The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 655 - Miyamoto Masaki Kneels!  

Chapter 655: Miyamoto Masaki Kneels!

Miyamoto Masaki felt very relieved at this moment!

In the earlier fight, Jordan had used his agility to play Miyamoto Masaki like a fool. If Jordan had not just been playing around, Miyamoto Masaki would have had no chance at all. He would have been defeated instantly.

But Dragon’s speed, agility and combat experience were all clearly higher than Jordan’s.

And Dragon was not going easy.

Miyamoto Masaki was no idiot. If Dragon didn’t put up a good show, Miyamoto Masaki would know it was fake and Dragon would be exposed. Jordan also enjoyed this serious exchange with Dragon. The two of them fought for five minutes, chasing and dodging. They had yet to fight head-on.

Meanwhile, Jordan’s disadvantage was becoming increasingly apparent. He was already gasping for breath from being chased by Dragon.

“Wait a minute!”

Jordan paused for a moment and looked at Miyamoto Masaki. “Your subordinate is indeed powerful! I admit that his combat skills are above mine! However, I have been injected with the Mirakuru serum. His strength and defenses are not on the same level as mine. He is still not my match!”

Miyamoto Masaki said angrily, “Bullshit! Dragon, don’t listen to his nonsense. Beat him up!”

Jordan snorted. “I won’t hold back then. I’ll just use my full strength!”

Miyamoto Masaki shouted, “Dragon, compete with him in strength! I want to see who is stronger!”

Earlier on, Miyamoto Masaki and Dragon had tested their strength against each other after taking the divine medicine. Dragon completely surpassed Miyamoto Masaki. The two of them were not on the same level at all.

Miyaomoto Masaki had placed all his hopes on Dragon.



Their fists met.

Dragon retreated!

He cried out in pain. His hand seemed to have been broken, and his expression was very grim.

“How could that be!”

Miyamoto Masaki couldn’t believe it!

If it was a real fight, Jordan would never have been able to defeat Dragon. At this moment, Dragon was just putting on an act!

Jordan followed up with two more kicks.

Bang! Bang!

His kicks caused Dragon to fall to the ground!

“How terrifying! There’s actually someone who can defeat Dragon!”

Miyamoto Masaki no longer dared to underestimate Jordan. He even admired him now!

After being knocked down, Dragon pretended to be indignant. He leaped up from the ground to attack Jordan!




Dragon punched Jordan three times in a row!

Every single punch landed squarely on Jordan’s body!

However, Jordan did not waver at all!

“Impossible! Dragon can’t break through his defenses?!”

Seeing this, Miyamoto Masaki couldn’t deny the trepidation that was creeping into his heart.

Jordan sneered. “The power of an ordinary strength-enhancing medicine can’t possibly break the defenses of my great Mirakuru serum!”

With that, Jordan attacked again, knocking Dragon to the ground with two punches. Dragon was already spitting out blood!

Just as Jordan was about to continue fighting Dragon, Miyamoto Masaki suddenly jumped over.


Miyamoto Masaki stepped forward to stop him. “Enough! The fight is over! I believe you! I believe that the Steeles have successfully developed the Mirakuru serum. The Steele family… is really unfathomable!”

Miyamoto Masaki could tell that Dragon surpassed Jordan in terms of agility, combat skills and experience. However, Jordan had defeated Dragon. It was obvious that it was because of some external factor.

It was apparent that Jordan’s serum was more powerful than the divine medicine that Dragon took.

However, Jordan had no intention of stopping. He said with a serious expression, “Miyamoto, get lost! This fellow’s strength is terrifying. He’s definitely the number one person in the world! If he gets his hands on my family’s serum one day, he will be an extremely terrifying existence! I have to eliminate this danger now!”

When Miyamoto Masaki heard Jordan’s words, he was even more unwilling to let him do it.

Miyamoto Masaki said, “Idiot! Dragon is my most capable subordinate! He is my most precious asset! How can I let you harm my men?”

Lota secretly snickered.

“Wow, Jordan really knows how to scare people. No way he would finish off Dragon.”

Jordan looked at Miyamoto Masaki. “I’m going to kill this person today! Unless you’re willing to kneel and beg for mercy on his behalf!”

Jordan raised his arm again.


Without another word, Miyamoto Masaki knelt in front of Jordan!

He was kneeling down!

He was kneeling down before Jordan for Jordan’s own subordinate!

Miyamoto Masaki’s action shocked Dragon. He did not expect Miyamoto Masaki to be willing to make such a sacrifice for him.

Dragon thought about how he had slept with Miyamoto Masaki’s wife two days ago, and he suddenly felt a little apologetic…

When he saw the arrogant Miyamoto Masaki kneeling, Jordan felt very gratified!

He didn’t think that this was too much. This b*stard had angered his grandfather to the point of vomiting blood at the great meeting. He was disrespectful to his grandfather and called him an old man!

If the Steeles had been kicked out, Miyamoto Masaki might be the one forcing Jordan to kneel!

Jordan laughed. “Alright, Miyamoto. A true man knows when to stand firm and when to yield. Good job. Get up!”

Jordan personally helped Miyamoto Masaki and Dragon to their feet. He then said, “Miyamoto, we’re both fighters. We have straightforward personalities so it’s normal for us to have some conflicts. But we don’t harbor any deep hatred toward each other. It was my second brother who stole your wife’s first time, not me. I’ve always condemned his playboy actions!”


Lota couldn’t help giving a snort of laughter.

“Uh, I’m sorry. Please continue…”

Lota stuck out her tongue. She looked even more adorable to Miyamoto Masaki now.

Jordan continued, “Miyamoto, if you’re willing, I really want to be friends with you.”

Miyamoto Masaki had no choice but to lower his head. “The Steele family has developed the Mirakuru serum. Your technology is above ours. It’s my honor that you are willing to be friends with me!”

Jordan nodded. “How far along is your research on the Mirakuru serum?”

Miyamoto Masaki said very frankly, “The enhancements to the human body are successful, but the serum can’t completely merge with the person. So the human body can’t withstand the serum for too long. Those injected with the serum will basically die within three days.”

Jordan put on a knowing expression. “This is a necessary process. Back then, many people died before we eventually obtained success. You are already very close. You might be able to do it in another 20 years.”

Miyamoto Masaki hurriedly bowed and asked, “Jordan, please help us break through this bottleneck! My Miyamoto family is willing to exchange for it at any price!”

This was what Jordan had been waiting for!

First, he colluded with Dragon to lose to him so that Miyamoto Masaki would believe that Jordan had an effective serum. If Miyamoto Masaki wanted to successfully develop the serum as soon as possible, he would have to consult Jordan!

By then, he would have to agree to whatever request Jordan made!

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