The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 652 - Madam's Secret!  

Chapter 652: Madam’s Secret!

Charleston’s old face lit up. His hands trembled in excitement. “Child, is that… true? Our family wasn’t kicked out?”

Jordan smiled and nodded. “Grandpa, would I dare to joke about such a thing? Jesse can confirm it.”

“Yeah! Jordan is dope! He’s the G.O.A.T.! I knew there was nothing in the world that Jordan couldn’t do!” Lota was full of praise for Jordan. After spending time in the US, her American accent was becoming increasingly strong and she had even picked up some American slang words.

Charleston was so happy that tears of joy flowed out. He kept patting Jordan’s shoulder.

“Good boy! I knew it. You’re the hope of our Steele family! With you around, our family will definitely be able to survive and prosper! The family depends on you!”

Jesse stood at the side, feeling very upset at his grandfather’s praise.

Of course, he was very relieved that the Steele family had escaped a calamity, but it was all thanks to Jordan.

Now, after Charleston passed away, the position of head of the Steele family would definitely be handed over to Jordan. As the saying went, there could only be one alpha in the room. Since ancient times, many brothers have battled each other for power.

Cain killed Abel after God favored Abel’s offering over his. Prince John of England attempted a coup against his brother, King Richard. Genghis Khan murdered his own half-brother, shooting him in the heart with an arrow.

Jesse knew very well that if he didn’t attack Jordan first, he would definitely be on the losing end!

Charleston looked at Jordan happily. “How did you persuade them to change their minds?”

Jordan told his grandfather everything that had happened.

Jesse immediately accused Jordan. “What nonsense! You lied to Chairman Rong and Madam Geng! The pills you gave them can only make them 10 years younger, but you claim that they could be 20 years younger! Once they know that you’re lying and that you stole those pills from the Park family, do you know how serious the consequences will be!”

Jordan said nonchalantly, “If they find out, the worst-case scenario is that they will just kick us out. And they were going to do that anyway!”

Seeing that the two brothers were about to argue, Charleston intervened. “Jordan’s stalling tactic is actually the best solution for now. Moreover, the effects of this drug can’t be seen immediately. It will be at least half a month before they realize we lied. Jesse, call Helen from the medical department immediately and ask her to speed up her research on this drug. Try her best to achieve a breakthrough to make the effect up to 20 years younger.”

Jesse immediately picked up his phone. “Yes!”


Meanwhile, the Park family had also returned to their house. Park Sang-jun went on a rampage, smashing things angrily.

Rare porcelain pieces and precious jewelry were all thrown to the ground like trash.

Park Sang-jun raged. “I’m so pissed off! I’ve lived for decades, but I’ve never suffered such aggravation! Jordan, that despicable kid, actually dared to attack me. The most infuriating thing is that he actually publicly revealed our Park family’s secret research!

“Not only that, he took credit for our research. He lied that it belonged to the Steeles and even gave our pills as gifts to Chairman Rong and Madam Geng! Jordan is really a despicable and cunning person! How can there be such a shameless person in the world?!”

Park Sang-cheol, Park Anya and Park Chan-young stood at the side, not daring to make a sound.

The three of them had never seen their father so livid before.

Park Sang-jun glared at his beautiful and elegant daughter. “Park Anya! Jordan humiliated our Park family several times, but you pleaded for him in front of everyone! You don’t have to attend tomorrow’s meeting!”

Park Anya was dismayed. “Dad, this isn’t fair. You promised me that you would let me attend this year’s meeting. You have already denied me for so many years, you can’t treat me like this anymore! Today, I listened so attentively to Chairman Rong’s speech. I recorded the contents of the meeting so seriously on this tablet…”

Park Sang-jun walked over, picked up Park Anya’s tablet, and threw it on the ground!

“Who asked you to do these things!” Park Sang-jun said angrily.

With tears in her eyes, Park Anya crouched on the ground and picked up the tablet, looking very aggrieved.

Park Sang-cheol couldn’t stand it anymore and said, “Dad, Anya has indeed sacrificed a lot and worked very hard for this day. She’s more hardworking than me and Chan-young. Why are you damaging our family relations because of an outsider?”

Park Chan-young also spoke up. “That’s right. Anya is much more capable than me. The other families also admire her very much. I heard that many families came over to ask if she is married yet. If you want to blame someone, blame that b*stard Jordan. He’s the culprit!”

Picking up the tablet, Park Anya held it in her arms as if it were her child.

Looking at his daughter’s pitiful appearance, Park Sang-jun did not feel sorry for her. Instead, he said loudly, “Yes, you’re the most capable. You’re more capable than your brothers! You’re more capable than me! You still refuse to tell me who the biological father of your daughter is! You’ve always disobeyed me and refused my marriage arrangements for you. No matter how capable you are, I won’t use you!”

Cheon Ji-hoon was clearly not Park Sora’s biological father. Even Park Sang-jun did not know who that man was.

Park Anya remained stubborn. “I will not marry a man who is not worthy of me!”

Park Sang-jun had arranged a marriage for Park Anya when she was young. He was not from the secret family, but a young pastor.

Park Sang-jun was a Christian. He believed that if his daughter married that pastor, the Park family would be blessed by God and come on top of the other families. However, Park Anya would never fancy an ordinary man, so she rejected the pastor. Park Sang-jun was furious.

Park Sang-jun said angrily, “Is Cheon Ji-hoon worthy to be your husband then? Don’t tell me that the two of you have never slept together!”

Park Anya paused for a moment, wanting to say something.

She had chosen Cheon Ji-hoon herself.

Park Sang-cheol said, “It’s all thanks to Anya that Cheon Ji-hoon achieved his current status. And his current status benefits our family.”

Park Chan-young added. “That’s right. I do feel sorry for Anya for having to marry such an ordinary man.”

Park Sang-jun snorted. “Park Anya, I know you’re capable. You know Jordan, right? Didn’t you have some kind of past relationship with him? If you are really that capable, go find him and make him confess all his lies at tomorrow’s meeting!”

Park Anya bit her lips. “Okay, I’ll go and find him tonight!”

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