Terror Infinity

Chapter 8-2

Vol 13: Chapter 8-2.

The time was midnight when the group reached New York. It was the 1930’s in this world. This city already had a hint of being a city without nighttime. Looking down from the sky was an area of lights as if the city was a starry sky. The lights weren’t too bright and the skyscrapers were no where close to that of the 21th century. They landed on an empty area.

Zheng put back the two Sky Sticks and baskets. He didn’t bring much gold this time around so the dimensional bag was almost empty. He stored a lot of cash in the banks in this world from before, enough for them to spend as they wish.

After all was done, Kampa said. “Why don’t we find a hotel first since it is rather late?”

Zheng nodded and turned to Lan. “If the movie characters are in New York, can you scan their specific location?”

She paused for a bit. “Probably. Even with a lot of people in this city, psyche scan uses mental energy to distinguish each person. However, I don’t know how their mental energies are. I hadn’t learned the ability when I met them.”

Zheng took a breath. He turned to Xuan. “Can we find them in New York within a short period of time? There are no computers in this age.”

Xuan pondered with a frown. “We don’t have the time for this method. Plus, they have to be in New York at the moment which we aren’t certain. Let’s find a hotel first. We will test this method tomorrow.”

At the same time. A train was rolling along the railway going from the west coast to the east coast. Two men and a woman stared without words.

“Jonathan, are you sure the letter and gold piece were actually sent a month ago?” A man was grinding his teeth.

Jonathan forced a smile. “O’Connell, don’t be so stressed. When had I ever fail to do something I said? Relax. I am more than rich enough to covet a little piece of gold. Definitely didn’t put it on the gambling table!”

O’Connell almost grabbed him by the collar. He shouted. “That means you lost it in a bet! I will kill you if something happens to my son!”

Jonathan shook his head vigorously. “No, no. I really didn’t gamble it. I would gift it to a woman before gambling it away.”

O’Connell picked him up. “F*ck. So you gave it to a prostitute? Do you want me to throw you off the train?”

Jonathan replied. “I swear to god I sent the gold along with the letter. Your letter to Zheng’s team was also sent together. They might be waiting in New York already if they received it.”

O’Connell breathed out then slowly put Jonathan down. Evelyn said. “Do you think that monster will make our son into a monster too? I don’t want him to become like that.” She began weeping.

O’Connell hugged her at once. He forced a smile. “Don’t worry. That piece of gold is too important for the monster. He could have killed us before if it wasn’t for the gold instead of just taking away our son. It will be his end when he meets with Zheng.”

Evelyn sighed. “Zheng’s team is strong but he can’t be killed. Only sunlight damages him and silver to a lesser extent. Everything else is ineffective. He doesn’t feel pain. People who he bit will become a lesser version of him. I don’t know if we are just going to drag Zheng’s team along.”

O’Connell said. “We already owe them too much. But I just felt that they could help us. They are our comrades. Who else can we ask for help?”

“This sounds interesting. Mind telling me the whole thing?”

A familiar voice came out of nowhere. O’Connell and Evelyn hadn’t recognized it at once but Jonathan jumped. He ran behind the other two like a little girl.

A wave of sand flew by then a bald man and beautiful woman appeared in the compartment. Bald man smiled at the three of them. He sat down and took a sip of their wine. The woman stared at Evelyn with grudge before sitting down.

“Imhotep!” O’Connell cried. He pulled Evelyn behind him and pulled out his gun. “Why are you in the U.S.? Have you been following us?”

Imhotep laughed. “I already told Zheng I was coming to the U.S.. I thought he would let you know. If you weren’t disconcerted when you rushed on the train, I thought you were following us. So can you tell me about that monster now? And what is that gold piece?”

The team found a high star hotel and settled. The next morning, they finally got to hear Xuan’s unimaginable yet simple plan. To bribe government officials for the right to exhibit the relics The Book of the Dead and the Book of Amun-Ra. Then they would advertise this exhibition all over New York by throwing money at the companies. If the movie characters were in the city, they would definitely come.

“This is the only method I can think of currently. It is difficult to post announcements in this age and advertising isn’t easy either. So we can only use exhibition as a reason for the advertisement. If we can’t find them, then let them come find us. We will give it three days. Once the three days are over, we will head to the Mayan ruins and abandon this mission for now.” Xuan said.

Zheng was impressed. He wasn’t expecting anything since it was near impossible to look for a few individuals. Yet, Xuan still came up with a plan.

“Good! I will go exchange gold then pave the road with money. But bear in mind these books are more valuable than the bonus mission. Kampa and WangXia will act as security guards. I would rather give up the mission than losing these two books.” Zheng nodded.

They followed Zheng to a bank. No one noticed they walked pass a man in black robe. He was carrying a little boy in his arms and he wore a golden mask. He walked briskly into the valley.

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