The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1254 - A Slap to the Face (2)

Chapter 1254: A Slap to the Face (2)

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Ajiu clenched her fists as she listened. She was ready for battle, just like a little tiger that was about to stretch out its claws and bite.

At this moment, a devilish arrogance suddenly sounded from the door. “Who said that my younger brother is unpresentable?”

It was just a short moment.

The hall fell into silence.

Everyone seemed to hold their breath.

Especially the female guests, be they adults or children, their faces all showed an uncontrollable excitement.

Helian Qingchen didn’t need to turn his head to know who was coming. The corner of his mouth was half-curved as he looked in Gu Rou’s direction, “I want to give a birthday present to Ajiu. It’s here.”

That kind of smile that did not reveal her teeth was scary. For some unknown reason, it actually made Gu Rou’s feel a trace of coldness.

At this time, that slender figure that could gather all the bright lights had already walked in. In a very beautiful posture, he placed his left hand on Helian Qingchen’s shoulder. His fair skin, which was like that of a vampire noble, emitted light, the corners of his mouth carried his unique viciousness that caused countless young girls to be infatuated with him.

Luxurious, dark, enough to topple cities.

A strand of silver hair hung down and blocked his eyes, as if he couldn’t see his face clearly.

But even so.

People could recognize him.

That was Baili Shangxie!

The real-life version of Baili Shangxie!

This thought was like a violent storm, engulfing all the women present.

It also included the two girls who had just mocked Helian Qingchen.

After all, Baili Shangxie was not an ordinary idol star.

Every drama he filmed, the characters he created would be praised as classics.

Not to mention the sixteen or seventeen-year-old students, even the old wealthy ladies present had always been fascinated by the role he played.

Baili Shangxie’s ability to bewitch people could not be described with words.

In addition, everyone knew what his background was.

The young director of the Jue Wei Group held the financial lifeline of countless industries in his hands.

How could such a person say that Helian Qingchen was his younger brother?

Those two girls who were once proud of themselves immediately lost all color on their faces.

Without a doubt, they were all fans of Baili Shangxie, and they liked Baili Shangxie very, very much. They even used pictures of Baili Shangxie on their phone screens.

But what did they just do?

They actually insulted the young master’s most beloved younger brother.

All the fans knew that Baili Shangxie cared about his younger brother the most. Even when he grew up, the title of national elder brother had not been removed.

But, how did things turn out like this?

Didn’t that Helian Qingchen have no background at all?

How did he become Young Master’s younger brother?

Gu Rou’s expression also began to turn ugly. She originally wanted to use Helian Qingchen, this poor boy, to make things difficult for Ajiu.

But she never thought that she would actually accidentally provoke the people of the Jue Wei Corporation.

What should she do now?

How should she make things right?

Gu Rou anxiously clenched her hands.

The appearance of Baili Shangxie was undoubtedly a huge rock thrown into the hall.

Even the expressions of Li Hailou and Xiao Lin turned blank for a moment.

What on earth was going on?

Why would Baili Shangxie come here?

How did he become Helian Qingchen’s brother?

Questions that they couldn’t even think of in the past popped up one after another.

They only felt that something was out of their control. It was as if this time, things were really a little complicated.

Only Ajiu was very happy. She held the little white cat in her hand and looked at Bai Mao Shang Xie with her small face held high. This was really the first time she had seen him.

The first time she had seen her big brother alive.

Big Brother and second brother were completely different.

They were clearly both born by their mothers.

Ajiu was very happy, so her thoughts were also a little incoherent.

At this moment, the Baili Shangxie also lowered his head and met his little sister’s big eyes that were as clear as water.

Staring at the small-sized Ajiu, Baili Shangxie endured it again and again before he controlled his hand and did not pick up his little cutie.

He was afraid that once he touched his little sister, her little sister would feel uncomfortable.

Ajiu didn’t care whether her big brother hugged her or not. With a pair of small ears and a pretty little face, she quietly reached out and grabbed Baili Shangxie’s sleeve.

The three siblings finally stood together.

Baili Shangxie’s hand was still on Helian Qingchen’s shoulder.

Ajiu was standing in front of her second brother, looking very cute.

With the smiling Helian Qingchen as the center, the three of them stood in the middle of the hall. Each of them had their own characteristics, and each of them really caught people’s attention. When they were together, they looked very much like the scene in a manga.

“Just now, some people thought that I was too shabby, so they questioned me and asked me if I had received an invitation from the Bai family.” Helian Qingchen said with a faint smile, “So if brother didn’t appear, I would actually be looked down upon by people. It’s only because I rode a bicycle to school. The girls nowadays are really a good force. What do you think, Miss Gu?”

Gu Rou’s entire body froze when she was mentioned. She could feel many gazes shooting in her direction. This made her wish she could find a hole to hide in.

Helian Qingchen ignored her and looked at Old Master Bai. “I remember that Old Master Bai sent four invitation cards to our family. He even mentioned on the invitation card that he hoped my mother would bring us along to attend the event.”

“That’s right.” Old Master Bai’s laughter came over, still bright and clear. “I didn’t expect that girl’s child to have grown so big. Good, good, good, really good!”

Upon hearing that, Helian Qingchen smiled again. “I’ll have to trouble Old Master Bai to remember. My family members have always been unexpectedly long.”

Saying this, he lowered his head and looked at his little sister in front of him.

Old Master Bai saw that the doting look in his eyes was not hidden at all.

He thought that this child also liked Ajiu.

He turned his head back and looked at his own grandson worriedly.

Helian Qingchen continued to say, “This time, apart from congratulating young master Bai on his birthday, there is one more thing for our family to come…”

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