The Almighty Ring

Chapter 1792 - dispatch of troops    

Chapter 1792: Chapter 1792, dispatch of troops


Marus was waiting for the convoy that Jiang Fei had given him. Although he was still a little dissatisfied, he could not afford to delay the arrival of the goods. Therefore, he had to set off.

After seeing Marus’fleet set off, Aurelia sent more than ten Lonely Star class unmanned scout ships to follow behind. They were waiting for the “Players”to take the bait.

“Honey, do you think there’s any hope this time?”Bella asked Jiang Fei.

“I’m not sure if the “Players”will appear. However, if they do, I believe that Aurelia will give me a satisfactory answer!”Jiang Fei laughed.

“I hope so!”Bella sighed. The matter of the “Players”was like a huge mountain that weighed down on the hearts of those who knew about it.

“Oh right, Aurelia, what is the situation with the few battleships that you sent out this time?”Jiang Fei turned around and asked Aurelia, who was sitting on the captain’s seat of the ship.

“They are all the elites that I have carefully selected during this period of time! Be it the grizzly bear class heavy cruiser or those auxiliary ships, they are all fierce characters that can fight!”Aurelia said.

“Hubby, this is a bait mission. If we let these elites execute it, wouldn’t we be at a great loss if we lose?”Ariel asked from the side.

“How could that be!”Aurelia took the initiative to continue the conversation. After all, she was the one who had personally decided on the candidate.

“Isn’t That So?”Ariel asked in puzzlement.

“Hehe, you overestimate the combat strength of those ‘players’. Although they have changed their weapons, they are still incomparable to the regular army. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have targeted merchant ships! “Although these few grizzly bears might not be able to wipe out those ‘players’, they will be able to escape unscathed and delay the arrival of our main force!”Aurelia explained.

“I see!”Ariel nodded.

“Don’t look at those ‘players’who have also obtained heavy patrol ships and main ships. Those are the items of a small number of high-tier ‘players’. Normal ‘players’are not that fat!”Jiang Fei laughed, although these ‘players’had unlocked their technology locks because of the discovery of the ruins, the vast majority of ‘players’could not afford to buy high-tier battleships. If everyone was driving a main ship.., then, where would the ‘rich players’who paid for it find a sense of superiority?

Ever since the merchant group set sail, time passed by minute by minute. However, everything seemed to be very calm on the interstellar route. The ‘players’who always came out to plunder seemed to have collectively rested today, not even a shadow came out.

Some of the traditional pirates naturally did not dare to act rashly when they saw that the merchant fleet actually had a grizzly class heavy cruiser escorting them.

Just like that, the first day that was tense and calm had passed. The merchant fleet had passed through about one-fifth of the laziz galaxy. Everything was safe and sound.

On the second day, the merchant fleet on the interstellar voyage was still safe and sound. This made many of the second-generation heirs in Jiang Fei’s fleet begin to relax. They even handed the battleship to their adjutant for temporary command while they left the bridge.

On the third day, almost one-third of the captains in Jiang Fei’s fleet began to slack off. Aurelia did not seem to care about this. After all, the control of a battleship did not completely depend on the captain, even if these second generation members stayed in their own rooms to sleep, the battleship would still function normally under the control of the clone warriors. However, in battle, there were some things that needed to be judged and decided in a timely manner, they could not make decisions on their own.

On the fourth day, the caravan’s journey was already halfway through. In another two days, they would be able to pass through this densely packed and dangerous laziz galaxy.

However, on this day, a Lone Star class unmanned scout ship suddenly lost contact!

“There’s a situation! Lord Aurelia, one of my lone stars has disappeared!”The intelligence officer who was in charge of controlling this Lone Star class unmanned scout ship said to Aurelia.

“Coordinates!”Aurelia immediately asked.

“It’s in the fourth star area of the Morning Light Star Field!”The intelligence officer immediately displayed the position of the Lone Star that he had controlled on the star map.

“Hehe, looks like the person we were waiting for has arrived!”Aurelia smiled slightly. The position of the Lone Star that had disappeared was right in front of the left side of the caravan’s path. Furthermore, this was an asteroid belt, and was very suitable for an ambush.

It should be known that in the era of high-frequency radar, which was very popular in the cosmos, it was not easy for fleets to ambush. Unless they had technology that was far superior to other forces and could create a spaceship that could not be detected by others’radar.., otherwise, it was not an easy thing to ambush others.

In the space station, the usual ambush method was to use natural celestial bodies to hide themselves. Therefore, the back of the planet or the asteroid belt became the best place for warships to hide.

In the back of a planet or asteroid belt, relying on celestial bodies to hide themselves, then completely turning off the engines, shields, and weapon systems, allowing the spacecraft to float quietly in space, this way, one could basically avoid the opponent’s scanning.

When the opponent approached a certain degree, the engine suddenly ignited, and the shield was activated, catching the opponent off guard.

However, because energy weapons needed to be warmed up and fire control radars needed time to be activated, the ambushed fleet did not have no time to react. As long as they responded appropriately, the difference in strength between the two sides would not be too great, then, even if they were ambushed, they would still have a chance to escape unscathed.

However, this was under the condition that both sides were equal in strength. Once the enemy’s fleet was far stronger than their own, then there would be nothing they could do when they were ambushed. After all, they had to change the direction of the fleet and then turn on the transition engine, this would take a very long time. It was enough for the enemy to launch an attack.

When the merchant team was ambushed by the pirates, it was such a situation. They would definitely not be able to defeat them. It was too late to turn around and escape. The outcome could be imagined.

“Since we have confirmed that the ‘players’are hiding in the asteroid belt, what should we do? Should we go after their escape route?”Jiang Fei asked.

“That would not be good! We will go to the side to support them and leave a way out for them to ask for Help!”Aurelia was clearly much more sinister than Jiang Fei, her appetite was not only for the ‘players’that were hiding in the asteroid belt. She also planned to surround them and attack them. She wanted to eliminate more ‘players’in one go!

After making up her mind, Aurelia began to mobilize her troops.

“All ships belonging to the 105,106, and 107, immediately warp to the XXX, XXX, XXX positions and launch a surprise attack in 15 minutes!”This time, Aurelia called out the three idiot captains and their auxiliary ships.

“The 072 to 085 ships and their subordinate fleets will warp in 30 minutes. Coordinates YYY, YYYY, YYYY positions. Once the warp is completed, immediately launch a fierce attack to the Left Front! “Destroy the enemy as much as possible!”The heavy patrol dispatched by the second batch was Aurelia’s trump card, they would be responsible for annihilating the “Players”who ambushed the merchant caravan.

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