The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1261 - Turning on One Another, What an Embarrassment

Chapter 1261: Turning on One Another, What an Embarrassment

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“It’s not like that, listen to my explanation, it’s not like that!” Gu Rou’s entire body trembled as she looked at the crowd in fear. Large tears fell uncontrollably down her face.


She couldn’t admit it!

Once she admitted what she had done…

Her reputation would be completely ruined!

“At that time, I wasn’t thinking of such evil things!” Gu Rou anxiously tugged at Old Master Gu’s sleeve. “Grandpa, you have to believe me. My thoughts really didn’t go that far.”

Old Master Gu raised his head and looked at everyone. With so many people looking at him, he simply didn’t know what he ought to say.

Helian Weiwei laughed lightly. Her gaze was rather cold. “Old Master Gu, it’s a pity that your granddaughter didn’t get into theater studies. She said that her thoughts hadn’t gone that far? She could even think of ordering someone to kidnap a girl who isn’t even 12! There’s nothing such a girl wouldn’t do! If not for these videos, she would never admit to doing any of this. In fact, she would continue to mislead the guests and make them think that my family is the one bullying her. Someone capable of such schemes couldn’t possibly have ‘not gone that far’!”


Upon hearing that, Gu Rou’s face turned pale. “No! It’s not like that! “I really just wanted Ajiu to have some self-awareness. I wasn’t thinking of bullying her. I just wanted her to know that a child like her isn’t worthy of Bai Zhun. She’s always too clingy, doesn’t take any hints and keeps following Bai Zhun around…I really didn’t think of harming her!”


“Gu Rou.” Helian Weiwei’s voice sank. “I’ve never liked it when someone older lords it over a younger person. Are you still going to deny it even at this point in time? You’re making it hard for anyone to even try to defend you now. How could you say you didn’t mean to harm her? You locked Ajiu up for an entire night! Don’t you think that was a really ruthless idea?”

It wasn’t just ruthless, it was completely heartless.

People were discussing animatedly. No decent person would use such a method to deal with a child.

This could not be said to be an unintentional mistake.


It was clear that this girl wanted to destroy Ajiu!

Xiao Lin and Li Hailou looked at each other.

Their current emotions were really more complicated than anyone else’s.

Especially Li Hailou. He wished he could slap himself twice and then teach Gu Rou a lesson!

If it weren’t for him, even though Bai Zhun had been the one who wanted to make a deal with the Gu family, Gu Rou wouldn’t be able to do all of this so easily if not for Li Hailou.

It was all because he had been blind and didn’t see her true colors.

He had been angry at Ajiu for siding with outsiders and not them.

But he had never realized what had happened that day.

He couldn’t believe what those two girls in the video had said. He couldn’t believe these two girls were actually such people!

Bai Zhun had eventually let them off because one of them was Li Hailou’s girlfriend.

“It’s all my fault!” Li Hailou blamed himself so much that his eyes were red. He clenched his fists tightly. “If it weren’t for me, Gu Rou wouldn’t have had the chance to get in contact with Ajiu.”

Xiao Lin narrowed his eyes and said, “Hailou, now is not the time to talk about this. Since we caused this problem, then we’ve got to help get rid of it. We’ve got to deal with all those people who bullied Ajiu.”

After this reminder from Xiao Lin, Li Hailou’s gaze became very fierce as he looked in the direction of Gu Rou and the two girls. His voice was cold as he said, “I will not let you have it easy!”

The two girls’ fingers trembled. Their escape route was already blocked by those invisible men in black.

They also did not expect that there would be such a video.

Why were all their words captured?

What should they do?

What should they do now?

They were dead for sure!

They had offended Xiao Lin and Li Hailou, which meant that they would no longer have anymore friends.

They could almost imagine how miserable their lives would be in the future.

Even though they were from No. 2 High School, the impression that all the other high schoolers got from them after watching this video would ensure that they wouldn’t meet with a good end, never mind how powerful the Li and Xiao families were at the same time.

Moreover, when they did these things and said these words, they did not think that the child would be the little princess of Juewei Group.

How were they going to live in the future?

When the two girls thought of this, they did not care anymore and desperately tried to explain as they exposed Gu Rou’s role in all of this at the same time.

“It has nothing to do with us! It’s Gu Rou! She’s the one who always told us that she didn’t like Bai Zhun’s younger sister, saying that she was merely adopted from some village and wasn’t worthy to be a Bai. She’s the daughter of the Gu family, so we had no choice but to go along with her and listen to everything she told us to do. If we didn’t do that, the people in school would ostracize us from the next day onwards!”

“Before this, there was a girl who went against what Gu Rou told her to do and now, nobody in school sits with her for lunch, and everyone just treats her like a monster. Hailou, you’ve got to believe us! We cared about Gu Rou’s opinion only because we didn’t want to end up in the same predicament. We just did everything she told us to.”

“Also, she had also hinted to us that if Bai Zhun didn’t have such a bothersome younger sister, she would be able to spend every single waking moment with Bai Zhun, and it would be a lot easier to woo Bai Zhun with her out of the way.”

“What nonsense are both of you talking about?!” After hearing these words, Gu Rou couldn’t help but shout out loud. She immediately rushed in front of the two girls and slapped the face of the girl who had just spoken. Her eyes turned red. “I’ve always been so good to the two of you but the two of you do this to me?!”

The girl immediately cried and reached out to clutch her cheek. She also started shouting, “I’ve already offended everyone, so I don’t care if I offend you or not! If you weren’t the daughter of the Gu family, did you think anybody would really care to be friends with you?!”

“Why, you!” Gu Rou reached out and pounced on the girl again.

No one cared about them. The two of them pulled at each other’s hair and rolled about on the floor like two dogs trying to bite each other. Their usual gentle demeanor was nowhere to be found.


Even Old Master Gu’s eyes were filled with shock when he saw this, let alone the others. The people present no longer spoke up for Gu Rou. Instead, the disgust in their eyes was obvious.

Gu Cheng stood to the side and clenched his fists. After the video was shown, he knew that the Gu family was doomed this time.

He knew that his cousin liked Bai Zhun very much and he thought that even if she pulled a few tricks to get close to Bai Zhun, she wouldn’t do anything unethical like this…

But after watching the video himself, even he felt an indescribable anger pressing down on his chest.

He knew very well what kind of person Little Bean was.

How could his cousin actually use such a method to deal with her?

Moreover, she was just a child…

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