Terror Infinity

Chapter 7-2

Vol 13: Chapter 7-2.

Zero bent down to say something to the little girl in a light voice. She shook her head until Zero kissed her forehead then it turned to nods.

Zheng asked Xuan in a low voice. “How can this be? The Arnold you created didn’t appear. Why did Zero’s sister appeared now? Don’t you feel strange?”

Xuan said. “Nothing strange. Arnold died before I did. So he wasn’t erased by God, which was what happened to Zero’s sister. When Zero got revived, she was revived along.”

The little girl turned around and ran to Zero’s old room. She wore a pair of animal slippers and ran like a boy. When she reached the door, she turned her head to look at Zero before going inside.

Zero said with a laughter. “She said she’s going back to read. You guys scared her. Are we going back to The Mummy’s world now? Since it is only an instant in the time of this dimension. It won’t cause any difficulties for the girls here.”

Xuan shook his head. “There are some things we have to do first. You also don’t have a weapon. Kampa, exchange a Gauss sniper rifle, ten normal sniper bullets, and ten magical bullets. WangXia, gift 2000 points worth of mental capacity stats to Lan. Zheng, exchange the next level qi.”

Zheng asked. “Why not get the next tier of vampire bloodline? Blood energy currently has more uses than qi, especially since it increases the number of soldiers from the army of Anubis summon.”

Xuan nodded. “Yes, blood energy is more useful for you but have you noticed that qi at this level isn’t simply called low level, intermediate, and high level qi. They all have names, which probably mean that you won’t gain a huge increase in strength all of a sudden. It will require training to gradually make use of the power. In fact, not just qi but all enhancements and abilities from tier A and above will require training to use. I believe that even bloodlines require you to adapt and learn to apply them. Starting for tier A, enhancements are more about your talents and efforts. Understand?”

“You might need a fairly long time of training to bring out qi to its fullest extent. Whereas the vampire bloodline shouldn’t take that as much time. So if you choose qi at this time and begin adapting to it, you will be able to reach a balance more quickly when you have enough for the next vampire bloodline enhancement.”

Zheng thought it hard to believe since God never sent this information to him. It seemed like team leaders didn’t necessarily know everything. He searched the system and all the top level qi manuals had specific names.

“Chaotic Unity Qi. Costs 5500 points and a rank A reward.”

This one and an AA manual were most fitting for him. The AA manual was out of his reach. Though a tier A enhancement was enough to make him excited. This was the first tier A enhancement for team China, and the beginning of the team becoming the stronger.

After selecting the enhancement, a beam of light enveloped Zheng. The amount and time of particles that entered him surpassed any enhancements he had received. The beam lasted almost ten minutes. Everyone was shocked.

Inside Zheng’s mind was a naked him performing combat techniques. He could also see lines inside his body that traced the flow of qi. These lines passed through the hidden meridians of his body then all gathered in his pool of energy by the navel.

“Chaotic Unity Qi, absorbs forces among the air into the body. Completion of the qi leads to the beginning of Jindan.”

God’s voice echoed in his head. The ancient Chinese speak gave him a weird feeling. Zheng opened his eyes to find everyone staring at him with worry.

He scratched his head and laughed. “Calm. This qi feels weird. Judging from the message God gave me, it seems like completing training of this qi leads into Jindan of cultivation. Haha. Isn’t that mind-blowing?”

WangXia laughed. “We aren’t in a novel. But how long will it take to complete the training?”

Zheng laughed. “It takes 200 years to reach completion. Anything before it is simply accumulation of qi. Haha.”

Xuan asked immediately. “Is my speculation correct? Does top level qi only grow with training?”

Zheng nodded. “Right. Each top level qi also cause a change in attribute and quality. Once I optimized my current qi according to the energy flow of the Chaotic Unity Qi, its quality will increase by 3 to 5 times. Just wait and watch me run in the air.”

The others were happy for him. That ten minutes of enhancement made them worried because Zheng’s face was changing from white to red to blue and wasn’t looking to end soon. Now that nothing seemed wrong and he had gotten an incredible enhancement, the mood among them became more relaxed.

Xuan then had WangXia exchanged some parts and the energy system for the Sky Stick. The only ones that could control the Sky Stick at the moment was him, Zheng, and Lan. So having two was the best option. Plus, it was almost luxurious to build another one with the points they had.

Everyone went back to being broke. The large amount of points and rewards from the last movie were gone after reviving team members and going back to The Mummy. Zheng spent his last rank D reward to activate the world for Lan. He was left with around 500 points in the end.

“Perhaps the vampiric mask can bring us a large sum. Haha.” Zheng said.

It only took Xuan two hours to finish assembling the Sky Stick. The time in God’s dimension hadn’t reached noon yet. Lori and the blonde woman were still sleeping. Zero didn’t go to say anything to his sister. He stood among the others.

“God, enter The Mummy, 40 days.”

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