Terror Infinity

Chapter 7-1

Vol 13: Chapter 7-1.

The nine days passed before they knew it. Of course, they weren’t just fooling around during this time. They spent a majority of their time discussing their enhancement paths.

Xuan’s analysis predicted future battles would move toward close range combats and long range magics due to the defensive items. Though it would take some time since tier B and below defensive items still weren’t too effective against sci-fi weapons.

“A notable point of defensive items is their protection against long range and explosive scientific weapons. In contrast, their effectiveness is fairly low against close range combat and magic. At least our dragonshard belong to this group. So if we encounter a team that equipped every member with a tier B defensive item or dragonshards, our sci-fi weapons will be rendered useless.”

“To give you an analogy, if the four of us, aside from Lan, enters a battle against Zheng, the Gauss sniper rifle and EMP rifle both can kill him before he gets close. That is only if the fight happens in an open area and he doesn’t have the dragonshard. If he has the dragonshard, once he closes in on us, we are certain to die.”

“What if the battle takes place in a city? Too many buildings blocking vision and a complex terrain. He can kill us even without any defensive items. Weapons are exterior enhancements. If it isn’t something that will protect us like a robot, we will have to rely on our own enhancements for survival. I plan to exchange the authentic gunkata ability and other enhancements that will greatly improve survivability. I think the troll bloodline’s recovery rate is pretty good.”

They cringed at the sudden idea. They couldn’t imagine a calm and intelligent troll analyzing plans for them.

“I am only making a comparison. You don’t have to give me that expression. I will begin with gunkata to improve my fighting ability then choose a bloodline with high survivability. My role in the team is performing analysis and planning. There’s no need to take your places in combat.”

Zheng nodded. “Then I will continue with qi and vampire bloodline since Explosion and Destruction requires both energy. My clone had probably abandoned qi. His wings are a sign that his vampire bloodline had reached a very high level. Aside from these two enhancements, I will pick up a weapon when we have extra points and rewards. I will keep getting stronger and I will fight him again.”

Kampa thought for a bit then said. “I think the EMP rifle is pretty powerful. Though if you think defensive items counter it, I will exchange for a similar offensive style magical weapon. Haha. Zheng, help me pick one after we go back. As for enhancement on the body, what do you think about werewolf? I think large furry beings are rather strong.”

Large and furry, wasn’t that you already? They gave Kampa a weird stare. The Russian man looked like a talking bear already. Though the werewolf bloodline was a good idea to improve his strength and speed.

WangXia’s choice surprised the others. He wanted to enhance qi. However, his choice of weapon wasn’t swords but cannons. He wanted a mobile cannon, best if it was a magical weapon.

Zero chose a similar route to WangXia. He didn’t need qi but a rank A ability named ‘premonition’. He noticed this ability when he chose the Hawkeye. He referred to it as the most desirable ability for a sniper. His weapon would be the magical counter part of a sniper rifle.

As for Lan, she only needed to choose between psyche force abilities. Such as psychokinesis and mind control. If she actually got her abilities, her combat strength might rival the other members and she would be the most useful person in the team.

They had an idea of what they want in enhancements and weapons after these nine days. Though they didn’t have the points and rewards at the moment.

Zheng also began training his abilities again after a few days of resting. Explosion and Destruction were his most important abilities. Explosion had became extremely powerful with his tougher body and higher quantity of qi and blood energy. He could destroy this yacht in just a few seconds with just bare fists, or easily kill any normal person in one punch.

Destruction was his ultimate ability. He had the confidence in punching the yacht to two pieces. That was how he crushed the dragon’s chin with a 5’8″ body. At the same time, Destruction lived up to its name by destroying both his opponent and himself. His body could only sustain ten seconds of it and he would end up almost unable to move afterward. The time limit was its biggest drawback.

Zheng actually came up with a clever idea about this drawback. He spent a second in Destruction to use Rankyaku back in Isla Nublar. This way he was able to use its power without sustaining the after effect once the timer was over. At the moment, he wanted to develop a new way of using it, which he called ‘instant Destruction’.

Enter Destruction for an instant to use his techniques then immediately exit the mode. This would allow him to extend the power of Destruction for much long and give his body time to heal in between. The recovery rate he obtained from the dragon’s cells could quickly heal the damage done by instant Destruction.

Zheng began his training but he needed to make a breakthrough to gain full control of Destruction. The speed that blood energy and qi entered his heart became a bottleneck. It takes time for any energy to move. The human body wasn’t a machine.

Several days of training and fun quickly passed. They returned to God’s dimension. Zero’s little girl also returned at the same time. She jumped into Zero’s arms and buried her head in his waist, then she quickly hid behind Zero. She was still shy like before.

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