Terror Infinity

Chapter 8-4

Vol 12: Chapter 8-4.

The navy officials were shocked to see the players dealing with the dragon. As people in high military positions, they knew of the existence of this dragon.

This dragon was said to bear grudges against anyone that attacked it. I wouldn’t stop until its target was destroyed. The worst thing about the dragon was it was immune to gunfire and missiles. Scientists analysed videos of attacks on it and found out a translucent barrier shielded all the attacks. This came as a shock but also surprise because energy barriers weren’t just theoretical anymore. That was why the government garrisoned a fleet outside the island.

Any orders at this point were too late. The jets continued firing missiles at the dragon and the Sky Stick. Though due to the size and dexterity of the Sky Stick, the missiles missed them and hit the ocean water. In the end, the jets focused all the fire on the dragon.

Zheng’s eyes had defocused. He was able to dodge every attack coming his way, utilizing the senses of the unlocked mode to his limit.

He headed toward the seaplane carrier and shouted at the other three below. “We don’t have a choice! I am attack it in close range! The Sky Stick is going to run out of energy before we can find the spear at this rate! Don’t die! You don’t have another chance. I don’t want to experience the ordeal of losing my comrades again! Remember, I am going to throw you the Book of the Dead and Book of Amun-Ra on the ship. Grab those two books and run with the Sky Stick. I don’t know if I can kill the dragon with my Destruction but I have to try!”

Zheng paused. “WangXia, throw me the bombs.”

There was only silence from beneath. Zheng shouted again and was getting enraged. Then two timed bombs were thrown up from his front.

WangXia said, “See the red button? The timer starts when you press it. Remember you only have five seconds to get away.”

Zheng laughed. “That’s easy. Just throw it inside the dragon in five seconds. Don’t worry, I won’t be reckless.”

They didn’t say anything in reply. The carrier was coming close, only less than 200 meters. The dragon was trailing at 150 meters behind. This distance was almost an instant with the speed of the Sky Stick. Zheng had concentrated all his attention. Everyone seemed to be in slow motion through his eyes. He adjusted the Sky Stick’s direction and speed then piloted the Sky Stick toward the control tower of the ship. The Sky Stick flew past the tower by just a few meters above it. However, the dragon that followed crashed into the tower. It destroyed the tower and tilted the ship up by a large degree. Then the ship crashed back down to the water.

Zheng stopped the Sky Stick on a somewhat flat area of the ship and quickly took out the two books. “Xuan… Forget it. There’s no time. You must get back the Spear of Osiris. That weapon is much more powerful than I thought. Hurry up and leave!”

His words were resolute. He was prepared to die here. It was his decision to come for this bonus mission. Otherwise, they already gotten quite some points from the first bonus mission. Which was to say that half the fault belonged to him if they were to die here.

Furthermore, he hadn’t been revived before. If the three people could escape, then they could revive him.

Zheng actually calmed down after the decision was made. It was such a strange sensation. Everything around him felt like projected directly into his head. The jets that were flying over, the soldiers on the ship, the three people on the Sky Stick, and the dragon that was getting up and inhaling.

His Destruction could last up to four seconds from all the training and repairing he did in God’s dimension. This was the limit his body could take. Destruction would leave his body in a half destroyed state afterward and it would take five to six days to recover with the automatic healing from blood energy.


Zheng laughed out. He activated both his blood energy and qi as the dragon was inhaling. Then he pressed the buttons on the timed bomb. The two energies met in his heart. The explosive impact was so strong that he immediately spit out a mouthful of blood. Power instantly filled his body.

The world slowed down. The dragon, the people on the Sky Stick, the jets were all in a slow motion. He charged at the dragon. The air felt like a high viscosity liquid. Each step he lay on this liquid caused a ripple. Then he ran in mid air with this power. The technique he created from Xuan’s hints, Geppo!

He crossed twenty meters and reached the dragon’s mouth. He could see the flame filling inside its mouth at this point. Then he kicked with such force that splitted the air and created a vacuum blade, the second technique, Rankyaku.

This blade struck the dragon’s chin. Pah! The bones on its chin sunk inward. The flame was extinguished within its mouth. A heavy smoke leaked out from its mouth.

Zheng was standing at the dragon’s front leg at this point. He crossed the distance from its front leg to its head in an instant with Soru then struck its head with his fist Shigan. It created a hole the size an arm on the dragon’s temple. The dragon immediately screamed in pain.

Zheng was ready to throw the bombs into its temple. He still had two seconds left, enough for him to get away before the bomb exploded. However, a translucent barrier blocked the bombs from approaching the dragon while his body crossed it without any obstruction.

Zheng sighed. He used Soru again to the dragon’s mouth then punched it multiple times. The strength he used had surpassed his limit from before. It shattered the dragon’s chin and a flame bursted out. This was the remains of the fire breath that wasn’t completely extinguished. The image of a girl flashed across his mind and the him that smiled with cruelty but was lonely in his heart.

Zheng entered the dragon’s mouth with Soru. This speed actually allowed him to break through the flame. He charged down the dragon’s throat. He couldn’t sense anything anymore at this point. Everything turned white for an instant then he entered complete darkness.

The people outside only saw a human figure attacked the dragon with speed beyond what the human eyes could follow. Flesh splattered from the dragon’s head then its chin shattered. The figure entered its mouth. The dragon couldn’t scream anymore because it no longer had a chin. At the same time, its stomach was expanding quickly. The dragon exploded to pieces like a balloon, leaving only its head behind.

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