The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 654 - : Lota's Charm!  

Chapter 654: Lota’s Charm!

The Spanish church was on a mountain. It had a good vantage point over the whole of Chefchaouen and was a perfect place to watch the sunset.

Under the night sky, Jordan and Lota held hands as they slowly ascended the mountain. The higher they climbed, the colder it became. Dressed in a simple dress, Lota looked very adorable.

“Eh, it’s so cold. Jordan, aren’t you cold?”

Lota crossed her arms, feeling a little chilly.

Seeing this, Jordan took off his jacket and put it on Lota. “I took some medicine. Not only am I not cold, I am actually feeling rather warm.”

Lota was surprised. “The Miyamoto medicine is so powerful. You are immune to the cold after taking it. It’s so good!”

Jordan nodded. “Yes. If it’s the Mirakuru serum, the effects should be even better.”

Lota asked curiously, “Is there any difference between this divine medicine and the Mirakuru serum?”

Jordan explained. “There’s a major difference. With the divine medicine, my limbs have become stronger. But the other parts of my body are still very fragile. If a knife or a gun hits my vital parts, I will still be injured and die. But with the serum, my entire body will be completely transformed. Every single organ will be greatly enhanced. Including…”

“Including what?”

Jordan hesitated so Lota prompted him.

Jordan couldn’t bring himself to tell her. He patted her head. “You’re still young. It’s not suitable for me to tell you. I’ll tell you after you have a man.”

“Hmph, annoying! You always treat me like a child!”

Lota was a little unhappy. She wanted to know what Jordan hesitated to say. She loved to hear about R-rated things!

Jordan smiled. “When you see Dragon later, remember not to do anything that might expose him.”

Lota said, “Don’t worry, I’m smart!”

Soon, Jordan led Lota to the Spanish church at the top of the mountain. Four people were standing in the cold wind, but only Lota felt cold.

When Miyamoto Masaki saw Jordan coming, he smiled. “Hahaha, Jordan, I was right. You’re indeed very obedient. You came running the moment I summoned you.”

Jordan glanced at Miyamoto Masaki and Dragon. “You’ve misunderstood. I’m here to admire the stars with my sister.”

“Your sister?”

Miyamoto Masaki knew that Jordan had several sisters. He turned his gaze to Lota, who was disguised as a brunette.

“Good evening, Mr. Miyamoto!”

Lota waved at Miyamoto Masaki. She looked extremely cute!

This was not the first time Lota and Miyamoto Masaki had met. They saw each other during the past two great meetings.

And Miyamoto Masaki liked Lota very much, so every time he saw her, he was very respectful and even gave her many expensive gifts. Miyamoto Masaki was also very nice toward Lota in the virtual game.

As a result, Lota’s attitude towards Miyamoto Masaki was still very good.

Hearing her familiar Lolita-like voice, Miyamoto Masaki looked more carefully at Lota, who was wearing a man’s jacket and a pink dress. He was instantly attracted to her.

“So cute…”

Miyamoto Masaki was stunned. He stared at Lota like a fool. He had never seen such a cute girl!

Dragon was standing behind him and he cleared his throat. “Ahem, Master.”

Miyamoto Masaki was finally snapped out of his daze.

Giving Lota a smile, Miyamoto Masaki replied politely, “Hello, Miss Ye. Nice to meet you. I’m Miyamoto Masaki!”

Lota grinned. “I know!”

Miyamoto Masaki asked, “Did your brother tell you?”

Lota didn’t answer the question. Instead, she asked, “Mr. Miyamoto, do you like to play the King of Fighters? Shall we play a round?”

Miyamoto Masaki was overjoyed: ‘How did she know that I like to play the King of Fighters?!’

Miyamoto Masaki instinctively replied, “Sure…”

Seeing this, Dragon hurriedly tugged at Miyamoto Masaki’s arm and reminded him, “Master, we’re here to do something serious! How can you be so friendly toward your enemies!”

Miyamoto Masaki had been completely entranced by Lota’s cuteness. But he quickly retracted his silly smile after Dragon’s reminder.

Miyamoto Masaki said seriously, “Jordan, I lost to you today. I’m not as good as you. I have nothing to say about that! However, I don’t believe your claim that the Steeles have already successfully developed the Mirakuru serum! Do you dare to fight my most capable subordinate?”

Jordan glanced at Dragon. “Not interested.”

Miyamoto Masaki was furious. “Idiot! You have to fight today no matter what!”

Lota interrupted at this moment in her cute baby voice, “Mr. Miyamoto, you’re so fierce.”

She knew Miyamoto Masaki well. She knew that tough, aggressive men were most helpless against adorable and coquettish little girls. Of course, unless the girl was as good-looking as Lota, it was useless no matter how much she whined and wheedled.

Miyamoto Masaki quickly changed his expression. “I am not actually that fierce…”

Jordan couldn’t help but laugh. Lota was really something.

Miyamoto Masaki looked at Jordan again. “Jordan, there’s no way to avoid today’s fight between you and my subordinate, Dragon! However, before your duel, I would like to officially get to know your sister. May I know her name?”

Jordan placed his hand on Lota’s shoulder and said, “Oh, her name is Jodie.”

“Jodie… what a cute name.” Miyamoto Masaki swallowed hard.

Miyamoto Masaki walked over very politely. “Miss Jodie, please come with me and stand by the side. I’m afraid that they will hurt you during the fight.”

Lota said coquettishly, “Must they fight? Can’t they not fight?”

Jordan said, “Miyamoto, since you’re quite polite to my sister, I’ll do as you wish and fight your subordinate.”

Actually, Jordan wanted the fight to happen just as much as Miyamoto Masaki did.

How else would they continue deceiving the Miyamotos if he didn’t fight?


Miyamoto Masaki and Lota stood to the side as Jordan and Dragon faced each other.

Dragon was the first to shout. “Arrogant brat, how dare you hit my Master? I’ll make you pay for what you did!”

With that, Dragon charged toward Jordan.

Seeing that Dragon was so enthusiastic, Miyamoto Masaki felt very gratified. “Dragon is indeed loyal!”

Just like in the previous fight, Jordan was not in a hurry to attack. He just kept dodging.

However, Dragon’s speed and agility were way beyond Jordan’s. Jordan was unable to completely shake Dragon off. Jordan ended up being very passive and defensive, being chased all over the place.

Miyamoto Masaki laughed. “Hahaha, you toyed with me with your agility earlier today. Let’s see how well you can dodge now! Dragon, you can do it! Bash his face in!”

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