The Almighty Ring

Chapter 1791 - bait  

Chapter 1791: Chapter 1791, bait

While waiting for Aiken to finish, Luste had already urged Jiang Fei to send out his troops more than once. After all, he had supported Jiang Fei to this position under such great pressure. However, it had already been several months, jiang Fei did not even move his nest. This caused the merchant alliance to have some internal complaints.

Actually, the reason why the Merchant Alliance was urging Jiang Fei was because there was nothing they could do about it. Recently, the activity of “Players”had become more and more rampant. They were no longer limited to the Dominican galaxy, they had even extended their tentacles to the surrounding galaxies.

And the “Players”were currently not strong enough to contend with the regular army. Then, what did they rely on to do missions and earn money to buy warships?

The answer was very simple. They were raiding merchant ships!

The “Players”raiding merchant ships was not a big deal, but they had poked the lung tube of the merchant alliance. One had to know what the merchants valued the most? It was trade! Trade was all about unimpeded trade routes. If the trade routes were different, they would be robbed the moment they left. What kind of business would they be doing? How would they earn any money?

After suffering a certain amount of losses, the merchant alliance began to pressure Lu site and Jiang Fei internally. They asked them to send troops to clean up the bandits and keep the trade routes unimpeded.

On the other hand, Jiang Fei’s side continued to delay time and time again. In the end, the merchant alliance had no choice but to use the means of deducting Jiang Fei’s military expenses to force Jiang Fei to send troops.

“Sigh! It seems like there really is no such thing as a free lunch in this world!”Jiang Fei sighed, in fact, he himself felt that he had been too carefree these past few days. The merchant alliance had sent a large amount of resources over to build his battleship. However, he did not work for them. This was indeed a little unreasonable.

“Hubby, what should we do?”Bella asked.

“Have Aurelia send a message to luste. Tell him that we will raise our troops in a week,”Jiang Fei said after thinking for a moment.

“Alright!”Bella nodded and went to look for Aurelia.

Ever since he came to Skoda, Jiang Fei had become the logistics supervisor. As for the fleet exercise, he had left it all to Aurelia. Aurelia was also in charge of communicating with Luste.

Whether it was the girls around Jiang Fei or luste, none of them had any objections to Aurelia’s actual command of the fleet. Although Jiang Fei was the fleet commander in name, everyone knew that, the one who had the most experience in commanding the fleet was the Frost Queen.

When the communication was sent out, Luste naturally welcomed it with open arms. He could not wait for Jiang Fei to send out his troops immediately.

On the other hand, Jiang Fei gave the assurance that he would send out his troops. He also began to make arrangements immediately. After all, war was about logistics. When warships traveled in the vast space, the cost of fuel alone was very high, therefore, he had to make preparations in advance.

After a week of preparation, Jiang Fei’s fleet finally left Skoda Star. The huge fleet traveled through the galaxy in a mighty manner. Their destination was the Laziz Galaxy, which was adjacent to the Dominic Galaxy.

Two days later, the fleet was approaching the outer region of the laziz galaxy.

“Master Aurelia, we have arrived at the coordinates of our destination,”said the scout ship in front of them.

“Okay, coordinate with the unmanned scout ship to guard the surroundings!”Aurelia ordered.

“Master, when can we go and kill everyone?”The young captains were clearly impatient. Not all of them were capable, some of them did not even understand the cruelty of war. Therefore, they could not wait to fight.

“There’s no need to rush. We will wait for orders. When the time comes, someone will contact us!”Aurelia said.

Although the purpose of Jiang Fei and the rest was to suppress the bandits, the most important thing was to escort the Merchant Alliance’s fleet. After all, these trade routes were their lifeblood. Even if there were “Players”looting, they would not give up.

After waiting quietly for two days, a merchant fleet from the Merchant Alliance arrived at the Laziz Galaxy.

“Sister, we have received a message from the merchant fleet,”said Laix to Aurelia.

“Connect it!”Aurelia ordered.

“Okay!”Laix immediately connected the merchant fleet’s communication.

“I am the executive director of the Cohen Chamber of Commerce. My name is Marus. I am very grateful to Lieutenant General Jiang Fei and Lord Aurelia for personally escorting us!”The leader of the merchant fleet was very modest, after all, they had to rely on Jiang Fei’s fleet to provide them with protection.

“You are welcome. We will send four grizzly class heavy cruisers and a few auxiliary ships to escort you through the Laziz Galaxy,”said Aurelia.

“Master, your fleet is so powerful. Sending only four grizzly bears is a little…”Marus was clearly very disappointed.

“Don’t worry. These grizzly bears are all modified versions. They are very powerful. Ordinary Thieves are nothing to be afraid of!”Aurelia promised. In fact, she wanted to use this caravan as bait to lure the “Players”into taking the bait.

“But…”Maruth wanted to say more, but when he saw Aurelia’s firm attitude.., he could only turn to Jiang Fei and plead, “Sir Lieutenant General, the goods we are transporting this time are very precious. We can not allow any mishaps to happen. I hope you can understand our difficulties…”

“HMM… Alright!”Jiang Fei pretended to be silent for a moment. Then, he said to marus, “Then, I will send five more cobalt alloy light frigates.”

“This…”when Marus heard that, he was so angry that his nose almost went crooked. At first, he heard Jiang Fei’s tone and thought that the lieutenant general was going to send five more grizzly bear and its affiliated ships. However, he did not expect that.., he would give him five more cobalt alloy ships.

One had to know that the cobalt alloy light frigate was the lightest, smallest, and cheapest ship in the Merchant Alliance’s fleet. The cost of five cobalt alloy ships was not even as expensive as grizzly bear’s main cannon, therefore, Jiang Fei’s additional reinforcements were just a joke!

Marus looked at Jiang Fei and then looked at Aurelia. He knew that he would not be able to get more frigates no matter what he said. Therefore, he could only give up in the end.

At that moment, Jiang Fei had the same thought as Aurelia. If the escorts were too powerful, what if the “Players”were scared away? Their goal was to ambush the “Player”fleet. As for whether the merchant fleet could survive, it did not mean much to Jiang Fei.

Although there were many crew members on the merchant ships, one of the commercial ships was filled with passengers. However, at that moment, Jiang Fei had already fused with his blackened soul. He was no longer as indecisive as before, although he could not treat human lives like dirt, he would not miss out on the opportunity because of his so-called benevolence when it was time to sacrifice and take risks.

There was a saying that benevolence did not command troops. Jiang Fei had commanded the battle for a long time. Naturally, he understood this very well.

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