The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1253 - A Slap to the Face (1)

Chapter 1253: A Slap to the Face (1)

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Soon after that, Ajiu saw her little brother’s face turn cold.

Gu Rou Rou, Li Hailou, and the others all widened their eyes.

At this time, she seemed to have realized something. She suddenly turned her body and followed everyone’s gaze to look at the door.

There was a youth as calm as the wind standing in the light. His windbreaker was fluttering in the wind, and the corners of his mouth were slightly curved.

His smile was very good-looking. It was bright and clean like water poured down from the sun, as if it could sweep away all the grievances in the depths of a person’s heart.


Second Brother!

Ajiu called out from the bottom of her heart. After a short jog, she directly ran in front of Helian Qingchen, as if she was extremely happy. Her two cat ears were perked up, and her eyes, which were dim just now, were filled with brightness.


Why is second brother here? !

Didn’t he say that he had something to do?

Li Hailou also wanted to ask this question!

“Helian Qingchen, why are you here?”

He didn’t remember sending this guy an invitation!

Helian Qingchen smiled, and his beautiful lips curved into a faint arc. “I’m here to give a gift on behalf of Ajiu.”


“Give a gift?” Li Hailou snorted. “Ajiu has a gift, which she will give it to him himself? Why would he need you?” As he spoke, he strolled over. Although he didn’t make a move, his gaze was fixed on Helian Qingchen’s face.

Helian Qingchen had no intention of retreating at all. His long and thick eyelashes formed a dark shadow, and his entire person gave people a feeling of carelessness.

The atmosphere between these two people was obviously not right.

Old Master Bai, who was dressed in military uniform, looked at this scene and frowned slightly.

An adjutant immediately walked over and came to Helian Qingchen’s side.

When Ajiu saw that the adjutants had moved, her ears perked up. She stood sideways in front of Helian Qingchen and looked at the other party with a determined gaze.


When the adjutants saw that Ajiu was protecting that person, they were momentarily stunned. They could not help but look towards their young master.

Bai Zhun’s gaze had already followed Ajiu’s movements. It was cold to the extreme.

His pair of pitch-black eyes were deep and did not seem like his usual self.

Watching from the side worriedly, Xiao Lin turned his body to the side and said to Helian Qingchen in a low voice, “If you want to fight, we can accompany you any day, but not today. Today is Bai Zhun’s birthday, and all the guests are here. It’s not suitable for us to be so confrontational. If you cause trouble here, the person who will be in trouble in the end will only be Ajiu.”

After hearing these words, Helian Qingchen laughed in a low voice, “Xiao Lin, I just said that I’m here to give gifts on behalf of Ajiu. You guys can continue with your work, so don’t bother about me.”

‘Don’t bother about me’? What was the meaning of the arrogant words!

Li Hailou really wanted to grab Helian Qingchen’s collar and ask him a good question!

But he had to restrain himself. If he made a move at Bai Zhun’s birthday party, it wouldn’t be good if it was revealed!

Gu Rou looked at this scene and said with a faint smile, “Ajiu, this friend of yours shouldn’t have an invitation card on him, right? Why did he come just like that? I don’t even know how to continue giving gifts anymore.”

Narrowing her big eyes, Ajiu glanced in Gu Rou’s direction. She silently warned three times not to beat her up before reaching out to grab Helian Qingchen’s hand.

Helian Qingchen did not have the time to fight with Gu Rou in the past, but it was different now.

“Who said I don’t have an invitation?”Helian Qingchen looked at the Purple Jade Buddha head on Ajiu’s wrist and revealed a meaningful smile.

The two girls beside Gu Rou laughed one after another, and there was obvious mockery in their voices. “You really dare to brag. Aren’t you afraid that the wind will blow your tongue off? Who Are You? Are you worthy of the Bai family sending you an invitation? Stop Dreaming, Okay?”

When the surrounding guests heard these words, they all looked at Helian Qingchen and tilted their heads while starting their discussion.

Old Master Bai’s face also lost its usual benevolence. However, it was not directed at Helian Qingchen, but he did not like what these two juniors said. It was too harsh and too sarcastic.

Ajiu felt that she could not hold back the primeval power in her body. Even the Enlightenment from Buddha Wuli could not help her. She could only look at her little brother again. Yes, she was staring at him again.

Otherwise, she would really pounce on him and beat him up!

Bai Zhun’s eyes were also looking at her at the moment.

It could also be said that from the beginning, the person he was looking for was ajiu.

But he did not expect that when he found her, she would directly run to another person’s side.

Helian Qingchen.

Ever since this person appeared, he had already begun to lose her.

Until now, he was incomparably clear-headed as he watched himself sink into oblivion.

When the pain reached a certain point, it was a ruthlessness that he no longer wanted to let go of.

“Ajiu, come here,” Bai Zhun suddenly spoke. Probably because he had not recovered from his cold, his voice was hoarse and cold.

Nevertheless, Ajiu remained motionless. She knew that if she moved, the little brother would definitely deal with second brother. She could predict the outcome.

“I’ll say it again. Come here.”

Bai Zhun saw that she did not have any intention of returning to his side. Her throat, which was already red from the stabbing, seemed to be on fire. The pain was so excruciating that there was no skin left on her body.

Ajiu glanced at Bai Zhun, then looked at Gu Rou, who was standing not far away from him. She thought of the scene where that person wanted to send a gift just now, and silently shook her head.

This time, Bai Zhun did not even feel the pain.

His gaze was like water as he looked at the little face that he had raised since young. His chest was so tight that it almost made him feel uncomfortable to breathe.

“For his sake, you don’t even listen to Little Brother’s Words?”

Bai Zhun’s voice was very hoarse, so hoarse that it seemed to be coming out from his throat.

Ajiu opened her mouth, as if she wanted to say something.

Gu Rou was a person who knew how to read People’s signals, so she immediately interrupted her. Her voice was so gentle that it was like a flowing stream, just like the other host of the banquet, she said warmly, “Alright, let’s stop talking. Since you are AJIU’s friend, it doesn’t matter whether you have an invitation or not. It’s a good thing that you can come. Let’s continue to send gifts. Doesn’t Ajiu also have a gift for your friend to give to your little brother? “Why don’t you take it out and have a look?”

“Yeah, Ajiu, where’s your lighter? Hurry up and give it to your brother.” The two girls laughed again. “However, even if you want to give a lighter, you still need to ask a friend for help. This is too much fuss over nothing!”

Helian Qingchen listened to these words filled with ridicule and smiled lightly. “Who told you that the gift I want to give on Ajiu’s behalf is a lighter?”

“What else is there?” Gu Rou also smiled and already pointed out something. “Qing Chen, we are very clear about your family’s situation, so it’s better to act according to one’s ability when it comes to gifts.”

The two girls were even more disapproving. “What kind of gift sounds good? It’s probably something shabby. Ajiu, the friend you found to give gifts is too unpresentable.”

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