Terror Infinity

Chapter 8-3

Vol 12: Chapter 8-3.

Just as the dragon was about to step on the mine, its foot halted mid air. The dragon sniffed around at the area, ignoring Zheng who was flying back and forth in front of it. The last timed bomb exploded and it finally got up. However, it didn’t take this step in the end and ran away from the canyon in a frenzy.

Zheng was dumbfounded as he watched it ran away. He followed behind the dragon while attacking it with the missiles. The missiles had absolutely no effect as before. The dragon ran out of the canyon while roaring, stirring up a trail of dust behind it. Its wings slowly started flapping and actually lifted the thirty meter long body defying the laws of physics. It was flying toward a point in mid air at at least 300 kilometers an hour.

Zheng suddenly had a bad feeling and immediately followed it with the Sky Stick. He finally saw what the dragon’s targets were, Xuan and the other two on a hill. They were running down the hill but their speed wasn’t going to make it before the dragon arrives. The dragon raised its head and began inhaling, an attack that would vaporize the three people.

“Ah!” This drove Zheng insane. These three were his important comrades that he revived with much difficulty and the future of team China. None of them were replaceable. Furthermore, after surviving the life and death situations together, they had became comrades till the end of their lives. How could he let them die here?

Zheng raised the Spear of Osiris without a moment of hesitation. The dragon had almost finished inhaling. There was no time for him to charge the spear. He only rushed 20% of his qi and blood energy into the spear, just enough for a golden glow to appear, before he threw it out. The flame had just appeared inside the dragon’s mouth but the spear pierced from the back of its neck through its mouth at the last second.

That force almost penetrated the dragon and stopped the flame from spurting out. Part of the flame leaked out from the dragon’s mouth and part came out from the back of its heck. The dragon cried in pain then fell to the ground. Its huge body caused the ground to tremble. Zheng didn’t have the time to check if the dragon was still alive. He headed toward the other three people in full speed and began tying the ropes to the Sky Stick.

The three people were also scared by the look of their faces. They probably saw the power of the dragon’s fire breath on the hill. So when the dragon prepared its attack, they were also prepared to die. No one expected that Zheng actually saved them in the last second. This feeling of touring the edge of hell halted their thoughts for a moment. Though they quickly recovered since this was such an urgent situation and stepped onto the ropes.

This series of events happened in under a minute. No one said a word the whole time. Everyone focused their attention when their lives were on the line. After the Sky Stick lifted up again, the dragon was rolling on the ground. The throw was certain powerful but to their horror, the wound on the dragon’s mouth had already started healing in visible speed. The flesh were wriggling. The black colored blood dripped onto the ground and ignited any trees that came in touch.

The dragon opened its mouth and roared then began inhaling again. Zheng immediately piloted the Sky Stick away. When they turned around to take a look, the fire had scorched the earth at where they were standing. The dragon flapped its wings and charged up from the ground.

Zheng yelled. “What should we do? I don’t know where the spear went. There’s no time to search for it. The dragon is too fast. We can’t get rid of it!”

They approximated the dragon’s current speed. It was flying at 600 kilometers per hour. In contrast, the Sky Stick with four people were barely faster than the dragon, only enough for them to avoid getting burned.

Xuan bit his finger, almost causing it to bleed. “Catch up to the carrier fleet. We can only escape in a chaos. We have to find the Spear of Osiris back. Zheng, can you kill it in one shot if you get an opportunity to aim and charge?”

Zheng smiled bitterly. “If I charge it to full power, I won’t have any energy to fight afterward. Plus, I don’t know if that’s enough to kill the dragon. God has a troll bloodline that allows you to recover even if your brain and heart is destroyed as long as you still have half your body. If the dragon’s life has the same property, one hit can’t guarantee its death.”

WangXia suddenly said. “An object only takes about 10% of the damage when a bomb explodes from outside. The actual damage of a bomb is the shrapnels and the shockwave. However, if the bomb explodes in a closed space, the object will take the full damage no matter how tough its shell is.”

Zheng shook his head. “I am not sure that the high explosive grenades are powerful enough. We can give it a try if it’s the gravity mine. Let’s chase up to the fleet first.”

The four of them felt a heavy weight on their hearts as they saw the dragon flying after them. Both sides were flying at maximum speed. Soon, they saw the carrier fleet in distance and ten jets were already heading their way. Along with the jets were ten air to air missiles.

Zheng shouted. “Everyone hold on tight!”

He changed the Sky Stick’s direction and dived into the sea. The dragon was a beat behind and also started to change its direction but the first missile struck it. Then one after another, the missiles all struck the dragon’s body. A ball of fire appeared in the sky.

However, the dragon took no damage and dived toward the water along with the fire. It seemed like determined to kill the four of them despite being attacked by other people.

Zheng lay low on the Sky Stick. The resistance of the water while moving at high speed was just too difficult to stand for the four of them. Zheng had to pull out of the water and continued flying toward the fleet. The dragon also came out, causing the water to splash up high. As it was ascending, it breathed out a pillar of fire that vaporized the sea surface on its path and extinguished 50 meters behind the Sky Stick. The heat reached their back and gave Zheng a shock. He sped up the Sky Stick again, wish this was an authentic version.

Xuan’s anxious voice came from beneath. “Hurry! To the seaplane carrier. The dragon has a higher momentum than us. It will crash into the ship!”

Zheng shouted in reply. “Get it! WangXia, set a timed bomb to five seconds and give it to me. I am entering Destruction!”

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