Terror Infinity

Chapter 8-1

Vol 13: Chapter 8-1.

Entering Cairo in The Mummy’s world again. It was such a strange feeling returning to a world in just a few hours. Though they had already been accustomed to the teleportation. They weren’t too sullen since this was a comparatively safe world.

Xuan instructed the team to begin assembling reinforced steel strands and high resistance plastic. They had only used ropes attached to the Sky Stick before since it was more convenient but it also fatigues them in long distance flights.

Zheng suggested assembling a basket like device. The material used was rather light and added up to less than one kilogram. With one person piloting the Sky Stick on top, the basket could carry two more people, enough for all of them to fly to New York.

Zheng then took out a small locationing device and entered the longitude and latitude of New York. A red arrow appeared pointing to the west.

He turned to Xuan. “I will carry Lan and Zero. You carry Kampa and WangXia. Have you set the locationing device yet?”

Xuan put the watch like device in his pocket. “No problem. We will meet in New York then search for the movie characters. We need to get the information on the golden mask from them.” As soon as he finished talking, he stepped on the Sky Stick and lifted up.

The basket had a diameter of about three meters. Lan and Zero had already gotten inside. Zheng gave them a smile and stepped on the Sky Stick. He followed after Xuan with the basket dragging behind. Once they flew out of Cairo, he set the auto piloting data then sat down on the Sky Stick. He began circulating his qi according to the path of the Chaotic Unity Qi.

Zheng’s original qi was corrosive and he had to control its circulation with concentration but the new qi was similar to pure energy and felt like it had became part of his body. It moved within him with just a thought. He hadn’t tried its offensive strength yet but it should surpass the corrosive qi.

He estimated that it would take about thirty days to convert all his qi to the new form. At which point both its quality and quantity would increase by three to five times. The new circulation would also double the recovery rate of qi. The difference between tier A and B was night and day.

However, Xuan was right. Enhancements from tier B and below displayed their effectiveness as soon as they were received, but it takes time to adapt for tier A and above. Currently, he hadn’t felt any other difference aside from the new qi’s purity.

These thoughts crossed Zheng’s mind while he was circulating qi. Belong long, he entered a meditative state. When he woke up, he felt a cool and fresh sea air hitting his face.

Under the Sky Stick was a deep blue ocean. The beauty of this scenery was unforgettable when looking down from above. Suddenly, he heard Lan’s voice coming from below. She was humming a melody softly. The melody was so wonderful yet felt far, far away. It gave a sense of the sky and the sea.

Zheng took a look ahead to the other Sky Stick, then back at his. There shouldn’t be any issue so he jumped off. Zero was resting with his eyes closed by the side. Lan screamed and Zero immediately reached for his rifle. He left out a sigh of relief when he realized it was Zheng but then he too almost cried that Zheng was falling.

Zheng chuckled at their expression. He entered Destruction then stepped on the dense air a few times and entered the basket. Lan and Zero still had their mouths wide open.

Zheng laughed at the two but Lan had already grabbed his arm and bit down at it with tears on her eyes. Zero let out a sigh of relief again. He closed his eyes, lay down and turned his head to the other side.

Zheng smiled bitterly. He just held his arm out as bloody bite marks appeared. It would only take ten seconds to recover anyway. Lan had stopped crying by now.

“Enough yet? My arm isn’t a pig’s feet (dish). Just bite as much as you want at once. But don’t your teeth hurt?”

Lan let go of her teeth, but her hands still held onto his arm. “Is your skin made of rubber? Why couldn’t I bite through it?”

“Stupid. My stats are way beyond you guys. If you can bite through my skin, you can bite through steel.”

Lan blushed. “You are the one that wants to bite steel. Why did you do that? I don’t care if you have movement techniques or what. Don’t you know that makes us worry?”

Zheng smiled but then he remembered when Xuan pointed a gun at himself. Even though Xuan did it after experiments but it still made Zheng mad. Similarly, he was confident with his Geppo but that also made his comrades worried. He repeated what Xuan had done.

Zheng nodded quietly. “I’m sorry. This is my fault. I promise this will never happen again unless we have to take the risk. I will go back to the Sky Stick in a while. Ok now, girl?”

Lan blushed again. She muttered in a low voice with her head downward. “Why call me girl? My name is Lan. Can’t you call me by my name?”

Zheng laughed. “No. I just feel like this is better. Haha. What song were you humming? It sounds so far away. Can you continue the song?”

Lan smiled at him. “This song called Sky. I also feel the same about it. Fine. I will hum it again.”

She closed her eyes and hummed. Zheng also closed his eyes listening to the song. And so all three of them had their eyes closed. The melody echoed throughout.

Sky by Faye Wong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGargYkOHkQ

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