Terror Infinity

Chapter 8-2

Vol 12: Chapter 8-2.

Xuan was pointing at a canyon. The canyon was huge enough that even the dragon could enter. Its body would cover half the width of the canyon. Even though it could still turn around but it would definitely get caught in the gravity mine’s area of effect.

“This is basically the only suitable place for the gravity mine. Instead of waiting for luck to make it step on it, we can lure it over with some tricks.”

Xuan sighed after he finished talking. Kampa and WangXia didn’t feel anything different but it was inconceivable to Zheng that he would sigh.

Zheng patted him on the shoulder and said. “Are you alright?”

Xuan shook his head. “Not an issue. Let’s get through this crisis first. The risk is too high this time. This bonus mission is obviously more than what we can handle. To be honest, this is much higher than the Scorpion King mission. You were the only one that received a reward for that quest but this one will reward anyone that participated. I think there’s only a 30% chance the dragon will step on the mine. So I don’t have high hopes.”

Zheng gripped his spear and slapped his hand on Xuan’s shoulder. Then he turned to Kampa and WangXia. “Let’s go. No point overthinking it. Do what’s in front of us. It’s our fate whether we succeed or fail. Go!” Zheng said this determination which surprised the other three. But it also gave them a sense of security.

Kampa laughed and punched Zheng on the shoulder. Even WangXia patted him on the shoulder. Xuan came over and said calmly. “My shoulder is swollen. No bones are damaged. I will remember this.” He stepped onto the Sky Stick and waited for them to get ready.

Zheng shivered and said in a low voice. “Don’t you feel that he’s scary? Never imagined he would hold grudges.”

The Sky Stick lifted up and flew toward the canyon.

Twenty four hours was enough time that they didn’t have to rush. They split into two groups with Kampa and WangXia setting up the bombs and mine while Zheng and Xuan monitored the dragon.

This dragon was lazy. It rolled around in soil after finishing the T-Rex then slept on top of a stack of tree branches. They could hear its snore from several kilometers away.

The dragon didn’t seem like waking up after the bombs and mine were set. They had a short discussion and decided to test the missiles with this opportunity. Even if the missiles were ineffective, that would lure the dragon over to the canyon. There was no need to wait for it to wake up before attacking.

Zheng stepped on the Sky Stick and said to the other three who were planning to get on. “Go find a place to hide. Long range weapons aren’t useful anyway. We only need to lure it to the canyon so let me do it alone. I also have the spear I can use. Maybe this spear’s powerful enough to injure it.”

Kampa and WangXia halted. They looked at their weapons and fell to a silence. Xuan nodded. “Right. Our weapons are probably useless against the dragon. More people will just lower the speed and flexibility of the Sky Stick. Go do it alone but remember not to fly too high. If this dragon can fly, it will fly to your height. There are no requirement to speed and distance. Just stay in front of it and lead it to the canyon.”

Zheng nodded then laughed. The Sky Stick lifted up. After WangXia started the timer on the bombs and everyone ran off, he began flying the Sky Stick toward the dragon. In a few minutes, the dragon came into view. It was still sleeping on the stack of branches.

Zheng activated the missile attack of the Sky Stick. Three mini air to ground missiles struck its head. The explosion covered the dragon’s head in flame. The branches and leaves also caught the fire. The dragon suddenly stood up from the ground. Zheng looked over and saw its head intact. There was not even a trace of burned mark from the explosion.

The dragon searched around with its eyes wide open. When it noticed Zheng in mid air, it roared fiercely. Its loud voice struck Zheng’s head. He immediately entered the first stage of the unlocked mode and focused his attention on piloting the Sky Stick away.

After the roar, the dragon charged after Zheng. Its running speed was approximately 120 km to 150 km. However, that was still slower than the Sky Stick. Zheng had no choice but to slow down and wait for the dragon. It seemed to get impatient as it couldn’t catch Zheng. The dragon growled and a light smoke was coming out from its nose.

A sense of danger suddenly struck him violently when he was about to slow down again. The degree of this feeling was among the strongest he had felt. He changed the direction of the Sky Stick without thinking and charged to the side. The Sky Stick’s mobility was shown when it accelerated from 100km to 300km in under a second. That momentum almost threw Zheng off. He quickly got down and hugged the Sky Stick.

The dragon raised its head and breathed in. The air stretched its stomach quite a bit. Then a pillar of fire spurted out from its mouth. The fire missed the Sky Stick by just several meters and left Zheng staggered. A burned trail of ten meters wide and a hundred meters long appeared in the forest. Everything on its path was instantly vaporized, leaving nothing but heat behind.

(Horrifying power. Getting caught certainly means death. Is this the power of magic? I wonder how does it compare to the clone’s black flame.)

Zheng still could felt the dread of the attack. When he saw the dragon turned its head toward him, he immediately adjusted the Sky Stick’s direction and sped up. This time though, he got up at least 300 meters ahead of the dragon before slowing down. Even then he didn’t let his guard down a bit. This dragon was living up to its appearance.

Before long, Zheng lured the dragon to the entrance of the canyon then he entered it. The dragon followed after without stopping. Within ten seconds of it stepping inside, an explosion occurred in front of it and consumed it. Zheng looked back just to see another pillar of fire spurted out from that explosion which scared him to immediately fly forward.

The dragon came out from the fire intact. The explosion didn’t cause any damage but it was at least effective and left traces of smoke on its body.

As the dragon continued charging forward, another explosion consumed it. It seemed to be entering a frenzy state as it ran out from the fire. It didn’t spurt out fire this time but instead roared. Its wings began flapping as it ran, approaching the gravity mine. 50 meters, 30 meters, 10…

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