The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 653 - Dragon To Fight Jordan!  

Chapter 653: Dragon To Fight Jordan!

Actually, even if Park Sang-jun hadn’t asked her to look for Jordan, she would have done so anyway.

She had something very important to ask him.


Meanwhile, the Miyamoto family had also returned to their house in a dejected manner. Especially Miyamoto Masaki, who had been beaten up.

He had been plotting for a long time on how to humiliate Jordan in front of the other secret families. He never expected that he would be the one to be humiliated in the end!

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!”

Miyamoto Masaki went to the courtyard. He kept kicking at a big tree, his domineering strength caused the tree to shake violently.

Dragon asked, “Master, why are you so angry?”

Miyamoto Masaki said angrily, “I was beaten up today!”

Dragon was secretly delighted. He knew this meant that Jordan had defeated Miyamoto Masaki.

However, he feigned ignorance. “Master has been practicing martial arts since he was young. Ordinary people are not your match at all. In addition, you took divine medicine to strengthen your physique. Who can defeat you?”

Miyamoto Masaki said, “Jordan! Jordan from the Steele family! He defeated me!”

Recalling the earlier fight, Miyamoto Chujiro felt a nagging worry. He asked, “Son, have you taken good care of our medicine? Has there been any theft?”

Miyamoto Chujiro suspected that Jordan had stolen the Park family’s medicine.

Miyamoto Masaki replied confidently, “It can’t have been stolen. The medicine is kept in a very secret place and I have to approve every single dosage taken out. Even my most capable subordinate, Dragon, doesn’t know where the medicine is hidden. Moreover, he has only taken this medicine once.”

Miyamoto Chujiro nodded. He placed his hands behind his back and looked at the sky. “Could it be that the Steele family has really successfully developed the Mirakuru serum? They are ahead of us?”

But the Japanese were the ones who first came up with the Mirakuru serum during World War II. It didn’t make sense for the Steeles to surpass the Miyamoto family in this aspect. The Miyamotos had the original formulation and had spent decades working on this serum!

How did a US family like the Steeles get their hands on the serum?

Miyamoto Masaki shook his head and said, “I don’t believe it! If we only cared about strengthening the human body, we would have already pushed out our serum. But the most difficult thing about this serum is to remove all the side effects after being injected! We’ve never been able to overcome this obstacle. Every time we inject a person with the serum, the person will soon die!”

Miyamoto Chujiro sighed. “Yes, this matter is heaven-defying. If the Deity hadn’t died so early, our Miyamoto family would have already overcome this problem. It’s still a little difficult for our medical team to resolve the side effects problem on their own.”

Miyamoto Masaki snorted. “If we can’t overcome it, I don’t believe the Steeles can’t either! I’m guessing that Jordan wasn’t injected with any serum at all. He only took some ordinary strength-enhancing medicine! I only lost to him because my natural strength is not as great as his. If it was Dragon fighting him, Dragon would likely have won!”

Miyamoto Chujiro glanced at Dragon. He also knew that Dragon’s skills were one-of-a-kind. He could definitely be considered the number one fighter in the world.

After Dragon joined the Miyamoto family, Miyamoto Chujiro especially found all kinds of top-notch fighters to compete against him. No matter what race they were, how tall or heavy they were, none of them were a match for Dragon!

Miyamoto Chujiro nodded. “You might be right!”

Miyamoto Masaki narrowed his eyes. “I want my most capable subordinate, Dragon, to challenge Jordan! If Dragon takes our divine medicine and Jordan still manages to defeat him, it means that the Steele family has really successfully developed the Mirakuru serum. If Dragon defeats Jordan, it means that Jordan only took some ordinary strength-enhancing medicine. The Steeles are not ahead of us at all!”

With that, Miyamoto Masaki immediately took out a pill from his pocket and tossed it at Dragon. “Take it! Tonight, I want you to avenge me! Beat up that brat Jordan!”

Dragon immediately swallowed the medicine and bowed. “I will definitely avenge Master. Leave Jordan to me!”


Soon enough, night fell.

As Chefchaouen was at a higher altitude, the temperature plummeted during the night.

In the courtyard, Lota tugged coquettishly at Jordan’s hand. “Jordan, bring me out to play. I want to see the stars outside!”

However, Jordan said sternly, “No, your parents are also in town. Didn’t I tell you that your parents are being controlled by the Handley family?”

“It will be troublesome if you encounter them.”

At night, these “dark arts sorcerers” were at their most powerful. Jordan would not dare to fight them head-on at night.

Lota pouted unhappily.

Suddenly, an arrow shot over.

“Be careful!”

Jordan immediately covered Lota with his own body to protect her.


The cold arrow hit a wooden pillar of the house.

Lota stared up at Jordan without blinking. Her heart felt warm, her face was flushed.

Jordan had no time to ponder over what this young girl must be thinking. Letting go of Lota, he walked over to look at the arrow. He saw a piece of paper on it.

“What does it say?” Lota followed Jordan.

Jordan pulled out the arrow and read the words on the paper. “Jordan, one-on-one fight at the Spanish church. Do you dare to show up? Miyamoto.”

Jordan snorted. “He already lost to me, yet he dares to continue challenging me? He hasn’t even successfully developed the Mirakuru serum. Does he really think I will be afraid of him?!”

With that said, Jordan took another dose of the strength-enhancing divine medicine. The medicine’s effects lasted 24 hours. He could beat up Miyamoto Masaki all over again.

At this moment, Jordan received a message from Dragon. After reading Dragon’s message, Jordan finally understood what was going on.

“Hehe, that idiot Miyamoto. He plans to have my loyal subordinate challenge me. This fellow has no idea that Dragon is actually my subordinate!”

Lota became very excited. “Jordan, are you going out later? I’ll go with you!”

Jordan said, “No, Miyamoto Masaki knows you. It won’t be good if he recognizes you.”

A pout was on Lota’s lips again and she pleaded, “It’s so dark now. How can he see clearly? Besides, I can put on makeup!”

“Makeup?” Jordan looked puzzled.

About half an hour later, a brand new Lota appeared in front of Jordan. She was wearing a black wig that covered her original blonde hair. She had also used foundation to give herself a darker skin tone.

From afar, she looked like a brunette beauty!

No one would be able to tell that she was actually a blonde-haired, fair-skinned European.

“Let’s go, Jordan. Bring me to see your fight!” Lota held Jordan’s arm excitedly.

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