by Helian Weiwei.

Instead, it was Baili Jiajue who stood at the side and had been remaining silent from the beginning.

In an instant, Ajiu’s round almond eyes turned around and looked over.

Baili Jiajue also saw her at first glance.

Then he stretched out his hand and pressed it on her little head, rubbing it back and forth.

With his hands clad in black gloves, he genuinely looked like a character from manga.

His handsome and noble face was still very calm.

But for certain reason, the moment he opened his mouth, that cold and sinister feeling suddenly became very strong.

Ajiu raised her hand and touched the top of her head that had been caressed by her father. She was stunned.

Her father just touched her head?

Did her father just touch her head?!

There was only one thought lingering in Ajiu’s mind.

She could not care less about the people around her.

Baili Shangxie and Helian Qingchen, who were watching from the side, raised their eyebrows instantly.

Thinking back to those years, their father had never touched their heads. It was good enough if he did not treat them violently.

When dealing with Qing Chen, Baili Jiajue still had a bit of patience.

When dealing with Baili Shangxie, he really manifested his manly brutal nature to the fullest.

Baili Shangxie basically didn’t want to think about it anymore. A few thousand years ago, in order to find his mother, his father was so angry that he almost destroyed Baili Shangxie.

Now, the Gu Family was actually throwing a tantrum at his mother.

They were just too daring.

Old Master Gu still didn’t realize what he was going to face next.

He only felt that the Baili Family was deliberately looking for trouble. As that old face darkened, the anger in his voice also became more intense. “President Jue, are you really going to make things difficult for my Gu Family?”

Baili Jiajue looked at him, and the corner of his mouth slowly curved into a slightly glacial smile. “The apology was not sincere enough. Do you still think that I am making things difficult for your Gu Family?”

“I-I’ve already apologized, is it still not sincere enough?” Gu Rou’s face turned pale; her eyes looked at everyone; her beautiful eyes slightly filled with tears. In a very pitiful manner, she lowered her head and muttered, “It’s just a misunderstanding with Ajiu. How do you want me to apologize? The Jue Wei Group can’t bully people like this.”

Without saying anything, Baili Jiajue only curved his lower lip.

That smile was extremely cold.

It was so cold that it made Gu Cheng, who had been watching from the side, subconsciously shiver.

He kept wondering what went wrong in his family.

But he couldn’t tell the source of the problem.

At this time, Baili Shangxie gave a vicious laugh, “Are you accusing me of bullying?”

As he spoke, he took a step toward Gu Rou’s direction. With a cold smile, he enunciated each word clearly, “If you say so, then let me tell you, the one we’re bullying is you.”

“How dare you!” Gu Rou took a deep breath as her eyes turned red. Even her shoulders began to tremble. She looked extremely weak and pitiful in such a miserable state.

To console Gu Rou, Old Master Gu patted her back. Following that, his expression also became a lot more serious, “Our Gu Family has always been gentle and never wanted to make enemies with anyone. Jue Wei Group is a big business, which our Gu family really can’t afford to offend. However, President Jue, if you guys keep making things difficult for us, we will not take a step back!”

As soon as Old Master Gu made his words clear, the hall immediately burst into a clamor.

After all, those who came to the Bai family’s birthday banquet were all influential figures.

These people were different from ordinary businessmen.

Most of them enjoyed fame, wealth, and power.

Upon hearing the argument, some righteous old military officers cast their disapproving gaze at the Baili Family.

“Isn’t this too overbearing?”

“Isn’t the apology acceptable?”

“The Gu lady didn’t do anything wrong after all.”

The arguments kept boiling in the hall.

The more pitiful Gu Rou presented herself, the more domineering Old Master Gu became, as if their Gu family was the most powerful in this world.

However, at this time, Helian Weiwei spoke with an indifferent expression, “It seems that if we don’t show some concrete evidence, some people won’t admit that they have done something wrong. Indeed, we should teach the Gu Family some manners before we can decide the true bully here.”

Soon after that, Helian Weiwei raised her finger.

With a snap of her finger, the large television screen in the hall suddenly lit up.

L, who was holding a gun with one hand, and monkey, who was holding a notebook with his left hand, stood at the connection point and made an OK sign toward Helian Weiwei.

“Boss, we can start now!”

What was going to happen?

Everyone was shrouded in uncertainty.

After a period of buffering, Gu Rou’s figure suddenly appeared on the screen!

In an instant, everyone present looked in the direction of the screen!

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