The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1252 - The Face Slapping Begins

Chapter 1252: The Face Slapping Begins

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After L heard this, a cold glint immediately flashed through his black eyes, as if he couldn’t hold it in any longer. He immediately picked up his long spear and followed Helian Qingchen out of the car.


The two of them got out of the car and walked toward the military compound in large strides. Clad in pure black clothes, they looked very cool.

However, Helian Qingchen was wearing a knee-length windbreaker with a pure white shirt underneath. In the darkness of the night, he looked more dangerous than usual. His long sleeves fluttered as they were flapped,

In the midst of the fog, the two of them morphed into two monkeys. Pulling the rope, they jumped into the compound. Their movements were very fast and their skills were even more professional than the special forces. Not a single sound was heard during the process.

Moreover, they already knew this military district’s courtyard very well. If it was someone else who wanted to enter, it would probably be very troublesome. However, this kind of matter was something that the spectre organization could settle in a minute.

Once they entered the courtyard, they were at the periphery of the Bai Family.

The two people that Gu Rou had sent out were still standing guard at the main entrance. When they saw that someone had come, they immediately had Helian Qingchen and the others take out their invitations. Their attitude was very unyielding.

“Without an invitation, you are not allowed to enter.”

Hearing this, Helian Qingchen only tilted his head and smiled. The corners of his mouth curled upwards. Then, he stretched out his hand and in a flash, he grabbed the other party’s neck.

With a creak, he quickly finished off those two people!

Although it only made them faint from the pain, he did not give them the chance to call for help at all.

As the corner of the black windbreaker fell down, L took care of the aftermath. He dragged one in each hand and directly threw them into the darkness.

“With just the two of you, do you really think you can stop me?” Helian Qingchen had one hand in his pocket and looked down at the two black shadows lying in the grass. The corners of his mouth curled up, filled with coldness that Ajiu had never seen before.

Then, he turned his head and turned his cold face to the side. He only said two words to L: “Let’s go.”

In the Bai Family’s room, the music in the hall was getting louder and louder.

Everyone was chatting happily. Most of the people’s gazes were still changing with Gu Rou’s stories. They were basically hoping to hear more shocking news after the birthday party ended.

Ajiu didn’t say much. She just sat quietly in her seat, holding something to drink in her hand. She was exceptionally obedient. Finally, when she drank the second glass, the little brother appeared.

Bai Zhun, who had changed his clothes, did not seem to be as tired as before. His noble and handsome youth face was as cold as ever.

As everyone stood up one after another, Bai Zhun took the red wine handed over by the waiter while smiling faintly. “I’ve made everyone wait for a long time. I’m very grateful that you could come to my birthday party in their busy schedules. This glass is for the elders.”

As he finished speaking, Bai Zhun raised his head and downed the wine in his hand in one gulp.

Then, he handed the wine cup to the waiter while speaking with a low voice, “Today, 14 years ago, I got off the plane. For a very long time, I felt that it would be very difficult to do things in the future. In fact, for so many years, the uncles have been very good to me. In the future, I will complete all the things my father taught me back then. I also hope that you will not show mercy when training me. My father used to say that a family can only survive when the country is strong. I will take you as the model and become a responsible member of the Bai Family.”

After saying that, Bai Zhun raised his glass again. The response was different because all the soldiers present, no matter how big their titles were, knew that what had happened on the plane was not an ordinary plane accident. It was Bai Zhun’s parents who had sacrificed themselves in order to save the passengers on the plane.

Bai Zhun’s father was a very admirable soldier, and Bai Zhun had clearly inherited this spirit that could not be described with words. The older one was, the more one knew what kind of spirit it was. It was a righteous young man, it was never just a casual remark. There was a type of person who could clearly lead a more comfortable and relaxed life, but for the sake of a belief in protecting his family and country, he gave up many direct shortcuts. Perhaps this was a soldier from China.

The inheritance in his blood seemed to not be changed by anything.

A burst of applause then erupted in the hall because of Bai Zhun’s words. It was given to this child by the old military commanders who was about to retire.

Old Master Gu stood in the middle, admiring and nodding his head gently. His old face was filled with a satisfied smile, as if he was very satisfied with Bai Zhun.

Then, he glanced at Gu Rou and asked the person next to him to pass the thing to his granddaughter. Holding the dragon-headed walking stick in her hand, there was a hint of benevolence in his eyes. “Go. Bai Zhun has always wanted this document. I’ve always wanted to give it to him. This is the most suitable time to give his favorite birthday present. Bai Zhun will definitely be happy.”

Under her friend’s envious gaze, Gu Rou blushed and softly acknowledged. Then, she dragged her white dress and walked toward Bai Zhun’s position.

She had said long ago that she knew Bai Zhun as well as she knew herself.

People like them were born to love power.

Bai Zhun and her were the most perfect combination.

Since that child refused to believe it, she would let her see for herself what the difference was between them?

From the moment Gu Rou walked towards Bai Zhun, all the guests in the room shifted their gazes towards her. The atmosphere of the birthday party instantly reached a new height!

“Isn’t that the Gu Family’s servant girl?”

“What does she want to do?”

“Could it be a confession? Heavens, how romantic!”

The two girls who followed Gu Rou also clenched their hands tightly. They looked at the scene in front of them with excitement, looking forward to what would happen next.

On the other hand, Bai Zhun, who stood tall and straight, did not see anyone walking towards him at the beginning. His back was always facing Gu Rou, and his eyes were looking at the crowd as if he was looking for someone.

Then, he turned his head away after hearing the discussions of the crowd.

At this moment, Gu Rou had already walked to his side, holding a document in her hand.

Bai Zhun lowered his eyes, and a faint cold light flashed across his bottomless eyes.

Gu Rou was dressed in a pure white and fresh gauze dress. As her soft and long hair draped over her shoulders, there were some bright stars on her head, making her look like a gentle angel.

Along with the commotion around her, Gu Rou smiled gently. “Bai Zhun, this is the Gu Corporation contract that you’ve always wanted. I’ll give it to you as your birthday present now. I hope you’ll like it.”

As her voice became lower, the hall was filled with noises.

At this moment, Gu Rou seemed to have become the focus of attention.

Even if Ajiu didn’t know anything, she knew how valuable the present she gave was.

Upon seeing this, Ajiu was stunned. Her large round eyes had just turned a little dim. Before Bai Zhun could reply, she heard an unusual disturbance coming from behind her!

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