The Almighty Ring

Chapter 1793

Chapter 1793: Chapter 1793 battle!

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Just as Aurelia was about to deploy his troops, Marus’caravan was about to approach the asteroid belt.

“Captain, we are about to reach the asteroid belt. There are a lot of pirates here, we have to be careful!”The captain of the caravan’s transport ship said to Marus.

“Yes! Get Me the people from the escort fleet!”Marus nodded.

Soon, the communication was connected.

“Sir Malus, do you have any orders?”A young captain said to Malus with a smile. This guy was one of the captains that Aurelia favored the most. His name was spot, he was a top student of the Merchant Alliance’s Interstellar Naval Officer School.

“The asteroid belt in front is a place where pirates often come and go. Can you go and check it out?”Malus asked.

“No Problem! Our scout ship has already gone there!”Said spot. In fact, he had already received the communication from Aurelia and knew that the enemy was hiding there.

“Well! That’s good. I will ask the fleet to stop first. If it’s safe, we will speed up through this asteroid belt,”said Marus.

“Master Marus, there’s no need to go through so much trouble. Our scout ship has already gone to scout the way. We haven’t found any danger. The fleet will just continue to move forward!”Spot knew very well the identities of his and the others as bait, therefore, he naturally would not let the fleet stop to avoid alerting the enemy.

“But…”Malus was still a little worried. After all, this batch of goods was really too valuable.

“Don’t worry, Sir Malus. With us here, there won’t be any problems!”Spot laughed.

“Sigh! Alright!”It was unknown whether it was because of Spot’s smile that gave Malus confidence or because time was pressing, Malus finally agreed to spot’s request. The fleet maintained their speed and continued to sail towards the asteroid belt.

“The merchant fleet is about to enter the asteroid belt!”At this time, Aurelia also received the report.

“Come on! Let me see your abilities!”Aurelia muttered to herself, her words were not only talking about spot and the other young captains, but also talking about those new battleships. After all, whether it was these captains or the new battleships, they had not experienced the baptism of war. What exactly were their abilities, they still needed the most fair answer from the battlefield.

When the caravan sailed into the asteroid belt, everything was normal. Marus gradually relaxed his tensed nerves, but just as the caravan was about to pass through the asteroid belt, a sudden change occurred!

“Boom!”A Lone Star unmanned scout ship that was opening the way was suddenly hit by dozens of energy beams, and then exploded into a pile of cosmic dust in the air!

“Du du du du! Enemy Attack!”For a moment, the alarm of the entire fleet was raised!

“Brothers, it’s time to show off our abilities!”Spot shouted loudly, his eyes filled with excitement. After all, this was their first battle after becoming the captain, whether they would be able to gain the favor of the commander in the future.., it All depended on today!

Very quickly, four grizzly class heavy cruisers lined up in a row, blocking in front of the merchant fleet’s transport ships, behind them followed a few star class robot cruisers, these auxiliary cruisers, nicknamed the nanny ship, were loaded with a large number of automatic maintenance robots. After being released onto the friendly ships, they could quickly repair the damaged armor shell!

The grizzly bear’s greatest characteristic was its tough skin and thick flesh. The thick armor made it exceptionally resistant to blows. When paired with the nanny ship, it could immediately become an indestructible cockroach!

Other than these starship-class robot cruisers, more than a dozen cobalt alloy light frigates flanked them from both wings. Their goal was to cut into the battlefield from the flanks, avoiding the enemy’s powerful firepower, they would attack their weaknesses directly!

This was also the usual attack method used by the captain of light protection who knew how to play. After all, their ships were small. If they were to face the enemy head-on, they might even die in one shot. Therefore, it was impossible for them to face the enemy’s cannon fire head-on and charge like a grizzly bear!

“How is it? Has the enemy’s radar confirmed the target?”Spot clenched his fists in excitement.

“Captain, the enemy’s coordinates have been confirmed!”The Clone Radar Officer immediately uploaded the enemy’s information onto the star map.

“Hiss!”After seeing the marks on the star map, spot could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. From the information on the radar, the enemy fleet that participated in the ambush this time was actually more than 30 ships, moreover, more than half of them were cruiser-level ships. Their combat strength could even contend with a small army!

“It seems that our intelligence is wrong!”Spot sent the information to Aurelia while calculating the strength of the enemy and the enemy in his mind.

“Defend and wait for reinforcements!”Aurelia only sent back two words! After giving the order, he immediately ordered the 105,106, and 107 ships that had been on standby for 15 minutes to immediately start warping. At the same time, he asked the other fleet that had been on standby for half an hour to advance the warping time by 20 minutes!

“Defend…”a few young captains who were on the video call looked at each other in dismay.

“How about it? Do you want to Bet?”Spot said with his eyebrows raised.

“How?”The other captain asked.

“I’ll bet my life!”Spot said with his eyes shining.

“DAMN! Are you serious, Kid?”Although the other captain said so, from the light in his eyes, he was also a little eager to try.

“Come on! I don’t want to be like those trash and live a mediocre life. Since I’m following Lord Aurelia, I want to make a name for myself!”Spotter took a deep breath and said.

“Good! You take the lead, I’ll work with you!”A captain who was silent at the beginning suddenly said, he was the unusual one among these captains. Because his family background was not prominent, he was just born in a small merchant family. Therefore, he hoped to make a name for himself in the army.

“I’ll do it too!”

“And me!”

The remaining two captains looked at each other. They were all hot-blooded young people, and they were all ambitious young people with ability, so no one was willing to fall behind.

“Come on!”Spot gritted his teeth and ordered his own ship to charge forward, and the other three grizzly bears immediately followed.

The four grizzly bears took the initiative to attack. Naturally, the starship-class robot cruisers behind them had to follow. After all, the starship captains were all spot and the others’aides. Since their masters had already charged forward, they naturally could not hide behind them.

While spot and the others were charging forward, the “Player”battleship also completed the engine ignition process and began to charge at them.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”The “Player”battleship that used laser weapons fired ahead of time!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”The gray bear that had been bombarded began to shake violently. Its outer shell was continuously blasted apart by the laser weapons. However, because the Gray Bear’s armor was not ordinary.., therefore, the interior of the battleship shook violently, but it did not suffer much damage.

“Report damage to the ship!”Spotter ordered.

“The damage rate of the hull directly in front is 7% . repairing…”the damage manager immediately reported.

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